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By December

Posted 17 November 2010

The new Steward of Gondor Boromir II and Queen Arwen Undomiel have a thing.
Boromir and Arwen? Yes. Whoever told you he is not her type? Of course he is. He is gorgeous and irresistible. He just is. And he makes her happy in bed. So there. No further discussion on this point.
Where does Faramir fit into the plot? Faramir is the only one who knows about this relationship. Maybe he knew about it before it had even turned into a full-blown affair, or maybe he found out some time later – up to you.
Question is, what is he going to do? He has his duty to his king, his duty to his brother, to his queen, to the state, to the good people of Gondor. Perhaps, although this is facultative, he himself has feeling for one of the parties involved…


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Oooooh, wonderful challenge! Very original, and what a complex dilemma for Faramir… and it’s just like him to be the only one aware about such a thing. I’d LOVE to write something about this, if I manage to finish the two stories I am currently working on! Alas, that may not prove easy.

Nerey Camille    Wednesday 17 November 2010, 22:24    #

Nerey, thanks very much, I’m glad you like the idea!
Frankly, it’s one I’m particularly anxious to see done, for I truly have no idea what Faramir would do… One notion that has occured to me is that perhaps he would try to talk to Boromir to make him see it how wrong it was – but what if Boromir just told him to go to hell? What then…?

And yes, I very much like putting the characters – and the authors – in difficult situations, in front of difficult choices ;) It’s amazing what amount of creativity that can inspire…

Once again, thanks for showing interest in working on this.

December    Monday 22 November 2010, 12:00    #

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