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Fiction featuring Faramir & Elrohir

Written by Mira Took; with Elladan, Elrohir

AU. The sons of Elrond visit Minas Tirith.
Written for the 2010 Midwinter Swap.

Posted Dec 19, 2010 | 7721 words | Comment [3]

Written by Geale; with Elladan, Elrohir

When you are King of Gondor, you just do not go losing your Steward – especially not to your brothers. And your wife really should be on your side – which of course, she is not. OR: When the two Lords of Imladris arrive in the White City, Faramir finds a new, and unexpected, path in life.

Warnings: Explicit twincest and slash

Posted Jan 30, 2010 | 9294 words | Comment [12]

Written by Kenaz; with Elrohir

Posted Aug 03, 2007

Written by Geale; with Elladan, Elrohir

Just a moment in time, in which some things seem more important than others but are not, and we come to realise that everything and everyone are actually connected.

Warnings: Slash, threesome and (mostly) implied twincest

Posted Jul 23, 2012 | 2404 words | Comment [3]

Written by J_dav; with Elrohir

Faramir is on the road to convalescence. The War of the Ring is over, the King returns to Gondor and Minas Tirith is the arena for the revelries of the Free Peoples of Middle Earth. Faramir gets the chance to meet Elrohir, son of Lord Elrond. Second sons both, with a love for lore and healing, one thing leads to another during a fine afternoon conversation. 1st person narrative from Faramir’s perspective.

Posted Jan 14, 2010 | 2623 words | Comment [10]

Written by Fëawen; with Elrohir, Denethor

Faramir is in love with Elrohir. However, after constantly being told that he is worth nothing and that there is something very wrong about not being attracted to women, he refuses to admit to anybody what he truly feels, not even to himself.
Added: IV

Warnings: Incest, violence

Posted Nov 22, 2009 | 21704 words | Comment [14]


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