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Bleed Black (NC-17) Print

Written by Emono

24 December 2006 | 8518 words

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Bleed Black
A tale of love, loss, and heartache…as all tales go.
Theme Song by: AFI
“Bleed Black”

Written by Emono
Author: Emo, Connor, and Karma
Pairing: Faramir/Legolas, mentioned Aragorn/Faramir
Rating: NC-17, no sex, sorry, but lots of groping and M-rated remarks
Disclaimer: LOTR belongs to Tolkien and everyone else but me. Cause I suck and I’m poor and I don’t own anything but Connor and Karma and all the other characters from the novel I’m writing.
Feedback: Please, I feed on it – emono@rock.com
Warnings: Slash, and some OOC, but their better that way
Summary: Faramir being a smartass and joining the Fellowship. He joins them on their quest to a certain extent because I simply thought he needed a bigger role.

Connor: I am her muse of angst and drama
Karma: smiles Ignore him, he likes to be dramatic. I’m Karma, her muse of light and fluffy and all things remotely Chibi! We just wanted to introduce ourselves, sorry Emo-love!
Emo: shrugs I don’t care, go ahead. But be quiet, this next part is mine.

AN: Sorry if not all the dialogue is right and not all scenes are not up to potential, except for original stuff, that’s mine. Ok, and any Elvish in here that’s not found in the book or movie (Even that can’t be written down for I don’t have the DVD’s for subtitles) will be Pig-Elvish. I like it though. Ok, let me lay this out for you right now. EVERYONE IS PAWING FARAMIR!! And when I say everyone, I mean everyone! He’s only going to end up with one person, but everyone is molesting him. Even his own brother, so there’s some LOTR-cest going on kinda but not really (course, that would be cool to). Everyone wants a piece of him, because I love seeing Legolas jealous! He looks so pretty in green! It’s really his color, you know.

Chapter 1: Meeting in a Circle

“I am exploring the inside, I find it desolate
I do implore these confines, now, as they penetrate, “recreate me“”

—Bleed Black

“We have our 9 members Lord Elrond, what causes your troubled expression?” Legolas asked gently, for Elrond looked at the Fellowship he had just made. The Hobbits exchanged curious looks with each other, everyone’s eyes on Elrond.

“9 had been the rings of Men” Elrond said off-handedly “I do not wish to send you off on such a grotesque number. Unlucky it may be, I wish to find one more member, unless one of you would like to resign themselves?” The Fellowship looked at each other curiously, but no one said a word. Suddenly, all eyes were on the doorway as someone appeared. The man wore Ranger clothing, a large dark brown cloak covering him. Most of his face was covered, but a grin of white teeth shown threw. He stood on the steps, still as a statue as Elrond sucked in a breath to puff out his chest in a protest.

“Does a secret meeting mean nothing to Men or Hobbit?” Elrond all but growled.

“My mistake, Lord Elrond” the Ranger’s voice was smooth as he did a suave bow “My invitation was not given to me, for I have just arrived” Legolas suddenly grinned, running at the Man quickly. The Man had only enough time to brace himself before the Elf collided into him. He stood for a moment, swaying as Legolas latched onto him, before he fell forward and pinned Legolas. The two chuckled like two school boys, rolling each other over and over in the leaves. They pinned each other repeatedly, but finally Legolas won. He pinned the man by his wrists, one Elven hand holding the Man’s hands above his head, using his free one to tear down the hood.

“Faramir?!” Boromir sounded surprised to say the least, anger and embarrassment laced in there as well. Legolas and Faramir both looked at the blonde man, each grinning.

“What’s wrong dearest brother?” Faramir chuckled playfully “Are you now happy to see me alive and well and with you again?”

“Not in this manner” Boromir growled, rubbing a hand over his eyes “Lord Elrond, I apologize, this is my younger brother Faramir”

“Ah, youngest son of Denethor” Elrond smiled fondly “Welcome”

“Yes, welcome!” Legolas looked down at the Man grinning “I haven’t seen you in so long Faramir!”

“I know” Faramir grinned like a fox, flipping the Elf around onto his back. Legolas let out a puff of air, coughing slightly as his back collided with the ground “It has been to long dearest Elf”

“Yes! Much to long!” Legolas chuckled, flipping them once again. They rolled around for a few more moments before Boromir and Aragorn decided to pull them off of each other. Boromir brushed his younger sibling off with a huff, as Aragorn gave Legolas a disapproving glare. The two men stepped forward and bowed in sync, both giving an apology in Elvish. Elrond simply nodded and replied curtly in his own tongue.

“Little brother, what are you doing here?” Boromir asked, he to was curt.

“Oh, dearest brother, you know I must simply following you everywhere you…well, I say” Faramir stared in wonder at the small golden ring sitting on the platform. He picked it up, pulling gasps and murmurs from the crows. Elrond was about to scold the youth, but then Faramir snorted in disgust and held the ring to the light “What a gaudy piece of jewelry! Look at it! I think it may be tarnished!” Faramir pulled out a knife and scraped at the outer edge “Hmmm….” he examined it again when no tarnish came off “Well, at least it’s taken well care of. I guess it’s not it’s fault, probably just a piece of gold you picked up in the war, eh Lord Elrond?”

“What…do you think of this ring young Lord Faramir?” Elrond spoke slowly, so as no to alarm anyone “Do you feel anything from it? Do you think it powerful or enchanted?”

“...nope, just really ugly” Faramir grinned, then looked around at the god smacked faces of Elf and Man and Dwarf “What? Why do you gaze at me in fault?”

“No…it’s just…” Boromir stepped forward tentatively, gazing at the ring “That, little brother, is the One Ring of Power”

“This simple band of gold? This little thing?” Faramir held it up to his brother. Boromir gasped (along with a few others) as Faramir tossed it up and caught it at the end of his dagger, spinning it so the ring swirled around it gracefully “This thing has no power brother, you are delusional. Look at it…it’s so…” Faramir thought languidly, stepping back when his brother stepped forward “...gaudy truly is the only word I find for it”

“You feel no sway? No pull at your heart?” Aragorn asked the youth. Faramir turned and smiled fondly at Aragorn.

“Why, I didn’t see you brother Aragorn!” Faramir grinned madly, ready to pounce on the man when suddenly his brother was in front of him and pinning him to the platform that once held the ring “Brother?”

“First off” Boromir hissed, knocking the ring out of Faramir’s hold (it landed back on the stone which Elrond had set it) “You are never to touch the One Ring, I do not want it given a chance to taste you whether it hold sway or not. Secondly, you know who this man is and yet you address him so formally?” Faramir looked frightened, his pretty green-gray eyes wide and lit up with fear. He then nodded, gulping in a breath as Boromir’s hold on his collar tightened.

“He…he is my brother at arms, we are Rangers” Faramir managed, but then his brother jolted him and he shut his eyes “Stop it, I can not speak to you rightfully when you are like this brother!”

“Still such a child” Boromir hissed lowly, so low that only the keenest Elf could hear if they truly wanted “This man could dethrone Father, dethrone us. He is not a brother Faramir, only I am your brother at any arms”

“Yes…forgive me” Faramir sighed out, his brother slowly backed off and let him go gently.

“I hate it when you make me act this way” Boromir sighed, then turned to Elrond “Forgive my brother, for he did not know that what he held was The Ring”

“It is quite alright Brothers of Gondor” Elrond spoke softly “in fact, I think I’ve found our 10th and final member” Faramir’s face lit up while a shadow passed over Boromir’s face “is there a problem?”

“He is young Lord Elrond, I beg of you not to place such a burden on him when he has such a long life ahead of him” True concern shown brightly in Boromir’s eyes.

“Dearest brother, I would be honored to come” Faramir smiled, then bowed to Elrond “Truly, I will come and assist the Ring-Bearer” Faramir turned to Frodo with a wide grin “You not only have my sword but my bow as well, Ring-Bearer” Faramir shivered pleasantly, bobbing up and down on his feet before he gave a full out cry of ecstatic joy “Oh Valar, I’m so excited! When do we leave!?”

“In two days” Elrond said, smiling at the youth. The meeting was adjourned and Faramir hooked arms with Legolas and left with him down a hallway.

“Oh Legolas!” Faramir grinned, still bouncing with each step “To Mordor, to Mount Doom and all that lay between. Oh my dear Elf, what a grand adventure we will have together!” Faramir looked over at Legolas, seeing his Elven friend not even half as excited as himself “Oh Legolas, what ales you?”

“We could die Faramir, we could all die” Legolas turned to his friend with a grim expression set on his face “I came here simply to deliver a message, not to join a life or death quest”

“Oh, my beloved” Legolas’s heart warmed at the endearment “that is only half the fun!”

“Dieing is half the fun?” Legolas quirked an eyebrow “Will nothing damper your childish feelings of adventure?”

“Childish? Nothing is childish about adventure beloved” Faramir grinned again “Why do you think I joined the Rangers at 14? I have been craving adventure all my life!”

“That is what makes me worry so hard about you!” Legolas chuckled.

“Oh, come off your Rohirrian horse!” Faramir nudged his good friend in the side with his elbow “You know that without me your Inner Child would slit it’s own throat from your tight behavior”

“You truly do not care what you do to me, do you Faramir?” Legolas smiled fondly at the Man and his smug grin “You saw what you forced me to do, jumping on you like a child and rolling around in the leaves like a couple of-”

“-children” Faramir finished his sentence “Come now beloved, that was only your Inner Child wanting to play”

“But did it have to come out right in front of Lord Elrond and the council?” Legolas half-groaned “and all those Dwarves as well…that ‘Gimli’ will never let me live it down”

“Legolas, come hunt with me” Faramir suggested, the Elf gave him a ‘look’ “Come now beloved, all we have to do is be quiet about it. Elrond will never know…”

“Why did I be-friend you?”

“Because you love me and you know it”

“....” Legolas did not want to think much into that question…

....nor his breathless response.

“I suppose”

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8 Comment(s)

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That is cute. Please continue. By the way I like how childish you have them acting.

— Haldir's Daughter Lilith    31 May 2007, 19:45    #

Very adorable, I just love how you made Faramir unaffected to the ring.


— angelstar3999    10 February 2008, 06:11    #

oh i love adorable-faramir!

my favorite bit has to be the Aragon groping

“Help! Gandalf! I’m being molested!”

— Karai    2 May 2008, 18:20    #

dude. i was reading along, laughing my butt off cause seriously, the whole rape thing was just hilarious, then this just ended. that’s really disappointing. i was looking forward to reading more.

Magos, please remember these authors all write in their spare time and share their stories with us without asking for anything in return. I can understand it is sometimes disappointing when you want to read more but the author hasn't yet had time to write more, but complaining about it will not motivate anyone to give up more of their precious time for you. Praise tends to be more effective ;)
- the archivists

magos    11 September 2008, 03:24    #

Hilarious and cute all rolled into one. I hope you will find the time to continue this yarn as it’s great fun. Thanks for sharing this far!

— Minkicat    22 December 2008, 20:13    #

This is soooo cute and funny, i love the way you madde faramir and legolas act like c hildren!
i hope to see more!
P.S this is not complait but i have read this FIVE times.

— Victoria    31 December 2008, 00:23    #

This is truly a sweet story. I do hope you will find time to finish it some day.
This is no critic what so ever, it is just a way to say how much I love this story and hope that your muses will come back to you and urge you to continue.
Thank you for a wonderful story

— Ingrid    9 October 2009, 22:32    #

Faramir is like a giant Hobbit: “When do we leave!?”

— Anna    8 April 2010, 23:16    #

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