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Of the First Joining (R) Print

Written by Geale

11 June 2013 | 2896 words

Summary: And Faramir said: “For long have I loved you and desired you, and this act shall be the proof of my love; and my oath to serve you as you wish until the end of my days.”

If Tolkien had included a chapter about the events in Gondor after the War of the Ring in the Silmarillion, this is what it would have contained.
Pairing: Faramir & Aragorn
Rating: R
Warnings:Parody, slash & silliness!
Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.R.R. Tolkien
A/N: I’m sorry?

Of the First Joining

It has been told how Elessar, the Elfstone son of Arathorn of the House of Valandil Isildur’s son, heir of Elendil, by the guidance of the heavenly powers that be and by the valour of his loyal comrades and companions on the Quest of the One Ring triumphed against the Dark Lord and his minions in the eastern lands of Middle-earth, and so no recount of these events shall make its way into this tale. But it was in the days that followed the defeat of Sauron that the lands once more blossomed, and the skies cleared and summer came again to visit; and the stained vapour of Mordor withdrew, and all was put to rights.

Now it came to pass that on one particularly bright morning, Aragorn Elessar laid down his knife by his plate and lifted his eyes to behold the rosy horizon through the window-glass, and spoke with such fervour that all faces were turned to his, and the dining hall fell silent, save for his voice:

“And so the Sun rises anew and the day is dawning,” he said, and all nodded for they knew he spoke truthfully.

And the Queen answered, “Aye, it is so, my lord husband.” And she, too, spoke with grace for she was of the Elven kindred, and was never harsh nor ill-mannered.

“Indeed,” said Aragorn, “and so I find myself weary of these stone walls, for the grasslands call to me, and the sun; and sorely do I miss the movement of the steed under my strong thighs!”

Now the Lady Arwen grew distraught for in all things did she aim to please her husband, and she looked upon him with fear growing in her heart. “Will you go then, my lord?” she asked, but the melody of her words was muted, and she spoke with little confidence, “For you are Aragorn Elessar and King of these lands, and free to wander the wild as is your desire.”

And Aragorn looked upon her face and saw her worry, and he smiled; for such was the nature of his soul that he could not bear to cause suffering to those he loved, and he said, “You are my lady and never shall I leave you or our house for long. But many hours have I spent behind the doors of the Citadel and hard have I laboured to secure the peace in Middle-earth, and my being cries for the lands I once roamed as a Ranger of the North. Be at ease, my love! I shall return ere you know it!”

Then Arwen was glad for she well remembered the young Ranger that she had fallen in love with, though it was many years ago, and in her father’s woodlands in Imladris, the hidden valley beneath the western parts of the Misty Mountains in Eriador; and her father is Elrond Peredhil, the Half-elven, son of Eärendil the Mariner. And she said:

“Then go, my King and my lord and my husband! And I wish you joy and much pleasure in the wide fields, and upon your steed.”

But Aragorn shook his head. “Ah, but I shall not go alone! Another you must bestow your blessings upon, for I intend to bring with me Faramir, my Steward.”

Now it came to pass that Faramir son of Denethor and brother of Boromir of the Quest who died on the slopes of Amon Hen, lifted his head and beheld Aragorn in surprise. In that moment it seemed to the Steward that no words would come to him though he meant to speak, for so filled with love for his King was the heart of Faramir of Gondor that he dared not dwell on it often.

But Aragorn smiled at him, and his smile was gentle and he asked, “Will you ride out with me this day, Faramir?”

And Faramir felt his heart swell further, and approached with such an offer he could no longer recall his duties and so endeavoured to reply that it would be an honour to accompany his King on any such outing that he was of a mind to undertake. But it was not without a flicker of apprehension in his stomach that he spoke for never before had he spent many hours alone with Aragorn, and he was fearful of what such intimacy might entail, and therefore he confessed his willingness in a weakened voice.

But little did his sudden anxiety seem to trouble the King for his smile deepened and so also did the Queen’s, and she said, “Then I wish you, too, Steward Faramir a pleasurable time.”

And to her husband she spoke thus: “You I love, my lord, but my love is vast and unconditional, and it is greater than a mortal heart can comprehend, and therefore I give you leave to seek your adventure in the arms of nature; and make of it what you wish for you have my blessing, as it has been given you before.” For such was the generosity of the Eldar that they would never seek to withhold affection from their loved ones in whatever shape or form, and Aragorn knew in that time that his wife did not lie and he was thankful.

Thus ere the Sun had risen to her peak above the mountains, Aragorn Elessar and Faramir son of Denethor rode through the Great Gate of the White City known as Minas Tirith, once upon a time called Minas Anor. But this was before the capture of Minas Ithil by the Nazgûl in III 2002 and much of those events are recorded elsewhere and have little bearing on this tale.

Now it was not untrue that in his heart Aragorn had begun to nurture a deep-rooted love for his Steward and he had many times dwelt upon this, and it had both troubled and delighted him for Faramir, Boromir’s brother, was a kind soul and clever, and he was handsome to look upon and much desirable. But for many months it had been unclear to Aragorn where Faramir’s true affections lay and it was not until this day that he had seen enough to allow himself to hope. For he had recognised the way in which colour had risen in Faramir’s cheeks at his proposal and it had made him rejoice, for although Aragorn had loved only Arwen before he met Faramir, he had journeyed far across the lands and met with many people and he had come to know the ways of Eldar and Atani alike.

And so it was that in his heart now burst forth a flame of love and hope entwined so powerful that he could scarce draw breath, and in secret he looked to Faramir while Anor’s golden rays caught in his hair and made it shimmer like polished copper, and in this moment to Aragorn’s eyes he was of the Valar.

It chanced that at that time they had left the Pelennor Fields behind them and had come upon a clearing, and Aragorn reined in his horse and smiled at Faramir. “Here we shall rest awhile, and lie upon the grass and be carefree!” he cried.

And Faramir whose utmost desire it was to please his lord did the same and urged his mount to a halt, and swung down from his back and looked about the clearing. “Truly it is beautiful,” he said, and he spoke not in jest for there was no wind and so the hazel-trees stood as silent guardians among the white flowers sprinkled through the green grass, and the sky was clear above, and blue, without the faintest whisper of a cloud.

“Come!” said Aragorn, and he smiled yet again for never had he felt such eagerness in the company of another, and he nigh took Faramir by the hand to draw him close but stayed himself in the last instant. “Leave the horses to their grazing and join me if you will. And we shall speak of anything or nothing, as you wish.”

It was not long before they sat down on the grass, facing one another; and before the gaze of his King, Faramir knew ardent devotion but also trepidation, and he cast his eyes down and would speak no more.

But the King’s fingers touched his chin and coaxed him to turn his face upwards again and it was such a gentle touch that Faramir overcame his fears and looked into Aragorn’s eyes, and there he saw only tenderness and such love that he had never believed himself worthy of. And he opened his mouth to speak but Aragorn leaned in and Faramir’s words were forever lost to him as Aragorn kissed him, and he had never know anything sweeter.

And Aragorn whispered against his lips, amongst his kisses, of his love for Faramir and of how his hope had come to blossom in his breast that morning, and Faramir’s cheeks coloured anew and he almost turned his face away lest he, in his turn, should say too much. But Aragorn would not let him, but begged him instead to reveal his innermost feelings. And Faramir reached for his courage and spoke:

“Ever since you granted me life have I loved you, my lord. Ever since you brought me back from the brink of death have I longed to touch you as you are now touching me. Dark and lonely have my nights been for after I dream of you and feel comforted I wake and know that it was mere delusion. This seems to me unreal, like a dream indeed, and I fear the moment I awaken.”

But Aragorn silenced him then with a new kiss and Faramir opened his mouth and let his King’s tongue inside and it was with such passion that he was kissed that he knew his dreams had ended.

And Aragorn drew back and took his face in his hands and looked him in the eye. “No more shall you despair, my beloved, for I will never be far from you again.”

It was in that time that Aragorn Elessar lifted his hands from Faramir’s face and relieved himself of his belt and his tunic, and allowed his Steward to look upon his bare chest for the first time; and Faramir’s blue eyes widened at the sight before him, and only after a moment did he dare to run his fingertips over his King’s nipples which instantly hardened. And Aragorn’s voice was husky when he spoke, and it stirred something deep in Faramir’s belly: “I would see you thus freed from your constraints, my love. And I will show you such ecstasy that you have never known before.”

But Faramir was hesitant and worried what Aragorn might think of his unadorned form, but Aragorn guided his hands as he divested himself of his garments, and left kisses on his neck, and Faramir shivered with secret delight as the King’s arms came around his naked body and caught him in a strong embrace. Then Aragorn shed his breeches and boots, too, and Faramir looked upon him and felt his manhood swell; and he rejoiced when he sighted his lord’s doing the same.

“Truly beautiful, indeed,” Aragorn smiled at him, and his voice was pure and free of deception. “Will you lie with me, Faramir son of Denethor?”

“I will lie with you, my King,” said Faramir, and this time his voice did not waver and he fell into Aragorn’s arms and gave himself fully to him. “For long have I loved you and desired you, and this act shall be the proof of my love; and my oath to serve you as you wish until the end of my days.”

Thus befell the first joining of Aragorn son of Arathorn, King of Gondor and Arnor, the one who is Elfstone, and Faramir Steward of Gondor and Prince of Ithilien; and Faramir shuddered as Aragorn urged him onto his back and slicked his fingers with oil from a slender vial he found amongst his garments. And Faramir arched against the soft green grass as his King slid his fingers into him and made him pliant and welcoming.

The Sun cast her golden haze over the clearing as Aragorn of the Northern Dúnedain, who are of the blood of the ancient High King, who was Elendil, found a sweet spot in Faramir’s tightness and rubbed it and made his Steward moan in pleasure. And he smiled at this and repeated the act and was glad when Faramir’s thickened member twitched upon his belly.

It was then that Faramir opened his eyes to the glorious day and to his King who bent over him, and spoke:

“Little experience do I have in these matters but it seems to me that my body and soul cry out for more than your gentle teasing, my lord. I should wish that you would possess me more fully. ”

And Aragorn said, “If that truly is your wish then I shall enter you and fill you, and claim you in every way possible; and forever name you unto myself, and never let you go.”

And Faramir smiled and said, “That truly is my wish.”

And so it was that Aragorn proceeded to slick his swollen length and guide it close to Faramir’s entrance, and as the tip kissed the trembling muscle, Faramir bit his lower lip in anticipation. But Aragorn leaned down and joined their mouths and Faramir opened up; and Aragorn slid smoothly into his body. And Faramir cried out in shock for the sensation overwhelmed him and he knew both joy and slight pain. But Aragorn held him close and moved in sweet ways atop him, and murmured words of love in his ear, and Faramir’s heart was eased and soon pleasure washed over him like the tides of the great sea of which he had only heard travellers’ tales; and yet in this moment he perceived the waves of heat that coursed through him to be kin to the waters that separates Middle-earth from Aman, which is the land of the Valar, who are eternal.

Thus they moved together, lost in a burning passion, until a time when Faramir began shaking in his lord’s arms, and Aragorn did much the same against him; and the King’s strength finally went out of him and he poured his seed into Faramir who cried out with his own release in the same moment. And they were spent.

Long afterwards did they linger in each other’s arms, touching and kissing, and exploring; and neither Aragorn nor Faramir had ever known such satisfaction before. They lay entwined, and Aragorn kissed Faramir deeply, and took his hand to cover his slackened length and so skilful were his caresses and the dance of his mouth upon his Steward’s body that they both hardened again and sought once more to join in the flesh. And Aragorn helped Faramir to stretch him and then he climbed atop Faramir and rode him until they were crying out in unison, shuddering through their joint climax.

It was not before Anor’s sinking glow cut through the skies in scarlet streaks that they rose and dressed, never stepping far apart; and made to tie Faramir’s horse to Aragorn’s so that they might sit together in one saddle. For such was the strength of Aragorn’s horse that he carried them both safely back to Minas Tirith.

And so it was that upon their return to the Citadel they met with Arwen and she rejoiced at their arrival. And she looked upon her husband and was heartened by the light that shone in his clear grey eyes, and she smiled, “I can see this day has done you great service, my love. Truly, you should ride more often.”

And Aragorn inclined his head. “It is so. For I may grow blinded to the beauty of grass and sun, but never to that of riding. It is an art most dear to me and one that seeks to be perfected.”

Then Arwen answered: “I give you leave to ride whenever you should so fancy it, and I shall then occupy myself with other matters. Indeed, it shall be so sooner than you think for the Lady Éowyn of Rohan is riding hither and there are many things that she and I have yet to explore as women in these lands of men.”

And Aragorn shared in her smile and was content, and that evening when the silver stars circled the heavens and Faramir’s breathing was laboured under him, and his tremors passed through his skin and into Aragorn’s strong thighs, he knew that the future was bright. And Faramir smiled up at him and their hearts found a rhythm and was one.

Here ends the tale of the first joining of Aragorn and Faramir

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7 Comment(s)

Interesting way to write ;)
Seems familiar in a way ;)

— Laivindur    Tuesday 11 June 2013, 23:53    #

This is such a fine read! Loved it :)

Minx    Wednesday 12 June 2013, 19:45    #

Oh MY WRGSTFGLXXX!!!!! I… I can´t… (takes deep breath).
(takes another one)

MMMkay. I think I can control it now. Weeeeeeell…. some fics are hilarious. Others are written as skillful as if the master himself had wielded the quill. Still others are red hot as the smoldering temptation itself. And then there is this one. The three-in-one, so to say. I was giggling over sentences like ““And so the Sun rises anew and the day is dawning,” he said, and all nodded for they knew he spoke truthfully.”, I was delighted by the wonderful way you have with words. I was writhing with, err, pleasure, when I realized, that even a parody, when done by a master, can be incredibly sexy (and please note that, against all common sense, I read it on the train). So many tiny details, so many hidden hints, that make the whole – Haha, indeed Aragorn has a fondness for, err, “riding”! Yeeeees, Arwen and the lady of Rohan have a lot to talk about… XD

I can´t thank you enough for lighting up my day by posting this gem! There is no doubt Professor Tolkien would have appreciated your writing skills – even though I´m not sure he would have fully understood the rather, cough, modern, cough, parts of the story…

Thank you for this until the fifth age! May your genius never cool down!!!

— raven22372    Wednesday 12 June 2013, 23:48    #

Oh, great. Yes, I was also laughing at Aragorn’s bright remarks on the dawn. And the combination of the solemn Tolkien style with the hot subjects is so funny. It’s even Tolkien-credible most of the time. And then so many exquisite moments, ranging from Faramir’s lovely shyness (“lest he, in his turn, should to say too much”) to his surprising eagerness (“Little experience do I have in these matters…”) to Aragorn’s slyness (riding “is an art most dear to me”) or Arwen’s fear (poor girl, she should well be worried, seeing how Aragorn’s roaming expeditions usually last for decades at a time). This was the perfect fic for me tonight. So many thanks!

— Nerey Camille    Thursday 13 June 2013, 23:09    #

Oh, severe case of author-forgot-to-say-thank-you! :( Buuut…

I’m glad you all enjoyed it :D I could say a lot about this piece I guess but, all in all, the only thing I’ve done is to describe your most average day in post-war Tolkien land. Most average.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

Oh, and raven, I cannot for the life of me understand what you are saying! To me, reading on trains has always been a perfectly respectable pastime ;)

Geale    Friday 26 July 2013, 6:44    #

Dear Geale!

The JRRT team from russian Fandom Combat 2015 would like to request your permission to translate your wonderful piece of Silmarillion sequel to Russian for russian audience.

We have done a few fic translations already, and they mostly get very positive response. We can promise also that the translation will be thoroughly beta-read. On the whole, we would like to add that we will do our best to give your fic the great treatment that it surely deserves, and will send you the links any reviews it will get.

We’re planning to post the translated version of your fic at diary.ru and ficbook.net and send you the links to the posts as soon as they are up. You can either translate them to English with google.translate, or count on our help with that!

Thank you in advance,
JRRT 2015 rus

— JRRT 2015 rus    Wednesday 26 August 2015, 2:42    #

Hi Geale!

Thoroughly enjoyed the story, thank you for sharing!

Among the other things, I really, really love the style! I can see why you would call it a parody, but in saying that it does ring very true to the original – or even more so to what the original itself would be based on, the official medieval chronicles. As I read I kept imagining this being written in a parchment tome by a scribe in the Gondorian library, someone who perhaps has had little direct dealing with the heroic exploits of those times, but feels nevertheless the need to embellish every other sentence with a reference to the Valar or someone’s lineage or good character. I also imagined this being read out by a herald from a scroll in the great hall, looking all serious and important, hehe.

I think it makes for quite a smooth transition from the book events, as indeed some of the action and pretty much all of romantic interactions in particular – from the point of Aragorn refusing to take Eowyn to the paths of the Dead, and all the way through to the appendices – are written in a very formal style, with all the thees and everything. Which had always made me wonder what those conversations had actually sounded like in reality. It’s cool to see it played the other way around for a change, to get an idea what our favourite scenarios would look like in Middle-earth verse.

Thank you!

December    Monday 23 April 2018, 3:56    #

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