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Written by Draylon; with Orcs, Beasts, Monsters, and other creatures

Post War-of-the-Ring, Captain Shagrat (an Orc) finds himself slashed with Faramir of Gondor.

Warnings: kidnapping, swearing and violence

Posted Jul 29, 2004 | 21204 words | Comment [8]

Written by Lilith and Minx; with Aragorn, Haldir, Grima, Beasts

Faramir joins the Fellowship instead of Boromir. After being captured and abused in Moria, he is rescued and taken to Lórien for healing.

Warnings: Slash, violence, torture, rape, AU

Posted Mar 29, 2004 | 29486 words | Comment [7]

Written by Alcardilmë; with Boromir, Orcs, Beasts, Monsters, and other creatures

Will Boromir be able to rescue Faramir from the aftereffects of his torment in Minas Morgul?

Warnings: Incest, AU, Adult. Graphic violence, non-con, interspecies, m/m, torture.

Posted Dec 09, 2009 | 33441 words | Comment [43]

Written by Various Authors; with Boromir, Denethor, Aragorn, Beasts, OMCs

This is an interactive story, written by its readers. As you read the story, each page tells part of the story, and each page ends with two choices for what to do next. Click on one of the two links to read what happens next. When you reach the end of the part that the readers before you have written, you have the possibility to write the next chapter. Read Getting Started to learn more.
Latest chapter: Faramir’s secret is safe and the journey continues by VanwaHravani
Read up to this chapter by following the path.

Warnings: slash, incest, violence, non-consensual situations, and just about everything else you can imagine

Posted Nov 08, 2011

Written by Eve; with Haldir, Orcs, Beasts, Monsters, and other creatures, Denethor, Boromir

Faramir heeft in drie dagen zoveel meegemaakt dat hij niet meer wil leven. Als een gebroken man wordt hij midden in de nacht voor de muur van Gondor gegooid. Verborgen in zijn eigen vertrek krijgt hij te maken met een onverwachte loge, een elf, die wil dat hij in leven blijft. Zullen ze de weg naar leven en genezing kunnen vinden?
(Faramir’s life changes completely within three days. He has suffered so much… As a broken man he is thrown in front of Gondor’s walls. Hiding in his chamber he meets an elf who wants him to stay alive. Can they find a way to life and healing?)

Warnings: abuse, rape (misbruik, verkrachting)

Posted Jun 30, 2010 | 38928 words | Comment [1]

Written by Draylon; with Orcs, Beasts, Monsters, and other creatures

The unpleasant episode between Uruk & Nazgul from the story Captain of Mordor, following Shagrat’s failed romancing of Faramir.

Warnings: Rated for explicit sex, violence, worrying themes and general Orc-heavy content.

Posted Jul 13, 2005 | 7932 words | Comment [1]

Written by Alcardilmë; with Orcs, Beasts, Monsters, and other creatures

A young soldier finds respite in the folds of an old tree.

Posted Oct 25, 2009 | 632 words | Comment

Written by Draylon; with Orcs, Beasts, Monsters, and other creatures

This is a tricky one, this being a stand-alone-ish sequel to the (the still unfinished, and not yet posted here) sequel to ‘Captain of Mordor’. Please note that Faramir, though generally sniped about by Orcs in earlier chapters, doesn’t actually play a main part in this story in until Chapter 6 onwards. Contains generally Orc-heavy content and some explicit (mostly consensual) Faramir / Shagrat sex scenes in later chapters.

Warnings: Orc-heavy content

Posted Jul 27, 2011 | 18210 words | Comment

Written by Tal; with Orcs, Beasts, Monsters, and other creatures, Aragorn

During the Battle of Osgiliath, Faramir was taken prisoner by Sauron’s armies. After the Battle of the Black Gate he was saved by Gondor’s forces… or was he?
Based on a challenge by Minx.

Warnings: Torture, rape, mind games

Posted Oct 01, 2010 | 1187 words | Comment [8]

Written by Minx; with Aragorn, Denethor, OMCs, Beasts, Haldir

This is basically a set of double drabbles on the 50_darkfics prompts, using the theme of Faramir goes on the fellowship instead of Boromir. Also the rather lovely theme of Denethor whoring Faramir out to all and sundry, which of course translates very beautifully into everyone and everything having their way with poor dear Faramir.

Note: Please, please read and heed the description and warnings. This can get fairly crazy, quite mean, and not always nice to other favourite characters

Warnings: Slash, non-con

Posted Nov 29, 2011 | 4154 words | Comment [1]


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