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Eight Year Bump

Feb 28, 2012

The Faramir Fiction Archive is eight years old today. On this day eight years ago, a first version was put together by one half of your friendly admin duo and a link emailed to the other half. The site was unveiled to the public 5 days later (2004 was also a leap year), on March 4, 2004.

It’s hard to imagine, but our youngest readers were only 10 years old when this archive got started. Luckily, the Faramir fandom didn’t die out as many others do, which is why we’re still here, eight years on. There are still new people discovering Faramir and this archive for the first time, and since we’ve accumulated nearly 1000 stories over the years, it’s nearly impossible to read everything. This is where our idea for this year’s celebration comes in.

Last year, a story that had been on the site before but had been pulled, was reposted. That meant it appeared at the top of the recent additions and recent fiction pages, and because of that it was read by a lot of people who had either missed it before, or simply discovered the site after this story had been deleted. It got some really nice new comments in the process.

Normally we’re very strict about bumping a story to the top of new additions pages, and only allow it for completely new stories or stories with new chapters, because bumping up your story might attract more readers, but unless you’ve actually written something new, it’s simply not fair to the other authors. But this story that was pulled-then-reposted gave us the idea that sometimes old stories deserve a second chance at the limelight.

That’s why for this year’s birthday celebration, we will bump up eight old stories, one at a time, for a week each. If you have an old favourite that you feel should be read by more people, you can nominate a story for this honour by commenting below. A story then needs to be seconded by at least one other person (again, by commenting below), so it’s handy if you write a line or two to motivate why it’s your favourite. We’re looking for old favourites that may have been missed by newer readers, so to be eligible for the bump, a story must have a posting date in 2006 or earlier. We want to hear from different people and promote different tastes, so once one of your favourites has been bumped, you lose the right to vote in more. So you can nominate and support vote as much as you want, but once one of your favourites has won, consider your work done, and bow out to let other people vote in their favourite.

Bumped stories

  • Week 1: The Price by Minx — nominated and voted in by Iris, who will therefore refrain from further voting
  • Week 4: Please nominate your favourite and/or support someone else’s nomination by commenting below! No new votes all week, so we’re calling it quits. Thanks everyone!

Current frontrunner(s) for next week’s slot

If one of these stories, or the ones listed below, is also one of your favourites, please support its candidacy by commenting below.

Other nominations

(the archivists will try their best to keep this list current, but best check the comments below for the latest)

30 Comment(s)

To start things off, I nominate Minx’s brilliant story The Price, because it’s the story that first got me addicted to Faramir all those years ago, it’s what got me in touch with Minx, and thus what got this archive started. And that’s such a good reason, this nomination doesn’t need a second ;)

Iris    28 February 2012, 07:55    #

Happy eighth birthday dearest faramirfiction! What an achievement for the site’s admins, the collective authors and artists! Congratulations to all!

Eight years ago I was a newbie for the concept of fanfiction and painfully new (and shy) for slash. After all these years, I think, I believe, I can claim that I have read all the stories stored in this site, at least once. For the stories Minx wrote, I confess, I read them multiple times and regularly. (blush)

There are so many choice of stories that I like to nominate. Is it possible to just nominate one? Wish I can find out before all top eight spots were occupied. But I would end up agree with each choice anyways.

Last but not least, dear Iris, thank you so much! (love)

— dream.in.a.jar    28 February 2012, 12:36    #

Hi dream.in.a.jar! Great to hear from you again! Many thanks for you warm congratulation — and have you really read all stories? Wow! I don’t think i’ve even read as much as a third!

You don’t have to nominate eight stories. You can nominate your one all-time favourite, or two or three, or if you have difficulty choosing, you can even nominate more than that, though that would water things down a bit. Because just one person’s nomination isn’t enough: someone then needs to agree with you and support your nomination by seconding it. Hopefully multiple someones, because each week, we’ll see which story got the most people behind it. This week it’s Minx’s The Price, which I voted in all on my own, because, well, no need for false modesty, but my vote counts for more than one around here. So first The Price will spend a week on the new additions page by pretending it was posted just now, and then it’ll go back to its original posting date. At that time we’ll see which story has most support here, and give that story a second go on top of the new additions page. After another week, we’ll again see which story has most backing at that time, and so on, until we’ve had eight stories, or until we’ve had enough ;)

Iris    28 February 2012, 13:38    #

Dear Iris, it’s only 12 stories a month to accomplish 1000 stories in 8 years, for one really thirst for Faramir stories, that is.

On top of my head, I would like to promote Shireling’s “Cloaks and Memories”

Never a Faramir/Eowyn fan myself, but this story is a darn good Faramir story that could had happened right after he became the Steward. With lots of hurt/comfort.

— dream.in.a.jar    28 February 2012, 14:33    #

Congratulations on 8 years of delightful fiction. (Wish I had found the site at the beginning. Well, I’m here now!) These are the three I’d like to nominate, as I couldn’t choose just one even after narrowing it down to these.

Hands of a King by RubyElf - from 2011
A Conversation about Fathers by Susana - from 2010
Feelings Of Neglect by Laurëlóte

— LN Tora    1 March 2012, 04:19    #

Hi LT Tora! Thanks for your kind words, and your nominations! However, we’ve said we’re looking for old stories, and we’ve set the cut of date for 2006. You can find the posting date on each story’s page: under the title, there’s a line that says ‘Written by’, and the line under that is the posting date. Hands of a King is from 2011 and A Conversation about Fathers from 2010, so they don’t qualify.

Feelings of Neglect is from 2006, so that’s fine. Can you perhaps say why this is a story everyone should read?

Iris    1 March 2012, 09:23    #

LT could stand for Less Troublesome, which I need to be. ^^; Apologies; I am bad about dates, so the year probably entered the brain and promptly left it. Sorry.

Um, I can’t really give a reason for why I ever like or dislike anything. That’s part of why commenting is sometimes difficult for me. I just like it, period. In the case of the one remaining nomination on my comment, it appealed to me on a beautiful level, artistically speaking. Sorry again, I tend not to make much sense when it comes to such things.

— LN Tora    1 March 2012, 11:05    #

I’d dont want to be greedy but I have 3 of my absolute Favorites to nominate. Absence of Fear and Beneath the Stars as they are the first stories I read and I still love them – and the Coldest Winter. Thank you!!!!

— Kelly    1 March 2012, 17:42    #

I apologize – I did not see the cutoff date until after. So I see my third pick does not qualify. sorry need to read first.

— Kelly    1 March 2012, 17:48    #

It’s getting hot here! Before the spots were gone, let me put in another choice: The King and The Ranger by Minx, one of my favorite Faramir/Aragorn story, with a protective and loving King, and a painfully self doubt young Steward, and, Boromir is alive!

In case, just in case, there is the need for more nomination, here is a beloved Faramir/Boromir heart wrenching story, by Juxian Tang, “Perfect World”.

— dream.in.a.jar    2 March 2012, 08:49    #

Oh! Good ones, dream.in.a.jar!

Just to be clear, we can nominate as many as we want, but there will only be eight stories that get bumped up for a week. So far, we don’t have any story that qualifies for next week’s bump, because although we have a lot of nominees, not a single story has received a support vote.

I’d love to support you nomination for ‘Perfect World’, but I think it’d be fair that once one of your favourites has been bumped, you loose your right to bump up a second story (I’d also love to bump up ‘The King and The Ranger’, but for me to bump up two stories by Minx seems doubly unfair). I’ll add that as a rule. We want to hear from different people, get some different tastes – that’s what this archive is all about.

Iris    2 March 2012, 09:09    #

I’d like to support A Perfect World by Juxian Tang…the tone is simply brilliant

Minx    2 March 2012, 10:34    #

Oh, my, is it this time of the year again? I swear your birthday is actually every six months and that’s why it feels like it comes around so often… and I’m just getting younger ;)

Anyway, congratulations! How I love this archive! You have made this website into the perfect little haven in this world of electronic information. Faramir Fiction is one of those rare and beautiful places that I stop by on a regular basis (in the most non-creepy way), even when I don’t have the intention of posting or reading, just to experience the enormous amount of love and dedication that seems to radiate from the website. It’s absolutely lovely, the way you have crafted this archive. Thank you.

Now, as for recommendations, I know it’s not a story but I’d like to bump Iris’ art ‘Sunset by the Sea’. And if that’s not possible, I’ll think of something else… But, just letting you know, Iris, that if that fish ever wishes to emigrate to the northern parts of the globe, I’d be delighted to house him! ;) I love that fish.

Geale    2 March 2012, 10:43    #

Geale – you’re too kind!

No pictures here, I think. The point of this excersise should be un uneath hidden treasures from the depths of the archive. Stuff you otherwise wouldn’t come across; digging up what has become snowed under. And you can easily click your way through all the archive’s artwork in an hour or so.

Iris    2 March 2012, 11:43    #

Mm… I see your point. Just tell the fish what I said, yeah? ;)

Geale    2 March 2012, 11:49    #

I want to support the art bump for Iris’ Sunset by the Sea:) And I also love that fish…:))
And I’d also like to nominate these:
Family Honour by Mcguffan – a long and lovely AU with a lovely loving Aragorn and a Faramir who is portrayed brilliantly as he learns so much, and it has the best ever epilogue:)
Trial and Judgement by the same author – also lovely
One Last Time – by a very familiar author:) – It’s short, and full of punch. Every word is so perfect, so meaningful and apt and says so much. The end result is brilliant. And it gave rise to a longer story :)
Forgotten by Kris. A drablle, and a very good one. The words are so well chosen.

Minx    2 March 2012, 12:07    #

Adding my support for Trial and Judgment.

— LN Tora    2 March 2012, 14:57    #

Wow! Now I have a list of stories to re-re-read, and the list has a good promise of getting longer! For me, the reading list of the nominations is the winning point! Together with that fish!

— dream.in.a.jar    2 March 2012, 15:24    #

Hi everybody,

Thank You for this wonderful archive and happy birthday!

I’m a regular reader and as dream.in.a.jar, I have also read through all the ficks in here. I still visit here regulary to read some of my old time favourites.

Here is my list:
Half-Hearted Holiday by Laurëlóte – exelent, funny and uhhuh, very hot.

The Prize by Anorienbean and Sairalinde
-really, I could have picked any of their works, I used to love them all and still like their fluffiness.

There are no Angels in Middle Earth by AutumnVerse – I know it’s from the year 2007 but still… it has everything I love in a hurt-comfort fic.

One Last Time by Iris – and everything that comes after that piece of art! I’m not brave enough to ask for more, but I still hope to see end of the story.

Father Figure by Bijou
-YES! It was written 2006 and I can take it on my list whit out problems. Hot boys with toys ;)

Grief (and all of it’s sequels) by KC
-Spanking and then some more spanking with very funny and long story. Love it, even without any slash.

The Best Decisions by Iris – A very nice threesome. It’s not hard to see why I like this one so much!

The Cure by Minx
-Poor darling is hot with fever, but aren’t we all lucky when the King knows the Cure.

The Ritual by Valkyrie
-Ok, another from the year 2007. It’s just so well written that I just had to take it on my list. Please don’t be mad.

So these are my “old” favourites (classy never get’s old you know). I tried to pick only one fic by every author and choose only older stories. I happily also re-founded several stories I intend to read again.

Thank You for the great archive and I wish to be able to read Faramir fiction also next 8 years!


— Cicely    4 March 2012, 23:17    #

Hi Cicely!

Thank you very much for your comprehensive list of favourites! I added all those from 2006 and earlier to the nominations list, and you’ll be pleased to hear that The Ritual is one of those. The Ritual (also one of my favourites, by the way) pre-dates the archive and was added during the first months of the archive’s life when we were adding all our old favourites. I don’t know exactly when it was written, but it’s been part of this archive since April 2004 and must have had its posting date updated when the sequel was posted.

Minx’s The Price, the first bumped story, has been bumped up the rankings for 6 days and some 8 hours around the time I write this, so only has a few hours left on the Recent Additions page. That also means there are only a few hours left to vote for the next bumped story.

Right now, there are three stories that all have one nominating, and one support vote. So- vote for any one of those and that’ll bring it in the lead. If they all stay at two votes each, Juxian Tang’s Perfect World (as the first story to get a second vote) will win this weeks nomination — but don’t worry, the others will go on to compete for next week’s bump.

Strictly speaking, we’d look at the front runner at Midnight GMT (16 hours from now) and then bump that story — but we’re all getting a bit older and my days of staying up to midnight on a work night are over. So tomorrow morning, around the same time as this comment, I’ll bump up whichever story is in the lead, and commence voting for next week’s bump.

Admin    5 March 2012, 08:48    #

It seems only a few months ago we were celebrating 7 years of this lovely archive; a very big congratulations to you Iris and Minx for reaching the very respectable 8 year mark! And a never-quite-big-enough thank you as well for this wonderful creative space; this is the only place I ever come to read fanfiction and it’s always been the most welcoming haven; long may it continue to exist :) I don’t think I ever would have found what a joy it is to lose myself in writing a story, be it fanfic or original work if I hadn’t summed up the guts to post a story here, subsequently finding myself welcomed so warmly, so thank you for igniting that creative fire within me!

The story I’d like to vote for is Fear of Fire by Blossomwitch (it’s hosted on her own site but linked from this archive) if I may. It’s a beautifully written story that tackles the issue of discretion in a unique way, and contains one of the most delicate romances I think I’ve read (thus making it an instant favourite of mine!) I come back to this story for a re-read often and find it very inspirational in its tone and themes for my own writing :)

Now, to read (or re-read) the other nominations!

Eora    6 March 2012, 00:50    #

Great idea! Unfortunately I don’t have the time now to dig into my old favourites, but there is one I remember clearly. I’d like to vote for The Morning After, by Eggo Waffles: a brilliantly funny story, unlike any other I have read, that makes me laugh out loud, again and again.
Good birthday to the archive!

— Nerey Camille    9 March 2012, 18:03    #

Eora & Nerey Camille – thank you very much for your kind words!

Also thanks for your nominations; they’ve been added to the list, which is becoming quite impressive.

Everyone – if one of your favourites is already on the list of nominees, don’t forget to second its nomination! All stories must have at least one support vote in order to compete for one of the remaining slots!

Admin    10 March 2012, 14:47    #

Would like to second “The Ritual” if I may.

— LN Tora    11 March 2012, 09:01    #

LN Tora – good choice! Thanks!

Admin    12 March 2012, 12:49    #

It’s another Tuesday morning, so I’m giving Perfect World back it’s original posting date and calling the next winner…. [insert drum-roll here]…

This week’s winner is Trial and Judgement by Mcguffan — hurray!

If you want your favourite to win next week, please support one of the existing nominations or nominate another story by commenting below!

Admin    13 March 2012, 09:12    #

Ok, I have to confess: I thought I read all the posts within this archive… But when going through the list above, I realized that some of the older post, I have just read the beginning chapters but for some reason lost track of the stories. So it is a pleasant surprise to find treasures from “my backyard”.

The “Family Honor” by Mcguffan, recommended by Minx, is such a treasure. If I still can vote, I’d like to cast my vote on this one.


— dream.in.a.jar    19 March 2012, 14:08    #

@dream.in.a.jar – sorry but on of your favourites (Perfect World by Juxian Tang) already got bumped!

With no new votes this week, I’m calling this done, and we’re going back to normal operations. Many thanks to everyone who commented!

Admin    20 March 2012, 08:57    #

I thought we still have another 5 weeks and this week will be Iris’ One Last Time.
It’s your call! ;-)
Happy Spring!

— dream.in.a.jar    21 March 2012, 09:26    #

Looks like I’ve come too late, but all the same I’d like to support The Ritual. Very interesting idea of how to have the Steward’s loyalty tested, a wonderful Arwen, a great angry Faramir, and the way the story is told is quite efficient. It definitely deserves to be more known!

— Nerey Camille    7 April 2012, 15:31    #

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