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The Lady’s Pet

By December

Posted 11 October 2010

Young Faramir (make him as young as 10 or 11 if you like), being chased by Orcs, or fleeing from abuse at home, eventually finds himself on the outskirts of Lothlorien. He is captured by the vigilant Elven guards (who are not particularly fond of strangers, as we remember…) and brought for questioning to the Lord and Lady of the Wood. But Galadriel sees he is but a frightened unfortunate boy, and takes pity on him. She places him under her protection, and he stays in Lórien in a position of something like her page.

So Faramir’s youth passes with the Elves, he learns their tongue, their ways and their arts, and grows to fit in quite well. By the time he is around 16-18, he also grows to be very fair, alluring and provocatively unspoilt – and the Lady does not fail to notice that… So she thinks that to make his education complete, she ought to teach him some other things besides walking the tight-rope and shooting a squirrel in the eye. The lessons turn out so enjoyable for both parties, that Faramir soon turns into her habitual lover.

Now, Celeborn… He finds it all very amusing for a while, and does not begrudge his wife her current entertainment: Galadriel is an eccentric woman, after all, and this mortal boy she has selected for a sex-toy is, admittedly, a commendable choice. But at some point the Elven-lord begins to get annoyed and even jealous (of whom…?) – and decides to take action. The term ‘action’, of course, has a multitude of meanings…

Where it all goes from there is entirely up to you.

Bonus points for having each part of the story presented from one of the three character’s POV, giving different perspectives on the situation – although of course I’d be more than thrilled to get a classical third-person narration as well.


2 Comment(s)

Very interesting challenge… although it probably will need quite a lot of work, which I guess rules me out… Can’t figure out how to make a short story out of it, it really deserves a long one. I hope we will get it!

Nerey Camille    Thursday 14 October 2010, 21:11    #

Nerey, thanks!
This is funny, you know, I always have the opposite issue. Even when trying to write a small little story, I always end up developing it into this huge project… :D
Anyway, thanks for your attention and interest, and of course I’d be thrilled to read any short story this idea may have somehow inspired in you, regardless of whether it follows this specific challenge or not. I believe there are many ways to look at the Galadriel-Faramir-Celeborn relationship… :)

December    Sunday 17 October 2010, 10:41    #

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