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Midwinter Swap 2010 - the stories are in!

Dec 19, 2010

We’re a little early this year: the Northern Hemisphere’s shortest day isn’t until Tuesday. But hey, this way we’ll all have a long, dark Sunday evening to read stories. Enjoy!

Tal requested:
Let’s turn the tables. I’d like a quiet, confident Faramir, made stronger by his trials, watching the new king with reserved fondness …until one night he realizes that Elessar is barely holding it together, that everything he’s lost and the pressure of kingship is too much for him, and that he needs help. Faramir’s, of course. Can be from either man’s POV. Go dark and visceral for me, if you please, though hope always has its place.
This request resulted in The Heavy Crown (PG-13) by Eora

Anastasiya requested:
Love story with Faramir/Boromir of Faramir/Aragorn and someone else who doesn’t want them to be together. Why? Because of Faramir or love for Faramir, I would like. I wish to see strong feelings and emotions, perhaps even jealousy, misunderstanding and disbelieve, but also great love.
This request resulted in Forbidden Love (PG) by Calestel

Mira Took requested:
Faramir and Legolas: they’re both good with a bow, they both have famous, lordly, and rather difficult fathers, they’re both super loyal to Aragorn (Faramir declares his fealty at first sight, Legolas settles in Gondor). Faramir has lost his brother and his father, and Legolas is far from home, so they’re both in need of someone. Get these two together after the war in Minas Tirith or Ithilien. Please also include some or all of following: Aragorn, hurt/comfort, drinking tea, an unexpected or anonymous gift, the word “overwhelmed”. Please don’t include any: Éowyn (or other outside romantic entanglements), non-con, getting drunk, an embarrassing or public scene, and the word “blonde”.
This request resulted in Twilights Lovers (NC-17) by Angelstar3999

Eora requested:
A Faramir/Aragorn love story, please :) I would love a lovely, warm, happy story to chase away the chills of winter! Post-war; the trials and endless obligations of ruling a recovering realm have made for a very austere and uptight Aragorn, who basically spends most of his time either holed up in his study or in endless council meetings with no time for social engagements. Faramir decides that his Steward’s duties also include the loosening-up of the King, and comes to the conclusion that what Aragorn needs is an evening in his excellent company (and in the company of wine!)
You decide the rating, though I would like to see something that goes a little deeper than PWP if that’s okay, and you get to decide on the end result of Faramir’s plan; perhaps it takes a little while for Aragorn to warm up to our favourite Steward’s charms? Or perhaps they are both rather secretly smitten with one another but of course, neither knows how the other feels? ;)
I’m a big fan of the romantic aspect (and awkward moments!) so go wild with the fluff if you feel the need, but I also like to see the confident side of Faramir, and his sense of humour, so make him as forthright as you dare! :) (Please no angst, non-con, violence, etc. This is a happy story! Also I must insist on the wine!)

This request resulted in A Walk in the Woods (PG-13) by Erfan Starled

Erfan Starled requested:
Pre ‘Return of the King’, not after. Nobody dies — definitely not a grief/ loss fic. If violence, there’s a point to it (no gratuitous violence). Faramir is intelligent, thoughtful, never a victim but he can hurt. Faramir is adult not child. Any rating. (Sex not necessary to please recipient).
A dominance fic, done well (nothing throw away or clichéd) would be a great treat from someone who likes writing such things. Prefer power-play to light physical rote scene (not much interested in latter). Does not have to be sexual (could be), could be something where (slash) relationship is ‘in the wings’ and some other conflict is the ‘story’. [No ribbons, please, no silk, no blindfolds!] Writer to choose pairing. [No married people, no threesomes]. Suggestion : anything the writer liked doing is likely to be good. Anything a writer finds a struggle in this theme is not likely to be good; writer could choose story to suit self if chooses this option.

This request resulted in Power Play (R) by Bell Witch

Angelstar3999 requested:
While on a visit to Imladris, Faramir meets up with Elrond and another elf (Erestor, Glorfindel, Legolas, Haldir-You choose) There while he is doing his duty he learns things along the way he has to make big decisions containing himself. While he is their he finds himself falling for these two elves who find themselves not wanting to let go of Faramir. (Please have a happy ending, and sub/but not pushover Faramir)
This request resulted in Someday (NC-17) by Khylea

Nerey Camille requested:
A young Faramir is sent by Denethor to command the Rangers and he finds his reputation (as worthless second son who could never hold a candle to marvellous Boromir) has preceded him. The men distrust him and resent being captained by someone so young, but then Faramir earns their respect and love, either through some spectacular action or by his personal qualities (kindness, justice, etc). Bonus points if you include a ship in the story. I’d like it bookverse regarding Faramir’s looks and personality, and please no romance between him and any of the men.
This request resulted in Family Games (NC-17) by December

Khylea requested:
How about Faramir/Elrond? Something along the lines of Faramir isnt recovering from his injuries from the Orcs at Osgiliath and Elrond helps heal him? And then *ahem* more happens than just healing? *wink wink*
This request resulted in Healing (PG-13) by darkstar0203

darkstar0203 requested:
Elladan/Elrohir/Faramir. AU. Aragorn is king of Gondor, possibly when the brothers are still young. Denethor is manipulative, trying to turn his sons against the king, and Faramir wanting his father’s approval is wary and distant of Aragorn. The Twins visit Aragorn and take a liking to Denethor’s youngest son and despite Faramir’s avoidance are persistent in courting him leading to much exasperation on Fara’s side. Flustered, shy and insecure!Faramir is preferred along with trying-to-act-tough-and-cold!Faramir. Persistant and mischievous!Twins. Naive!Boro whose being wooed by Amused!Aragorn. I’d like it more light and fun concentrating on the courting of Fara with just a bit of Denethor’s manipulating in the background. Bottom!Faramir is preferred. Extra points if over protective brother!Boro confronts the Twins after their night together leading to embarrassed!Fara.
This request resulted in Cedar and Cloves (PG) by Mira Took

December requested:
“Boromir has safely returned from the Ring quest, but seems far from his former self. Eventually his concerned brother discovers (or Boromir himself tells him) that in the course of the journey he and Aragorn had spent a night together (Boromir’s first time ever with a man, and Aragorn had been the top). Since then, in spite of himself Boromir has grown to have deep feelings for the man; but he keeps it to himself, because for Aragorn it had obviously been a one-night-stand: the King is friendly with the new Steward, but no more. So Boromir feels used, is beset with humiliation and resentment, and is generally very difficult to be around. Now! What Boromir doesn’t know is that for Faramir and Aragorn it was love at first sight. They would already be embarking on a relationship when Faramir learns about his brother?s plight. Up to you whether they had already been intimate, but they have certainly acknowledged their feelings for each other.
So. What is Faramir to do? He is very sorry for Boromir and does not wish to hurt him ? but he so very much loves Aragorn and does not wish to hurt him either?
Feel under no obligation to make everyone happy in the end, though. If somebody is to be left broken-hearted, so be it?
Dear archivists, please add a note for the receiver of this request I would be most grateful if they would stick to the Book version of the characters, or at least not describe their looks as specifically Movie- verse. Also, I would be very, very happy for this story to be explicit.

This request resulted in Значение слов (R) by Anastasiya
NB: Prospective participants of future Swaps, please note that you are required to write a story in English.

Bell Witch requested:
Idea 1: Faramir compared with Eowyn by Grima—does he see in Eowyn what he saw/had in Faramir? No underage, please.
Idea 2: Possible AU/dream book or movieverse Henneth Annun—Faramir has refused the Ring but still follows the law in sending Frodo and Sam to Minas Tirith. Does the Ring get used and who by?
Idea 3: Human partner (not family) in a relationship that ends badly. Could be violent, could be Denethor’s doing. A strong Faramir and how he deals with relationship and its ending.
Idea 4: Human partner preferred, rare pairing. (Eomer, Grima, Beregond, etc. not family) A first love? (Yes, it could be fluffy.)
Idea 5: Surprise me. I do like darkfic, I don’t care for incest as a happy/healthy partnership. Prefer human partners but not married to the idea. Not a fan of underage stories (unless nonsexual, which is fine.)
Any rating for any idea.

This request resulted in The Knight of Rohan (PG-13) by Nerey Camille

We expect the stories for the following requests to be added soon:

Calestel requested:
Faramir/Eomer first time slash relationship fic. Eomer and Faramir in a new consensual relationship. With angst and maybe a hint of bdsm and a past history of one of them in a noncon situation.
This request was handed to Tal, who apologizes for the delay, and will have her story ready in a few days.

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