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Life and Love (NC-17) Print

Written by El

24 June 2007 | 6486 words

Title: Life and Love
Author: El (duathunsidhe@yahoo.com)
Pairing: Elladan/Faramir, implied Legolas/Elrohir
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic depictions of homoerotic acts between two consenting adult males. Implied emotional abuse.
Beta: None
Summary: Time spent in the Wild leads to life and love.
AN: My deepest apologies for the lateness of this submission. I started and restarted this piece several times. I hope the lovely person who requested it will enjoy it. It is also one of my first Faramir stories.

Written for the 2007 Midsummer Swap

Request by Suemichave: Faramir in a loving relationship with an elf, preferably Elladan.

Life and Love

The tradition was a long one though not one the Steward cared much for. Yet, in this case it would prove useful. It would remove this wretched reminder from his sight for a time. This pathetic excuse for a man was nothing of the sort. No, he could not stand the Dunédain rangers but he could stand his youngest child even less. The haunting eyes and auburn hair was a constant reminder of what had been taken from him and he could not accept it.

“It is time for you to begin your training with the Rangers,” Denethor said coldly.

“But father,” Boromir interrupted. “You did not have me train with them. Why should Faramir have to do so? He has just seen his eighteenth year.”

“You, my beloved son, are a natural soldier and leader. You have strength, courage, and intelligence. Faramir,” he practically sneered the name. “Does not. Perhaps this will enable him to become something worthwhile. I doubt it but perhaps.”

“You do not give him his due Father,” Boromir said. “He has all those things and more.”

“Do not worry Boromir,” the young man in question said quietly, having learned long ago that even the sound of his voice aggravated his father. “It will be an interesting experience for me, a chance to learn of their culture and history.”

“You leave first thing in the morning. Do not be late. Their chieftain will be here at first light,” Denethor said snidely. “Do not embarrass us.”

“Of course not Father,” Faramir replied. He gave a bow and then left the room.

“Why do you hate him so?” Boromir demanded. “He loves you and you give him nothing but grief.”

“He has given nothing.” Denethor replied.

“Faramir gives everything,” the man snapped. “It is you who are never satisfied. He has his own strengths that far exceed mine. He has a great head for strategy amongst other things.”

“He does not have your strength, your leadership quality.” The Steward argued.

“That is because he is not me!” Boromir growled. “Hating him as you do will not bring Mother back. Nothing will. It is a disgrace to her memory that you treat her child so. It is a blemish on our house.”

Without giving his father a chance to respond, Boromir walked out of the hall. He immediately went in search of his brother.

Faramir had been among the rangers for only three weeks when he first saw him. He thought for a moment he was dreaming. Nothing that beautiful could possibly be real. The glow of his skin entranced the young Gondorian almost as much as the sound of his voice. Husky and deep, Faramir couldn’t make out what he was saying but the sound shivered over his skin setting his nerve endings on fire.

That night his dreams had been filled with images of the fair being. He dreamt of touching that pale skin with the tips of his fingers, running his mouth along the curve of his neck and shoulder. It wasn’t until the next morning that he learned the name of his fantasy lover.

“Faramir,” Rannen called as the young man was fetching water. “Come here. There is someone I want you to meet.”

Silently he approached the leader of this band of rangers. It was a habit he learned from his father and he couldn’t seem to break himself of it. Rarely did he speak unless spoken to. Since the Dunédain were a quiet sort, he fit right in. He gave a small smile as he caught Rannen’s eye. Then he turned and his breath caught in his throat. Storm gray eyes stole it away. They were so intense and yet, so calm and aloof. He couldn’t quite explain it.

“Faramir, I’d like you to meet Lord Elladan of Imladris. He is one of the sons of Lord Elrond,” Rannen said.

“Imladris?” Faramir tried the unfamiliar word. “I have never heard of such a place.”

“In the tongue of men my home is called Rivendell. It is the Hidden Valley of Rainbows,” the deep husky voice caressed his ears just as sensuously as it had the night before.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Lord Elladan,” the Gondorian said softly. “I am Faramir son of Denethor Steward of Gondor.”

“Please call me Elladan,” the elf said with a smile. It made Faramir’s heart stutter in his chest. “I hold no titles here.”

“Of course not,” Rannen laughed. “You’ve known half of us since we were in swaddling and some even before. By the Valar, ‘Dan, you even knew my great, great grandfather!”

“You are just like him,” Elladan teased. “Boisterous and not keen on bathing.”

“You bath too much,” Rannen shot back. “One would think you a maid instead of an Elven warrior.”

“Care to test that theory in a friendly sparring bout?” the elf answered with a wicked grin.

“I still have bruises from the last time. Therefore I must decline your generous offer.”

Faramir watched the banter between the two and felt a little like a third wheel. He turned to leave when lightning shot through his arm. He turned to see Elladan’s hand upon his sleeve. Snapping his head up to look at the elf his eyes widened in surprise.

“There is no need for you to leave,” Elladan commented. “Rannen and I have bantered like that so often we do not realize how it might seem to others not familiar with our relationship. Will you not stay?”

“Very well,” Faramir gave him a small smile and then joined Rannen on the log that served as his seat.

Elladan studied the young man before him. He wasn’t sure why he had asked Faramir to stay save it pleased him to do so. Oddly enough, the Gondorian’s quiet ways and soft spoken manner reminded him a great deal of his foster brother Estel, now called Aragorn. No matter what other names he was given, the young Dunédain would always be Estel to him.

Their mannerisms were the only thing about the two men that were similar. Where Estel’s hair was dark, almost black, Faramir’s was a stunning mixture of rich browns and tempting reds. The Gondorian’s eyes were a hypnotizing hazel while his foster brother’s were a stormy grey. Neither one smiled overmuch. He knew Estel didn’t because his destiny weighed upon his shoulders. Elladan wondered why this beautiful young man before him didn’t smile.

As the light grew and spread its light across the glade, Elladan found himself distracted more and more by Faramir’s presence. He lost track of the conversation as he watched speckles dance around the young man’s head and felt heat curling low in his belly. The adan was beautiful. There was no question about that and the more the Elven warrior watched him, the more he wanted Faramir in his bed, preferably beneath him and writhing.

“Well, it is time to be up and traveling. We have a ways to go yet,” Rannen said, trying to hide his smile. He had seen the interest in the twin’s eyes. It told him Faramir was in for an experience that would change him forever and completely unforgettable. “I’ll see to the provisions. Elladan, why don’t you tell Faramir some of your tales.”

“I am sure it could be arranged. That is if Faramir is interested in hearing them?” He asked raising an eyebrow as he studied the man across from him.

“I love stories. They are my favorite way to escape from my fa… boredom,” Faramir corrected quickly. From the way Elladan’s eyes narrowed, he knew the elf had caught the slip. He just hoped he wouldn’t ask any questions about it.

“Well then,” Elladan said. “Let me tell you a bit about my family.”

That was the beginning of many such conversations. More often then not, they would begin with Rannen’s presence. As time progressed, the ranger spent more time among the other Dunédain, giving them space to learn about each other. He hoped the elf would get Faramir to open up. There was intelligence in the young Gondorian but he kept it hidden.

Faramir laid in his bedroll staring at the night sky. He didn’t know what to do. The more time he spent with Elladan, the more he was attracted to the fair warrior. At the oddest times, he would have the sudden urge to kiss him. Then he would begin to stutter as he tried to regain control of his thoughts and his body. Sometimes Elladan would have this small mysterious smile on his face and Faramir wondered if he had figured out just how the Gondorian felt about him. He just didn’t know what to do.

Elladan walked through the forest listening to the trees as they whispered to each other. He looked inside himself, considering his thoughts and dreams about a certain adan. He liked Faramir, genuinely liked him. He was intelligent, quick witted and had an odd sense of humor much like Elrohir. However, he also desired the Gondorian with an intensity he had known only with his brother. They were bound closer than most would understand. Even now he could feel ‘Ro in the back of his mind.

The dilemma was how to approach Faramir without scaring him away. The Gondorian was a bit skittish where he was concerned. Elladan knew he had issues with his father. He didn’t know if the adan would even welcome his advances. Turning back towards camp, Elladan moved silently through the forest. His sensitive ears picked up movement to his right. He followed the sound and found Faramir tending the fire in the camp. He was the only one around and the elf gave in to his impulse without thinking.

Coming up behind Faramir, he breathed against his ear.

“Have I told you yet how beautiful you are?” he asked.

The young man jumped and spun about. He gasped at how close the elf was to him. His eyes darted around and then back to Elladan. He couldn’t read the expression in his eyes though it made his body tingle. He felt his shaft harden at the elf’s proximity.

“Me?” he gasped. “I am not… not beautiful.”

“Oh but you are,” Elladan breathed, his nostrils flaring as he pulled Faramir’s scent into his nose. He stepped a bit closer. “Have you ever been kissed by a male?”

“Well,” the man gulped. “My brother…”

“No,” the elf chuckled. “That is not what I mean. Have you ever been kissed by a male with passion, with desire.”

“N… no,” Faramir said his voice caught in his throat.

“You are about to,” the elf warrior purred.

Leaning forward, he captured the adan’s lips with his, reveling in the sweet taste of the gondorian. He touched Faramir with nothing but his lips and yet Elladan held him. After a few moments, he felt the soft lips beneath his open slowly. Easing his tongue forward, he swept the wet cavern once, twice.

Faramir moaned and pressed against the elf warrior. His body hummed with desire. Pleasure like he had never known before flooded his body as he savored the kiss. He never thought kissing a male could be like this. Elladan tasted… musky and sultry. Tentatively his hands came up, grasping the muscled arms of the warrior.

Slowly Elladan pulled back and looked into Faramir’s eyes, dark with passion. He noted how the man’s panting matched his own. Smiling softly he raised his hand and brushed his fingers down the fair cheek.

“You taste sweet,’ he whispered as he studied the man’s face.

“That was… I don’t know what to say,” Faramir answered softly. “I have never felt anything like it before.”

“I would show you more,” Elladan whispered. “If you will let me.”


“I find you incredibly attractive,” the elf finished. “I would show you the pleasure to be had lying with a male… with me.”

“Yes,” Faramir breathed.

The smile that lit the elf’s face stole Faramir’s breath away. He stayed silent as Elladan led him into the woods, unable to articulate what he was feeling. Long had he desired the elf but he’d never thought something like this was possible. He was nervous and excited at the same time. He didn’t know what to expect but he wanted to experience all Elladan had to offer him.

Elladan listened to the trees, searching for the perfect place. He’d seen it before in his wanderings. The clearing was perfect; the grass was a faultless shade of green. The trees sheltered it, making a secluded bower for lovers. A small stream ran into a pond, providing water to bathe or swim in. On silent feet, he led his soon to be lover to the glade. Once they arrived, he turned to Faramir with a smile. He watched as the adan looked around, taking in the sights about him.

“This is perfect,” Faramir whispered.

“I was hoping you would like it,” Elladan said quietly.

“I do. It is beautiful,” the man said. “Just like you.”

The elf laughed softly and then leaned forward and kissed him again. This time it was fiery, more passionate. He let the gondorian feel his desire as he pressed against his body.

“This is what you do to me,” he whispered as he nibbled on Faramir’s earlobe. His breath teased the shell of his ear.

“I…,” the man moaned. “I have never felt like this before.”

“There is more,” Elladan whispered as he reached for the ties to Faramir’s jerkin.

Slowly he opened them, keeping his storm grey eyes locked on the hazel ones before him. He slowly removed the jerkin and lifted his tunic over his head. He gasped at the sight before him. The months the man had spent with the Dunédain showed in the sleek muscles of his chest and arms. His taut stomach sported ridged muscles that tempted the elf to lick them with his tongue. He actually felt his mouth water at the thought.

Giving in to temptation, he let his fingers trail over those very muscles. He delighted in the way they quivered and jumped in response to his touch. Surrendering to another impulse, the elf dropped to his knees and ran his tongue over the lightly hair dusted flesh. Moaning softly at the musky taste, he continued down until he reached the top of his leggings.

Faramir couldn’t think straight. Shards of pleasure shot through his body at each touch of Elladan’s lips and teeth. He gasped as he felt the plackets of his leggings fall open and the elf’s hot breath over the sensitive skin of his shaft. The sensation of his wet tongue licking over the tip of Faramir’s cock had the man crying out in pleasure.

Elladan reveled in the sounds he rang from the young gondorian’s lips. Faramir was incredibly responsive and vocal in his pleasure. He drew the breeches down his lean legs, all the while teasing the length of Faramir’s cock with his lips and tongue. Drawing back for a moment, he helped the man lay down on the soft grass. Once he had him supine, he leaned over, his long sable hair sliding over his shoulders to caress the bare skin of Faramir’s hips.

“You taste incredible,” he murmured as he ran his tongue along the crease of hip and thigh. “I want to taste more of you.”

“Oh gods,” Faramir moaned.

Chuckling softly, Elladan took the man’s shaft into his mouth slowly, letting him feel the hot wetness sliding over his silken flesh. He let him feel the head of his cock bump the back of the elf’s throat. Moans turned into screams as he moved his mouth up and down along the straining length. Elladan placed his hands on Faramir’s hips as the man began to thrust upward. Closing his eyes, he reveled in the feel of Faramir’s cock sliding between his lips, across his tongue. Only one other had tasted so good.

“Elladan,” Faramir whimpered, his hips straining and the tension inside him pulling tighter and tighter. His muscles tensed, shaking with desire and the need to come. Panting he dug one hand in the grass and the other buried in silken hair. Soon he couldn’t do anything more than moan as the elf added suction to his ministrations. He wasn’t going to last much longer, didn’t want to last.

Elladan could tell Faramir was reaching the end of his rope. He couldn’t wait to taste the man’s come on his tongue. With a gentle touch, he slid one finger between the adan’s buttocks, teasing his virgin passage. Immediately the body beneath him jerked in response and a yelp echoed through the glade. Tugs on his hair told Elladan he wouldn’t have to wait much longer to get his wish.

For a moment, Faramir couldn’t place the sensation that rocketed through him. Then, as it came again and again, he realized what Elladan was doing. The idea was enough to send him over the edge. He cried out as his body spasmed and his seed spilled down the elf’s willing throat.

Elladan moaned in pure delight as rope after rope of essence slipped across his tongue. He drank it eagerly and savored every drop. When the spasms stopped, he lifted his head, a smile gracing his features. He stared at Faramir for a moment before he moved to lie next to the man. He chuckled at the rather surprised look on Faramir’s face.

“Incredible,” the man whispered softly, his eyes not even open.

“Ah pen vain,” the elf whispered. “There is more.”

“More?” he panted.

“I want to be one with you,” Elladan purred as he nuzzled against Faramir’s neck. “I want to feel you around me, tight and hot. Saes Faramir.”


The answer came on a simple sigh and was the most beautiful sound Elladan had ever heard. He stripped the clothes from his body quickly and captured the man’s mouth in a searing kiss. Despite his rising passion, he made sure to prepare his lover gently and thoroughly. He wanted Faramir to feel nothing but pleasure. Elladan waited until he had the man writhing and crying out his name before he parted his thighs and slid between them.

Placing the head of his cock at the relaxed opening, he slowly pushed forward, pausing to let Faramir’s body adjust to his ample girth. When he felt the man lift up, he continued until he was fully seated inside his tight passage. Strong hands gripped his shoulders and he had to fight for control. Elladan wanted nothing more than to ride him hard and fast.

Gritting his teeth, he slowly pulled back until just the head of his cock was still inside. Then, watching Faramir’s face, he eased forward once more. To his great delight the man moaned his name. Elladan made love to him slowly, savoring every movement, every moan that slipped from those tempting lips. He wanted Faramir to remember this time, this moment, for the rest of his life. Shifting the angle of his hips, he leaned down and captured the man’s mouth once more.

Faramir never even contemplated trying to fight the sensations flooding his body. All he could think about was the feel of Elladan inside him, moving, thrusting, and Making him feel incredible. Each time the elf pushed inside him, his breath caught in his throat. Stars danced before his eyes as the most exquisite sensations pingponged from one end of his body to the other. Without realizing it, he wrapped his legs around Elladan’s waist, gripping tightly.

“Such sounds you make,” the elf whispered. “They make me so hot, so hard. I want to feel you clench around me as you come Faramir. I want to hear you.”

“Elladan,” the man moaned. “I feel…”

“Yes,” the warrior answered. “I know. So good.”

Silence reigned save for their moans and groans of pleasure. The tension built within them, carrying them higher and higher until they danced on the very edge of oblivion. With another thrust, a direct stroke to that sweet spot inside Faramir’s passage, they fell over. The man cried out as his body splintered. His channel gripped the elf tightly, pulling and milking his shaft even as it spasmed with his orgasm.

Elladan threw his head back, arching his body and thrusting deep into Faramir. Pleasure assaulted him, consuming all of his senses and narrowing his world to the man beneath him. Nothing had ever felt like this. He collapsed against Faramir, panting and shaking with the aftershocks.

The sun was just setting when Elladan opened his eyes. He lifted his head and rolled to one side. Gently he gathered Faramir into his arms and rose to his feet. He carried the man over to the pond and stepped in. The water was warm, indicating an underground hot springs. Elladan smiled. It was perfect. Slowly he sat down in the water, taking Faramir with him. As the gondorian woke in his arms, he gently washed him, cleaning away the signs of their lovemaking.

Auburn eyelashes fluttered as Faramir came to full wakefulness. He stretched lazily, feeling the ache in his backside, and smiled. Continuing the motion, he wrapped his arms around Elladan’s neck. He arched up into the hands stroking over his chest.

“How do you feel?” Elladan asked.

“I have never felt such pleasure,” Faramir purred. “You are amazing. What you made me feel?”

“Neither have I,” the elf answered. “Faramir… What I feel is… It is more than desire.”

He felt the man tense in his arms and he held him securely.

“What are you trying to say?” the man whispered.

“I am saying that what I feel for you is more than desire, more than lust. It is something I have only felt with one other being in this world. For the Eldar, such things are inborn in us. We know when we meet the one we are destined for,” he said then covered Faramir’s mouth when the man would speak. “I know you will need time to figure out how you feel. You will need time to deal with the other issues in your life. Think of me when you have returned to Gondor. I do not expect you to return my feelings. I hold you to no promises of anything beyond this moment. I just wanted you to be aware of how I feel.”

“I don’t know if I can…” Faramir began.

“You do not have to,” Elladan said quietly. “If you find that you feel the same way, you have only to send a message to Rivendell. I will receive it. I will wait for you Faramir, Whatever you decide.”

Those were the final words the two lovers would get to speak in private. Orc battles and such kept them busy until it was time for Faramir to return to Minas Tirith. As he stared at the elf that had turned his life upside down, he wished he could stay with him. However, his father expected him back and, in truth; his feelings were all jumbled inside. He didn’t know exactly what it was he felt for the elf. He knew he wanted him around, wanted to feel his touch, his kiss again. However, he didn’t know if he loved him.

And so he would take the time Elladan gave him and use it wisely. When next he saw the Elven warrior, he would have an answer for him, one way or another.

That was how they met and how they first made love. The coming darkness would part them but could not break the bond between them. Elladan often thought of Faramir when his spirits lagged or when his brother was otherwise occupied. He would think of the way the adan had looked in the morning light or the way he tasted and things would just seem… better.

“You are thinking of him again,” Elrohir teased inside his head.

“And why should I not?” Elladan questioned. “I love him after all.”

“I am but teasing tóren,” his twin chuckled. “If not I, than who?”

Elladan ignored his brother in favor of more pleasant thoughts. The most joyous of which was they would be riding to the White City on the morrow. A mere twelve hours and he would see his beloved Faramir once more.

Faramir smiled, actually genuinely smiled, when he heard the news. They had won the day at the Black Gate, the One Ring was destroyed and the war with Sauron was over. All of these things were not what made his emotional state so high. It was the knowledge that Elladan would soon be arriving in the White City. It was hard for him to contain his joy around Aragorn. He knew his king was mourning the loss of his lady, but just the mere thought of his Elven warrior lightened his heart.

He pulled at the collar of his formal tunic. He’d never been one for ceremonies and official functions. Of course, when Denethor had lived, he was rarely forced to attend them. It was an odd sensation, the lack of emotion he felt when he thought of his father. He missed Boromir, but Denethor’s death left him numb inside. Faramir shook his head as he headed for the door of his chambers. Now was not the time to think of such things. Aragorn would be crowned today and Gondor would finally see her King returned to his rightful place. Faramir himself would be fulfilling a role he had never thought to hold. Granted, the position of Steward was no longer necessary but he had been informed that his skills and talents would be greatly appreciated by the new king. He could hardly refuse after the man had saved his life.

Quietly he walked to Lady Éowyn’s rooms. She had asked him to escort her to the coronation and he had agreed. Though they had spent much time together as they healed from their wounds, there was nothing deeper than friendship between them. Knocking on the door, he waited for her to answer. When she did he gave her a soft smile before kissing her cheek.

“You look beautiful,” he said as he took her hand and tucked it in the crook of her arm.

“Thank you my lord,” she said with an uncharacteristic blush and curtsey. “You are looking very handsome as well. Your Elven warrior will not be able to resist you.”

“I most certainly hope not,” Faramir laughed. “It has been entirely too long since I have seen him. I find myself almost giddy.”

“It is to be expected,” she said. “Now we must go or we shall be late.”

Elladan walked on his father’s right side while Elrohir took his left. In front of them, he saw his little sister. Outwardly she held the same calm expression their grandmother always had. Inwardly, he knew she was more nervous than he was. Of course, that was because he and Elrohir had spent the last half hour trying to calm her down. Now she held the banner she had made for her beloved, the ancient symbols glittering with silver threads and shining brightly in the sunlight. As Elessar approached them, he watched his father lean forward and whisper to her.

“Go to him,” he said and Elladan knew it was one of the hardest things his Ada had ever done.

The joy on his foster brother’s face made Elladan search for his own source of joy. When he caught those hazel eyes, his breath caught in his throat and his body instantly made him thankful for the horrid formal robes he wore. He found himself anxious for the coronation to end. Elladan chuckled softly when he saw the nod of Faramir’s head. His love felt the same.

The celebration lasted long into the night but Faramir found the earliest opportunity he could to slip away. Even then Elessar had caught his arm and wicked at him. He chuckled softly as he hurried down the hall to his chambers.

He paused in the doorway as surprise overtook him. Hundreds of candles sent flickering light over the room. The scent of jasmine filled the air. Yet none of these things were what truly caused him to stop in his tracks. It was the vision on his bed that had his body going rigid with desire.

Elladan leaned against his headboard almost arrogantly. His black hair, normally pulled back in braids, fell unfettered over his muscled chest and shoulders. The sheet, a deep shade of green and Faramir’s favorite color, draped low across his lean hips. It did nothing to hide the prominent bulge of the elf’s arousal.

“What an absolutely wonderful surprise,” the man whispered as he closed and locked the door behind him.

“I do try,” Elladan grinned cheekily.

“I only wish I had been allowed to undress you,” Faramir answered as he slowly approached the bed, pausing at the end to remove his clothing.

“Some other time,” the elf warrior growled. “It has been too long for me to entertain such delays.”

“Eager are you?” the man asked raising an eyebrow.

“As you are melethen,” Elladan purred as he eyed Faramir’s rampant erection.

“How can I not be with such a delicious temptation in my bed,” the man asked.

Placing one knee on the bed, he crawled upward, straddling the elf’s hips and pressing downward. Elladan groaned as his cock was pressed against the sweet curves of his beloved’s buttocks. Faramir smiled as he leaned forward to capture those full lips, savoring the unique taste of the elf beneath him.

“Do you know how very much I love you?” Elladan asked once his lips had been released for air.

“It equals my feelings for you,” Faramir whispered softly. “I never thought to love anyone this much, let alone loved in return. You make me feel cherished and happy.”

“You make me feel complete,” Elladan answered just as quietly.

Slowly the elf pulled the sheet. Tossing it aside, he reached for the vial on the nightstand. Without taking his eyes off his lover, he prepared him. Gently and steadily he stretched the tight muscles of Faramir’s passage until he was sure the adan would be able to take his cock deep inside without pain.

Of his own accord, Faramir lifted. Grasping Elladan’s straining erection he guided it to his opening. He took the elf’s lips as he pushed down, taking his love inside himself with one slow slide. The full stretched feeling was exquisite and he couldn’t stop the moan that vibrated through him. Strong hands gripped his hips, holding him still for a moment before the urge to move overcame him. Faramir rose on his knees, pulling almost free of the thick shaft penetrating his body. He savored the growl that rumbled through his lover’s chest as he sank down on the hard flesh once more.

The few times they had been together since first they’d met were rushed. No less beautiful for the speed, they had made frantic love in stolen moments. Now they had the rest of Faramir’s life and were in no hurry to end their lovemaking. Leaning back, Faramir nearly screamed as Elladan’s thrust brushed aggressively across his sweet spot. Stars sparkled before his eyes and he gasped for breath.

“I love to watch you like this,” the elf whispered as he wrapped long fingers around the silk covered steel of his lover’s erection. “I love seeing the pleasure dance across your face as my cock slides deep inside you. You are so beautiful but when you come, when your body spasms around mine, you are exquisite.”

Who could resist such words coupled with the sensations assaulting his body? He felt the pleasure spoke deep within him. It wrapped around him, narrowing his world down to where their bodies were linked. That deep voice caressed his ears like a physical touch as Elladan continued to speak, telling him all the things the elf wanted to do to and with him. Faramir’s breath came in short pants and every inch of his skin tingled as he felt the rapid approach of his peak. All he could do was moan Elladan’s name as the waves of pleasure lifted him up and carried him away. His cry echoed through the chambers as he spilled his essence over Elladan’s hand and belly.

What could be more beautiful? Elladan had no idea. His thoughts scattered as his beloved shattered around him. Thrusting erratically, he pumped his hips in an effort to maintain that sensation for Faramir. Yet, it was no use. His body arched as his orgasm crashed against him. It overwhelmed him with each pulse of seed that left his body only to be cradled inside the beautiful man above him.

A complete sense of peace enveloped them. Still joined, they slowly drifted in and out of sleep. Only when his soft shaft slipped free did Elladan move. He lifted his beloved into his arms and carried him into the adjoining bath chamber. Though the water was no longer hot, it was still warm and the elf lowered them both into it. He chuckled as a sense of déjà vu overcame him.

“This is so right,” Faramir whispered as he let his head loll back on Elladan’s shoulder. “I feel… perfect, special, and cherished.”

“You are all those things and more,” Elladan answered. “You are loved Faramir. More than you realize.”

“How could anyone not love you?” the man asked as he placed a tender kiss on the side of the elf’s neck. “I did not know my heart could contain such emotion. Sometimes it is so large I feel as if I will burst with it.”

“Are we still talking about your heart A’maelamin?” Elladan teased with a leer. “Or my cock buried inside you?”

“You are incorrigible,” Faramir chuckled as he splashed the elf.

“I try,” Elladan laughed.

“There is one thing I wish to know and I am a bit embarrassed to ask,” the man said with a blush.

“What is it meleth? You know you can ask me anything. I will never think less of you,” the elf encouraged.

“You once told me you and your brother are bonded in mind and soul,” Faramir said quietly. “Does that mean he knows when we… make love?”

“You wonder if he shares in the pleasure of our joining.” Elladan asked as he laid tiny kisses over wet skin.

“Well,” the man stuttered. “I guess the answer would be yes.”

“He did at first,” Elladan admitted. “We had not communicated in some time. He was with father learning the healing arts. I was traveling with the Dunédain, our distant kin through our uncle. I did not tell him of you. Our relationship was something I wanted to share with him in person. Since I kept the depth of my feelings to myself, he assumed it was casual. Sharing like that was something we had done before. When I finally told him, he was very upset because of his actions. Since then, he has not shared in any of it. Sometimes I worry for him.”

“Why?” Faramir asked.

“It has been said many times. The Firstborn were not meant to be alone. He is the other half of my soul and I would be lost without him, just as he would be lost without me. The only difference is I would have you to love and cherish. Elrohir has no one.”

Faramir was quiet for a moment, digesting the information his beloved had just shared with him. He reviewed his observations of Elladan’s twin during the celebration. As things clicked into place, Faramir realized he could possibly ease his elf’s mind on this matter.

“I cannot say for sure, not knowing your brother as well as you do, but I think perhaps he has found someone,” Faramir said. “Did you watch him during the party?”

“I had eyes only for you,” Elladan murmured as he nuzzled the man’s neck just below his ear.

“He seemed quite taken with Éomer King. They were sitting very close together as they spoke.”

“Truly?” the elf asked as they rose from the tub, dried and returned to the bed.

“Yes,” Faramir said, tucking the fresh sheet under the mattress. “Though, he seemed quite taken with Prince Legolas as well.”

“He, Legolas and I have been friends for a very long time,” Elladan confided. “But perhaps he feels more… there is one way to find out. If I know my twin, and I do, if he wanted one of them, he would have them in his bed this night. He can be almost as charming as I when it comes to such things.”

Faramir raised an eyebrow before he laughed.

They climbed into the bed and immediately gathered the man into his arms. He loved the way his beloved snuggled against his side and absently stroked his chest as he fell asleep. When Faramir’s breathing changed into slumber, Elladan reached out with his mind to his twin. What he found was quite surprising. His twin was firmly ensconced in Legolas’ bed and incredibly happy to be there. He felt the love and the bond between them and smiled.

When Faramir awoke the next morning it was to the sweet kisses of Elladan. He could see the worry was gone from his beloved’s eyes and smiled. Instead of rising, they spent the rest of the day in bed, making love and talking. A tray was brought for them and then they were left undisturbed. It was probably Lord Elrond’s doing and he silently thanked him for it.

“I love you Elladan Elrondion,” Faramir smiled.

“Mela le Faramir nin,” the elf purred. “I love you my Faramir.”

“Your Faramir,” the man chuckled. “I like the sound of that very much.”

“Good because you shall hear it for the rest of your life,” Elladan murmured as he slid his mouth over his beloved’s erection.

“I could ask for nothing more,” Faramir moaned.

Then words were unneeded as they communicated their love with their bodies. The White City knew a day of peace and the reaffirmation of life. Everything else would come tomorrow. Today was for celebrating life and love.

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… I think you’ve stolen my ability to talk but i shall try. This was so sweet! I loved it.

— Casandra    Monday 25 June 2007, 22:12    #


— Suryallee    Monday 15 October 2007, 1:03    #

This was great. Nice to see Faramir with someone else other than Haldir.

— balrog    Wednesday 26 December 2007, 9:25    #

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