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Double Trouble

By December

Posted 3 December 2010

Faramir is in a relationship with one of the Elven twins – problem is, he can’t figure out with which one…

The brothers are entirely alike in looks, voice and bearing, and he just cannot tell them apart. Perhaps, there is some small detail, like one of the Elves having an intimate piercing, or a tattoo done in special ink that only becomes visible when, you know… So Faramir would realise his mistake only when things already get pretty far down the road to bliss.

The Steward is annoyed and perplexed, because he wants to be serious, and considers himself in love – but can he truly be in love when he cannot even properly identify the object of his passion…? He fails to understand the brothers’ motives either. Maybe they are frivolous about the whole thing and are just having fun taking turns jumping into his bed – or maybe they are actually having a competition over him, who can tell?

Make it light and funny, or seriously angsty – up to you.


4 Comment(s)

This sounds like an interesting idea for fic and a lot of fun too!

— Tieria Dylandy    Sunday 5 December 2010, 23:28    #


December    Monday 20 December 2010, 15:15    #


has anybody responded to this challenge? It would be a very interesting thing to read, whichever genre the author picks. If anybody did or will, I’d really ask for a link to see what has been created. :) Feedback is naturally unquestionable.


— Aneyrin    Friday 11 March 2011, 17:13    #

I love the idea!
Those two I could easily imagine to do such a thing and to dear Faramir, I figure he would be very confused in no time at all, lol

Suryallee    Saturday 7 January 2012, 20:07    #

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