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Peregrin's curiosity for a couple of steward brothers (PG-13) Print

Written by Laivindur

18 February 2012 | 2868 words

Title: Peregrin's curiosity for a couple of steward brothers
Author: Laivindur
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Faramir & Boromir
Warnings: Implied Human/Hobbit. Implied spanking.

Peregrin is the steward sons’ servant, mostly Boromir since they have a special relationship, and Faramir doesn’t mind.
Pippin is quite happy, but his curiosity must be fed as it hungers for his masters relationship.

One day where Pippin awakes with his master at his side and snuggles closely to him, he suddenly finds himself asking of Boromir’s role as the older brother; clearly sometimes he must have put his little brother Faramir to place. ‘Faramir can’t have been this perfect man from birth?’. Boromir explains that Faramir has always been the goodhearted and friendly person, though sometimes he needed to give him a reminder now and then of what not to do when they were kids. He said nothing more than that.
Pippin’s curiosity takes the head of him, and he heads to interrogate Faramir about the topic after getting dressed and proper.

Faramir and Pippin is alone at the breakfast table, where Pippin finds it perfect to ask his second master. Faramir answers as well as he can to the small hobbit’s questions in the hurry while eating his breakfast. The hobbit knows the Captain rarely takes his time at the meals and that gives him short on time, so he goes straight at it.
“Being Boromir’s little brother, did you ever…”
Pippin waves with his hand to make the question seem as normal as possible.
“…force him put you on place whenever you might have been naughty?”

”Of course, a lot of times.”
Faramir answers not quite getting what the small creature means, but then he stops midway with his bread
“What do you mean? Does he hurt you? I know you can be quite a lot to deal with sometimes.”

”No master Faramir, he doesn’t. He is a good man to me, although he has to punish me sometimes. I just can’t help it. I bet you understand being a smaller brother?”

Faramir looks a while at Pippin over the white bread to perhaps find what the hobbit might be up to as he gives him that smile and those puppy eyes.
A small nod from the man where he turns to hurry on his meal once more ends the conversation to Pippin’s poor impatient curiosity.

The hobbit strives to keep his voice out of suspect.
”I’m just wondering. Since we share the same faith under my master’s hand…”

Faramir looks skeptical at the hobbit while taking a bite from his bread.

”…how was it for you?”

Faramir didn’t like where the conversation was leading to.

”These are quite personal questions Peregrin, although they are making me wonder how it is for you.”

Pippin straigthened up and pulled back his folded hands onto his lap as he’d been leaning forward on the table. Thinking he wanted as much as he could get from the human he answered maybe a bit more than necessary.

”Oh, sometimes I cry very loud. Sometimes it burns so much afterwards that master Boromir, if he is in the mood, comforts me after. He can’t stand staying angry at me for long.”

This started to get too personal on Faramir’s account. He shifted nervously in the chair and made a final to the conversation with a short nod once again before turning back to his plate. Pippin on the other hand felt his second master owed him an answer.

”Your turn, how was it for you?”

Faramir stopped his chewing and swallowed the food with effort.
Pippin asked again.

”When was the last time?”

Still too startled by it all, Faramir didn’t look upon the hobbit. Suddenly he spoke.

”I was sixteen. Still a bit too old to receive such punishment from my brother, but the anger got the lot of him at the time.”

The hobbit’s curiosity twirled inside of him and he ached to hear more, though the voice of Faramir when he’d mentioned his brother’s temper had made the hobbit shiver. The man kept staring in front of him in the cold and scary atmosphere of a ghost story, but then he turned the hobbit’s excitement into fright and worry when speaking with a cocked and worried brow at him

“I really hope he takes your size in consideration.”

The hobbit’s face froze in a worried grimace. Faramir turned back to the spot in the wide air and spoke lower like answering to himself.

“He must, or else you would not be standing.”

Pippin’s sweet worried hobbit eyes widened and he somewhat regretted the mess he’d been stepping into.
‘Was master Faramir joking, or did he speak the truth? If this is a joke then he’s a really good pranker.’
But Pippin had never seen this face upon his second master.

“What did you do to make master Boromir so angry?”
He reluctantly asked.

Faramir sighed and his voice got back to normal as he placed his cup on the plate.

“Nothing to worry or think of little one, it happened so long ago, and it doesn’t matter anymore”

Faramir smiled to the hobbit and rose.

“I hope your questions were put to an end Peregrin, I must be off.”

Faramir bowed shortly and smiled to the still a bit trembling Pippin before leaving.
Pippin had to speak with Boromir after this.

“Master Boromir?”

Boromir was washing his face when Pippin had entered his bath place. The man tossed his head up from the water so a few drops from his hair landed on Pippin’s green vest, and the hobbit backed away from the sprouting man. Boromir still wore his trousers, but his face, hair and upper body was glistening with water, and when he turned to face his little hobbit, Pippin blushed by the stunning man.

“What is it, little one?”

Boromir said before sitting down on his knee, and kissed his favorite hobbit on the red cheek.

“You know I wonder of you and your brother’s brotherhood. And I was wondering if you could tell me what Faramir might have done past the years that perhaps have made you angry or upset?”

Boromir didn’t know if he should suspect something by this uncommon question, or smile by the cute curious hobbit. He thought for a while with his eyes in the air before turning back to the hobbit saying

“This was quite an unexpected question Peregrin. Do you worry about my anger? You know I would never hurt you.”

Boromir rose and walked to the bedchamber where Pippin followed.

“I know you wouldn’t, but you are brothers, and I know how siblings can act on one another. You are well informed by my curiosity…so…you know. Won’t you tell me about how you grew up in this fine city.”

Boromir laughed.

“Yes I do know of your nosiness, little one, and it cause you both joy and trouble.”

Seeing the small hobbit’s urge for a good story, he finally sat down on the bed and signed him to follow, and he eagerly did, though with a the slightest worry for what he might hear taking the conversation with Faramir in mind.

“There have been many times I have been so angry at Faramir that I might have done things I regret, but he has always forgiven me. My sweet little brother.”

Boromir smiled, and Pippin felt warm by the heart as he witnessed once again the bond between them.

“This is perhaps what you want to know, taking your earlier questions in mind”

Pippin sat up straight with an innocent surprised face, seeing the scowling see-through-look on Boromir.

“When Faramir was sixteen years old he had made father send him along to Harad with the men. I was twenty-one at the time and I had just gotten a place in the lines. It was great, but my little brother worried me by being there too, though very far behind. I fought like a mad man to avoid the harads to get in the back line to where he was. In the end of the battle Faramir had made it fine to defend himself, and our soldiers would not leave faramir’s side. At the time, Faramir had troubles killing any one if not forced into a corner, I knew Faramir was merciful, but if I had known how much I would have used my own body to keep him home. He wanted to prove to father that he was loyal to Gondor by entering battles, but he was still very mellow at the time.”

Boromir laughed.

“He still is”

Gazing on the floor, then back to the hobbit, he saw the small creature almost fall out of the bed in excitement. Pippin wanted to hear how Faramir could have grown to be such a great warrior and still be the tender being he was. Boromir took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“Making a long story short, Faramir was fighting a Harad at the end of the battle all by himself. I saw him from afar and I was…”

He searched for a suitable word, but shook his head as the word was difficult to find.

“…scared. He managed to disarm the man after many open chances of killing him and the man fell. Victory was claimed and prisoners were to be taken, but then Faramir reached out his hand to help him up…”

Pippin dropped his jaw and widened his green eyes. Boromir smiled and blinked his eyes while nodding to Pippin’s disbelief.

“Yepp, my little brother reached out his hand to a man trying to kill him. Had it not been for the arrow piercing through the harad’s head two seconds before he made to raise his arm, my brother would be dead.
The last effort the man did was to reach for his dagger to kill the boy who had given mercy upon him after striking him down.”

Boromir lifted his brows and shook his tired head. His hands stroke the remaining frustration off his temples. Pippin spoke soft.

“I understand you must have been frightened. Faramir doesn’t do that still. Does he?”

Boromir burst out a laugh, and it lasted for a while before it turned almost evil, and Pippin could only watch the rough man with mixed emotions. Boromir spoke.

“He wouldn’t be alive today if he did. If not killed by the enemy then I certaintly would. No, he knows better now.”

Even though the story had touched Pippin greatly, he had not forgotten his purpose. ‘This must have been the time Faramir had been talking about.’

“What did you do after? What did Faramir do? I understand the both of you must have been shocked?”

Boromir nodded slowly and smiled.

“It was hard to hold back my anger. I remember walking over the dead bodies over to him. I shook by anger, I trembled with fear, and I almost burst out in tears. I was happy to see my brother alive, but most of all; I was burning with rage. The only thing I got to say… I mean scream to him, was ‘what in god’s name are you doing?!’ I met my confused and frightened little brother’s eyes before my captain and a few others split us up.”

Boromir paused, and smiled by the hobbit’s eyes. He had never seen them this big. Pippin, with his small lips still in a gap, nodded for the man to continue. Boromir laughed shortly by the keen hobbit, and cleared his throat as he went on.

“When we got home, even though I really wanted father to know about his stupidity and to never send him out again, and punish him greatly for his foolishness, I promised Faramir not to tell as he understood his naive act. For some reason he must have thought father’s punishment worse than mine. I don’t think he expected my sort of punishment. He refused it because he thought himself to grown for spanking. At least from me, but I was drowning with anger, so I pinned him to the bed while screaming and shouting at him. Of course Faramir defended himself greatly, but it would not due. He had made a horrible mistake which I never wanted him to do ever again, and taken my anger in mind…”

Boromir gave the terrified Pippin an askew smile and folded his hands with his elbows on his knees. His smile mingled with authority, determination and regret.

“And Faramir forgave you? If I know Faramir correctly he took the spanking as quite an insult?”

Boromir’s eyes and mouth smiled, followed by laughter. He stroked his fingers through his half dry hair, and scratched it a little before speaking.

“He was not able to speak for some time. He only lay still and moaned by the pain while I kept scolding him”

Pippin’s eyes, if they even could, widened more of the horror his mind played before him.

“I tried to make him swear not to ever do it again and so on, but he only moaned and winced by my every move or word”

Boromir laughed higher than earlier seeing Pippin’s stricken face.

“Don’t worry my lovely Peregrin, I don’t think you could ever make me that angry. Please do not fear me after knowing this. Besides, you are not my little brother, you are a small hobbit, understand?”

Pippin nodded franticly. Even though he loved Boromir’s protect, he was glad he was not Boromir’s little brother, and hoped for god’s sake he would not make his master angry at all.

Faramir was trotting around his room drowned in papers. His thoroughly way of work was hard to accomplish in these stressed times. Boromir knocked on the door and stepped in.

“Greetings, brother.”

Faramir replied after perceiving him over the pile of papers, and spoke while Boromir walked smiling and carefully through the piles of papers spread like a sea.

“If there are business according to anything among these papers, then welcome, if not I am sorry I must ask you to leave.”

When Boromir placed himself at Faramir’s side without a word and faced him with a serious expression, his little brother’s grey soft eyes studied him with wariness and confusion.

“Well? What is it?”

Boromir did not actually want to tell Faramir what he was about to, but knew it was better now than later.

“You missed the meeting.”

Faramir searched in his elder brother’s eyes after what meeting he could be speaking of. Boromir grimaced with compassion when he saw Faramir’s eyes widened, and his face grew pale while his mouth numbed.


Faramir whispered.


Then he raised his voice.

“That was NOT today!”

Faramir could not quite believe this and stared hard at his older brother. When Boromir smirked, he knew he had been tricked. Faramir did not smile. He looked warningly at him while barking.

“Boromir I have not time for your foolishness”

The stressed man turned to his paper works.

“Please leave”

He turned quickly back to bark at him with his finger poking his broad chest.

“And don’t you ever trick me like that again!”

Boromir laughed and tugged his little Fara in his arms. Even though he wasn’t little anymore, he was smaller than him. Faramir grunted.

“You must have learned this from Peregrin, fooling around on others behalf.”

Boromir laughed.

“It is quite fun actually. Don’t underestimate him, he is quite smart too.”

Boromir released his annoyed brother, and smiled with his eyes on him. Then a bad sign on Faramir’s behalf turned up in Boromir’s eyes; a lust of no good. It was something Faramir had seen more of in his brother after Peregrin had entered Minas Tirith. What now?

“Remember your first day out in the field, little brother?”

Faramir had not yet learnt to remember that day as something to laugh at. He cut the eye contact by losing his eyes to the ground, and he was kept from turning by Boromir’s grip around his arm. Boromir let go of all joke and spoke soft.

“I am sorry if I may have hurt you or dishonored you. You know why I did it”

Seeing no change in Faramir’s stiff and strict features, he continued.

“You know by now the mistake you did, though your actions were honorable and goodhearted, that I agree. But if you had died out there, being so young, and I loved you so much. I could not stand loosing you. Perhaps it may be a comfort to you that the anger spilt that night was only half the love I felt for you, maybe more. I love you even more today, Fara.”

Faramir looked at him with a softened insult. Then he suddenly changed to normal with a sigh.

“I know all of this, brother. You really don’t have to tell me after so many years, though I appreciate it either way”

A silence between them as they smiled put it all to rest.

“I love you too, Bromir.”

Faramir said with a soft smile, and the older brother gave one back by the nickname he had not heard for too many years.


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