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Written by Khylea; with Éomer

When Faramir travels to Rohan to get the signature of the new king on the renewed Oath of Eorl, a get-together to celebrate the new treaty ends in a way neither of them expected.

Warnings: Slash, rimming, cheesy humor, taking some liberties with canon

Posted Jan 02, 2008 | 7871 words | Comment [1]

Written by Khylea; with Celeborn

Celeborn is in Eryn Lasgalen (formerly known as Mirkwood) when his beloved Faramir takes ill. Will he return in time to see his love once more?
Second Born Series Part 3

Warnings: Character death

Posted Nov 30, 2004

Written by Khylea; with Celeborn

Faramir lies near death in Minas Tirith, and only a love from the past can bring him back.
Second Born Series Part 2

Posted Nov 30, 2004

Written by Khylea; with Celeborn

Two travelers seek shelter from the storm. Pretty much PWP, though there is some hurt/comfort action goin’ on too.
Archivist’s note: Thalassa created a wallpaper inspired by this story.

Posted Apr 04, 2004

Written by Khylea; with Elrond, Glorfindel

Faramir travels to Rivendell on an important mission for his father, learning some things about himself in the process that are just as important.
Written for the 2010 Midwinter Swap

Posted Dec 19, 2010 | 13778 words | Comment [1]

Written by Khylea; with Boromir

Disappointed that his experiences with lovemaking are less than pleasurable, Faramir asks for his brother’s help.

Warnings: Graphic sex, incest

Posted Apr 15, 2007 | 2926 words | Comment [1]


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