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Daily brotherly love (G) Print

Written by Laivindur

23 May 2013 | 3387 words | Work in Progress

Title: Daily brotherly love
Author: Laivindur
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Faramir & Boromir

Faramir is ordered to play a strategic board game with his older brother to make him more of a thinker than the rash doer.
Added: Chapter 4

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Chapter 1

A safe and cozy quarter in the citadel of Minas Tirith was lit up by many candles in the middle of the room. They were placed around a set of chess on a round table in the dark night.

A young Faramir in his late teens was in his bath room to releave himself when he heard the door open.
“I’ll be right there,” he called in the silence that followed.

Boromir had looked around in the comfortable room before his brother’s voice had made him wake up from his dreamy state and he closed the door gently without answering.

As Faramir washed his hands, the older brother was trailing the room with his eyes. He had not been there for a long time and saw that more colors had been added as well as more things of high value and beauty, or perhaps it was just the light.

The younger man walked to the door frame.
“You ready?” he said with a smile as he dried his hands on a towel.

“I have practised,” Boromir warned.

Faramir raised his chin in half disbelief. “You have?”
Boromir placed his arms at his sides to state the fact.

The younger brother continued, “Well, then since you have, I’ll be expecting more of you.”
He said with a confident blink and walked into the bath room again.

“Don’t be that cocky, little brother or else I am obliged to make an example of your place.” The older brother was in the perfect age and state of believing everyone else lower than himself and didn’t like this boasting attitude of his little brother.

Faramir had just gotten outside again to reveal the falling of mood at his brother’s strictness, but was determined to make this a nice evening as planed, so he made an attempt to lighten things up.

“Come on, brother. Let me at least enjoy this one thing I’m good at. This one thing I surpass you at.”

Boromir tested and measured his brother a while and cruelly enjoyed the subdued state he unknowingly had participied to inflict on his brother.
He was the one to decide whether this was to be an enjoyable time for Faramir or yet another duty. He would later understand that this inebriety he got whenever his brother waited for his approval, confirmation or recognition was pervertion.

Boromir loosened the tension with a warm smile and a snort. Faramir smiled and was glad the trust he had for his brother did not fail him. Boromir spoke gently, but firm.
“Alright, but only this once. I will not have this cocky attitude of yours anymore. This is embarrassing, you know.”

As they sat down by the lit table with the game set up ready, Boromir mumbled annoyed.
“Making me play stupid games with my little brother like we were kids. He doesn’t understand that I learn best out on the field.”

Faramir rose a brow at his boasting brother full of hormones pumping for great battles, and lowered his voice while trying not to seem too lecturing.
“You can’t go back to the field and put your men back to place for a second try.”

Boromir was silenced and looked at his brother at the other side of the table. He was mesmerized by him. He seemed so young but still so grown. Faramir smiled, and the fire in his eyes, which he’d not seen for a time, made him keep silent. Faramir continued and beckoned to the board between them.

“You can do that here. And even though you believe this stupid and pointless, it is necessary. And to keep you silent for the rest of the evening…”

Faramir made Boromir squint with his foxy smile.
“…father ordered it…as you know. So keep that to mind whenever you think of complaining.”

Boromir shifted his jaw and lifted his chin in a challenging manner. The younger brother noticed and waited for the counter. He was nervous as his brother had changed past the year, but he trusted him to be the captain he’d always pictured him to be. Not their merciless father.

Boromir saw this slight change in his little brother’s eyes. Faramir’s eyes changed always into a more cold grey when he was scared or nervous.
Boromir had to smile at that and enjoyed his last time of prosper that evening before Faramir would crush him in this damned game. “Just don’t forget your place, little one,” he said in a friendly warning tone and took the first move on the board.

Faramir smiled as his confidence and trust once again had picked the right spot. “I won’t.”

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