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Death Long Suffered (NC-17) Print

Written by Alcardilmë

09 December 2009 | 33441 words

Death Long Suffered
Written by: Alcardilmë
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Faramir/Boromir, Faramir/Witch-king, Faramir/Orcs
Rating: NC-17
A/N – AU, Adult. Incest, graphic violence, non-con, interspecies, m/m, torture.
Summary: Will Boromir be able to rescue Faramir from the aftereffects of his torment in Minas Morgul?

Chapter One

“Boromir!” He heard Damrod’s voice in the distance and dismounted. “We have found him.” The Ranger came crashing through the undergrowth. Boromir began to run towards him when Damrod stopped. “You must listen to me for a moment, Captain,” the Ranger held Boromir’s arms, but naught could stop the Captain-General of Gondor. He pulled away from his soldier and lunged forward. Damrod tackled him, pulled him to the ground, and pinned his arms with his knees. “You must listen to me, Boromir,” he whispered. “It is not Faramir as we knew him. He has been tortured.”

Instantly, memories of other released prisoners of the enemy, found wandering amongst the trees of Ithilien, flooded Boromir’s mind. Horror lodged in his heart at the remembered atrocities done upon these men. He gasped, then choked in grief, pain overwhelming him until he all but swooned. Damrod held him tight. At last, after but a moment that seemed to last long hours, Boromir nodded. “I understand,” he whispered back. “Let me up.”

“Siriondil!” Boromir called to the Master Healer. “Set up your equipment. We will bring my brother back here for you to treat.”

“But he should be taken back to the City…”

Boromir no longer stood next to him; loping great strides took the captain away as he followed Damrod into the hills of the Ethir Dúath. After a quarter hour’s run they entered a small glade. A group of soldiers hovered around another who lay on the ground. Damrod pushed them aside and left room for Boromir to enter.

Gondor’s Captain-General, who had seen things that left others gibbering fools, fell to the ground at the sight of his brother lying in Mablung’s arms. A groan escaped the tightly clenched jaw, then he cried out, “Faramir!” Though barely recognizable, this was his little brother.

Gently he knelt and took the youngest son of Denethor into his arms. He wept as he pushed the blood-sodden hair from his little brother’s face and hissed at the sight of the eye socket, empty and bloodied. Another gasp as he beheld a lifeless arm, sewn to Faramir’s own left arm, hanging limply at the boy’s side.

“Oh Faramir. What have they done to you?”

Damrod leaned over. “We must take him to the healer, Boromir. Quickly.”

Boromir nodded and stood, carrying his brother in his arms to the hastily set camp.

Siriondil bit his hand at the sight of the young lieutenant, but opened the flap of a large tent and motioned Boromir to bring his precious bundle inside. Once he set Faramir upon the small table, he stepped back and allowed Siriondil to begin his examination. Boromir hovered nearby; quiet sobs filled the tent. At last, tears streaking down his cheeks, the Master Healer turned to Boromir.

“There are many wounds. I can take the arm off, but I do not know if Faramir’s own arm will recover. But that is the least of my concerns, Boromir.” He pulled his captain closer. “He is with child.”

Boromir slumped in his arms and he held him tight. “The babe is dead, but I know not what its presence has done to Faramir’s internal organs.”

“How could this be?”

“It is sewn into a sack placed inside Faramir’s stomach.”

Boromir bent over and retched in agony. Siriondil’s warm hand on his back kept insanity at bay. Finally, when his stomach settled and the heaving stopped, he stood up. “Will he live?” he whispered.

“I am not certain. He has been… By the Valar, Boromir, I did not want to see these things! I do not want to tell you these things!”

Pulling his friend into his arms, Boromir held him for a moment. “Courage. We must have it, for Faramir’s sake.”

Siriondil nodded. Wiping tears from his eyes, he continued. “He has been raped, numerous times, by something very large. Probably Orcs. They were not gentle and they did not prepare him.”

Boromir nodded, soundless.

‘I must take the dead babe from him, but I am afraid it will kill him. This must have been some kind of experiment of the Witch-king’s. When the babe died, he realized his test failed and so let Faramir go, knowing the dead body would eventually kill him.”

“Do you have everything you need?”

“I do. I think you should remain outside—”

“I will not. Will you do it alone? I would prefer none other know of Faramir’s shame.”

“It is not his shame!” Siriondil all but shouted. “He was a prisoner.”

“Do you not think he will feel shame, nonetheless? I would spare him the knowledge that others know of his rape.”

“Of course. Forgive me.”

“Please. Let us not worry about the future, just take the babe from him and make him whole again.”

“He will never be whole, Boromir.”

The Captain-General of Gondor sobbed. “Heal him as best you may.”

Siriondil nodded and approached the table. “I will need one of my assistants.”

“Nay. I have worked field surgery before.”

“Very well,” Siriondil sighed. He wished he were in the Houses. ‘This is not going to be pleasant.’ Thankfully, Faramir lay deeply unconscious. He began…

The sun’s descent past Mindolluin’s mighty peaks coincided with Siriondil’s closing of the last wound. Faramir lay as dead, but if one looked closely, an almost non-existent shallow breathing could be discerned. He turned to wash his hands in a nearby basin, then snorted in disgust at the sight – blood-soaked pieces of cloth filled the basin. He shouted and an attendant entered, took the proffered basin and ran from the tent. A moment later, he brought in a clean bowl, filled with warm water, then left.

Siriondil laved his hands, then stepped aside for Boromir to lave his own. He then turned his attention back to Faramir.

“Will he live?” Boromir asked for the second time that day.

“The pouch was not as badly inserted as I feared. The damage to the inner organs appears to be small. I think he has a chance.”

Boromir sat on a nearby stool and held his head in his hands. His shoulders shook with silent sobs. Siriondil knelt next to him. “We have done all we could. It is now up to Faramir’s dogged will. He is young and strong. He should survive.”

“Survive. That is the half of it. Will he live as a shell of himself, Siriondil? Will he survive as a man or a beast, madness filling him with the memory of the horrors done to him?”

“With you at his side, he will survive.”

“Then let us move him, if he is able, to Minas Tirith. I want none to know of his injuries. Damrod!” he shouted and the Ranger entered. “Bring the men who found Faramir to my tent. I would speak with them. And Damrod,” he hesitated. “I have a task for you, one that must be kept secret.”

Damrod nodded.

“Take this,” he handed a bundle to his soldier, “and burn it. Let none see its contents.”

Damrod saluted and left the tent.

“He will not open it?”

“Nay, Siriondil. I trust Damrod with my life.” He paused and gathered his courage. “What kind of a babe… Was it human?”

“Yes. Taken from some poor woman’s womb, no doubt. The arm also came from a woman. Probably the mother.”

“Sweet Elbereth,” Boromir whispered.

“Hopefully, she died in the taking of the babe.”

“Yes. I have something to attend to, Siriondil. I will return shortly.

After a long moment of staring at his unconscious brother, Boromir turned and left the tent. He walked quietly towards his own, grateful when his aide ran up and offered him a cup of whiskey-laced tea before he entered the tent. He drank it down and shoved the tin cup back into Aldrich’s hand, pulled the flap aside and walked into the crowded tent. The men stood to attention and waited. Most were near tears or had already lost the contents of their own stomachs.

“Thank you for finding Faramir so quickly. You have probably saved his life.” He paused, trying to collect himself. Not a man stirred. “You have seen things, and know from what you have seen that Faramir was cruelly treated. I would have your silence in this matter.” His face turned red at the thought. “We know what happens to men Orc-captured. The same is true for my brother, your lieutenant. I would spare him whate’er we might.” The men nodded in agreement. “You have served him faithfully; I ask only that you continue that service with your silence in this matter. None must know.”

Damrod spoke for them all. “Not a word shall pass our lips, Captain Boromir. You have our word as Knights of Gondor.”

“Thank you,” he whispered. They filed out of the tent and Boromir sat heavily upon his cot.

“I did not speak before, my Lord. What of your father? Will you report these things to him?”

“I know not, Damrod. I would spare Faramir, if I could; however, it is my duty to report this.” He sighed heavily. “I will make my decision when we reach home. Thank you, Damrod. You will receive a promotion for this, I promise. You are invaluable to your lieutenant, and to me.”

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43 Comment(s)

An interesting start to the story. Poor Faramir! I look forward to the next installment.

— Ria    Friday 24 July 2009, 2:40    #

Saw this started on Henneth-Annun, and hoped it would come here as well. A very difficult topic, and you are handling it with great care!

— ebbingnight    Friday 24 July 2009, 23:45    #

Many thaks Ria and ebbingnight for reading. I hope you enjoy this. It is a bitter-sweet little tale. Alcardilme

Alcardilmë    Monday 3 August 2009, 20:57    #

I have not been to this site for quite some time now. I havn’t had time but I have missed it. I found some free time today and I sat down to see if there were any new stories, and I found yours. I once made a promice that I would never again read a WIP that wasn’t finnished. I will never be so foolish ever again, I can’t belive that I almost missed this. Now here I am with my heart in my throat just waiting for a new chapter. I love this story. The way you are jumping between time is so skillful, it’s just perfect. The subject is indeed a hard one but the way you are dealing with it is remarkable.
Thank you for letting us read this story. I am hooked.
Thank you

— Ingrid    Wednesday 5 August 2009, 10:06    #

Many thanks, Ingrid. For your hearts ease, this tale is complete; (I have felt the same way abouts WIPs – which made me vow never to start a tale and not finish it!) I am just putting it up chapter by chapter… trying to put up one every 4-6 days. I hope I sustain your interest and delight! You really help a writer feel good.

Alcardilmë    Wednesday 5 August 2009, 13:26    #

My heart be still!
You really do know how too keep a girl in suspence. I just love it. It’s so perfect and the way that you write sends shivers down my spine, in a most delightful way, I am a lover of a beautiful language and yours… I can’t even find a word to do it justice.
How i wished that I could write like you but sadly that is a talant I am denied. Lucky for me I can always come here and read it over and over again and it will always be here.
Thank you again

— Ingrid    Sunday 9 August 2009, 21:00    #

blushes Thank you very much. Even after all these years of writing, it still tickles my heart to be so kindly applauded. Again, 10,000 thanks!

— Alcardilmë    Monday 10 August 2009, 0:24    #

Yes!! One more chapter.
I am so glad that Faramir is awake but I fear for him as he in time comes will remeber or find out what has happened to him, how will he cope with that? What a sweet song Boromir sang to him, you have really captured the love between them in a beautiful way. I hope that Boromir can help his ‘little one’. Boromir reminds me so much about my own big brother, so I can’t help but love him.
I am thankfull that Denethor is not a brutal monster but that he actually care about both his sons. It is sad though, that it would have to come to such a terrible thing like this for Denethor to show some love and concern for his youngest.
Can hardly wait for the following chapters.

— Ingrid    Friday 14 August 2009, 21:51    #

Thank you so much! The way that Tolkien describes B & F’s love for each other in the Appendix is so beautiful and poignant – especially considering what happens in their lives. (the song is one I made up and sang to my own children; they now sing it to theirs!)

As for Denethor – it would be rare indeed for me to ever ‘abuse’ the man. I thought he was a tragic hero in LotR.

Bless you for your kind words and your enthusiasm. MOST appreciated!

Alcardilmë    Saturday 15 August 2009, 3:43    #

(Whispers between tears) Thank you so much.
Lovely and beautiful is not enough for such a story.

— Ingrid    Wednesday 19 August 2009, 12:07    #

Ah, Ingrid – offers a clean hanky – sorry for the tears, but I’m glad they were ‘happy’ tears… or perhaps contented tears. Bless you!

Alcardilmë    Thursday 20 August 2009, 2:40    #

You are so talented. The way you write, it feels like I am almost there, like I am a spirit standing beside and can do nothing but witness the horrors.
You are a genious, a creator, a wounder.
I wish that my first language was english so that I could realy tell you what my heart speaks

— Ingrid    Saturday 29 August 2009, 10:19    #

Your heart speaks through your words and mine is forever toched.

Bless you for the very kind review. I am grateful beyond words!

Alcardilmë    Sunday 30 August 2009, 21:02    #

I feel blessed for being able and allowed to read this. The story is so wonderful, I will never be able to thank you or praise you enough. Everything just gets better and better. Poor Boromir, trying so hard to do what he think is best for Faramir, and poor Faramir who can’t understand why his beloved brother has changed so much. I have said it before and I say it again, I wished that I had your talent for writing.

—    Wednesday 9 September 2009, 14:28    #

I cannot thank you enough for this review. I just got totally, soundly, and horrendously rejected for my tale, Betrayed, at Henneth Annun.

So the timeliness of your kind words are as a soothing balm upon my dispirited and distraught soul.

Thank you – ten thousand times!!!!

Alcardilmë    Wednesday 9 September 2009, 23:01    #

I apologize that this is the first time I have left a note on this. Quite frankly early on when I saw what happened to our poor Faramir, I wasn’t sure my heart could take it and I had decided not to submerge myself. That being said, I have to tell you that I just couldnt help myself. This tale is just so wonderfully woven that I just cant let it go. I keep coming back again and again hoping our Faramir will be whole again. I have a great visual in my head of the happenings here and it keeps calling me back. Thank you for this. Based on what I see here I find it difficult to see anyone rejecting your material. Is this story on this site somewhere? Can we read it?

— Kelly    Wednesday 9 September 2009, 23:52    #

Like Kelly, I was rather wary of getting involved with the characters in this tale. I first saw it on HASA. The rape and torture of dear Faramir are quite difficult for me to endure. (I must admit to reading those parts quite quickly, with one eye closed!) The rest of the story, however, is so skillfully told and the love between the brothers is so achingly beautiful that it touches my heart.

— trixie    Thursday 10 September 2009, 0:55    #

Thanks so much, Kelly, for your review. It is beautiful. This came out of a nightmare I had; I could not sleep afterwards until I had written it down. Then, the Muse just continued – bless her! It turned into a bitter-sweet little thing that breaks my heart.

Very glad you pushed through that first chapter. It is difficult.

My other tale is posted here http://www.faramirfiction.com/Fiction/betrayed


Alcardilmë    Thursday 10 September 2009, 10:50    #

Ah, trixie, I wrote that first chapter with my eyes closed. I hated the things that happened to Faramir. He will heal, with the help of Boromir, but Boromir never will. Life can be like that sometimes.

I love your phrase ‘achingly beautiful’ – it well describes what is in my heart about their relationship.

Bless you for your kind words. They are most appreciated!

Alcardilmë    Thursday 10 September 2009, 10:56    #

I checked out Betrayed. I thought it sounded familiar. I did read it when it was posted. I liked it very much. This story also made my stomach hurt in the beginning but I couldn’t keep from reading on. I guess there is always someone that is not going to like everything. You write beautifully and the rest of us enjoy your work very much.

— Kelly    Thursday 10 September 2009, 14:36    #

Many thanks, Kelly. Even though I have written for quite some years, this year has been a difficult one. I am glad the Muse has not abandoned me, and very glad I found this site. Very decent people here. Bless you!

Alcardilmë    Friday 11 September 2009, 9:47    #

This story has everything. Love, hate, terror and even happiness.
My heart aches for the trauma Faramir is going through and for Boromir who can’t, or rather won’t, give voice to what is troubling his heart.
The way you build up the chapters and when they end one can’t seem to stop think of what will happen next, that is a heard thing to accomplish, but you have mastered that.
I am forever grateful that you had the courage to write this story.
When my returning nightmares hunts me and I am to afraid to face them, I turn to this story and I can for a short time forget my own fears.
Thank you forever and ever.

— Ingrid    Sunday 20 September 2009, 10:22    #

Many thanks for your kind words! I am so grateful this story strikes a chord. After finally realizing what the Muse wanted from the nightmare, I could only succumb and write it.

Again Many Thanks!

Alcardilmë    Wednesday 23 September 2009, 20:53    #

Our poor, gentle and sweet Faramir.
He have so much to deal with. I hope that by telling what he has been forced to endure he will come to understand that love can be something nice. I also hope that he will finally be able to sleep through a night without terrors.
Even though it brakes his heart I am sure that Boromir never will leave him or blame him for what has happened.

— Ingrid    Friday 9 October 2009, 23:01    #

That chapter was incredibly difficult to read. I can only imagine what it must have been like to write. And I do not even want to imagine what it must have been like for Boromir to hear.

— trixie    Friday 9 October 2009, 23:47    #

Ah, Ingrid – though this is AU, Boromir will leave for Rivendell… it is written in the stars.
And Boromir’s love for Faramir is quite extraordinary. But so is Faramir, is he not!

Alcardilmë    Sunday 11 October 2009, 5:27    #

Many thanks for the support on this, Trixie. It was written because of a nightmare – and this is chapter is what I saw. Nasty – to say the least!
As for Boromir – how could a brother stand to hear, let alone bear, such things? Especially one who loves his little brother with his very being?

Alcardilmë    Sunday 11 October 2009, 5:31    #

I truly admire your courage in seeing this through to the end: I suspect that many writers would soften the story somehow. But most nightmares, by definition, don’t have happy endings, do they?

— ebbingnight    Wednesday 14 October 2009, 15:42    #

This nightmare was even worse. I did tone it down a bit, except for Chapter 15. I have no idea why I dreamt of Faramir and in such dire circumstances!

Many thanks for your review and your kind words.

Alcardilmë    Sunday 18 October 2009, 5:21    #

This tale is so harrowing that at times I need to turn away. Yet it is so gripping that I cannot. I almost feel obligated to Faramir, Boromir, and you to hear this out.

— trixie    Tuesday 10 November 2009, 22:43    #

Many thanks, trixie, for not running from this tale. The brothers love for each other compells me to continue to write this.

Your comments are most appreciated. Faramir and Boromir thank you too.

Alcardilmë    Friday 13 November 2009, 5:03    #

So sweet and wonderful. I love this story so much. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us

— Ingrid    Friday 13 November 2009, 7:43    #

I think we all needed a wee bit of a break – a smile or some such. VERY thankful for your kind comments and for your continued support.

Alcardilmë    Monday 16 November 2009, 4:32    #

Of Course you have my support. I could never leave this story nor quitting comment it. You have taken this story to a whole new level. In the beginning I feared reading, like I knew what might happen. I think I have an idea now as well… but now I am anticipating :) It is a remarkable story and you are a fantastic writer

— Ingrid    Wednesday 18 November 2009, 11:48    #

Ingrid – thanks again for your comments. Always heartening to me.

I am afraid I might disappoint you – this tale is near its ending – it doesn’t end the way I thought it would. :(

Alcardilmë    Tuesday 24 November 2009, 19:51    #

Chapter 20 made me smile and even chuckle. Any joy they can experience is precious. But, oh, this latest chapter. . . Poor Boromir, willing to give anything of himself to help his brother.And poor, poor Faramir, realizing now what he has asked of his brother.
Caterwauling is perfect :)

— trixie    Wednesday 25 November 2009, 19:00    #

This was a heartbreaking chap. Poor Boromir and Faramir. I fought not to let tears appear, but I failed miserable.

Thank you so much Hugs

— Ingrid    Monday 30 November 2009, 12:48    #

Hi, Trixie, thanks for the kind words. When one loves deeply, one will do anything… and one will be asked sometimes beyond one’s capacity… the brothers are definitely tragic characters… even in Tolkien’s books.

Alcardilmë    Tuesday 1 December 2009, 21:00    #

Ah, Ingrid… this was difficult, wasn’t it? But Faramir is now ready to continue living, though the price Boromir paid for his brother’s healing is immeasurable… Thanks for your support!

Alcardilmë    Tuesday 1 December 2009, 21:03    #

This story was wonderful. What a strange feeling now that the story has ended. Poor Boromir. I loved how you got the title of the story into the story itself. You are a true artist in your work.
Alcardilmë, I salute you.
*Kneels in front of you, with my head bowed*

— Fëawen    Thursday 10 December 2009, 7:54    #

It’s a very strange feeling being done with this – as this, I think, is one of my favorites. Many thanks for your kind words. I kneel in thanks!

Alcardilmë    Wednesday 16 December 2009, 4:53    #

The brothers have never failed to touch me. Even during a time in my life when I felt numb to everything. their tale was able to cut through the fog and move me.

The description of this tale is one that at one time I never would have opened, especially with the word ‘incest’. But I am so glad I did! It was beautiful and wrenching and captured the depth of the selfless love and devotion between the two so beautifully. Thank you!

— trixie    Friday 18 December 2009, 5:57    #

Trixie – my deepest thanks. The brothers and their love is beyond endurance – whether it be slash or not. I loved Tolkien’s appendix note about their love. Self-less and deep as the sea. Bless you for commenting!

Alcardilmë    Sunday 20 December 2009, 4:42    #

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