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Kissed by the king (R)

By Minx; with Aragorn

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Aragorn kissing Faramir

Warnings: Slash, kissing

Posted Aug 03, 2012

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2 Comment(s)

Love their garments! I was always wondering what leisure wear they might wear in Minas Tirith, and since the climate seems to be warmer than in the north, this kind of Roman tunics fit them perfectly.

— raven22372    5 August 2012, 09:50    #

I’m so glad you liked this! I wonder about the lesiure wear too, and i saw tunics in some other artwork and thought it might fit fairly well. and well, for some reason the roam type bordered tunics just stay in my head…So glad it works!:) Thank you!

Minx    5 August 2012, 17:32    #

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