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The only way

By Nerey Camille

Posted 21 December 2010

This challenge is based on Riley’s Pawn to Queen, where some characters of the Harry Potter series find themselves in a similar situation.

Mordor’s forces are becoming ever more audacious. A band of Orcs or Haradrim capture someone who stands for the good side (it could be an Elf, a human, a hobbit… and then a male or a female, you choose) and decide to have a little fun (meaning sex, torture and killing). Faramir is there, either as a captive too, or as a double agent pretending to be betraying his country; so he witnesses everything (he could, for instance, have been sent to spy on the Enemy as a part of his military training, some years before he took command of the Rangers). The only way he can save both their skins is by seemingly enjoying the situation and actually raping the captive rather callously, so the others will believe he’s a true ally and he’ll be able to use that influence to have the captive handed over to him. I’d prefer the unknown prisoner to be an invented character, but you can make him or her relevant to Faramir in some way (either love, friendship or strategic importance), which will make the situation all the more painful for the son of Denethor. Anyway, of course raping a powerless being would leave scars on Faramir, so that as soon as they’re safe he will try his best to heal his companion from the terrible trauma he believes he’s caused.

It would be nice to have some hurt/comfort here (who would comfort who, I wonder? would it be worse to be the victim or the culprit?), but you can also make it very angsty: Faramir feeling awful but thinking it best for his victim never to see him again, or the other character not knowing of Faramir’s reasons for the crime and believing he’s indeed gone over to the Dark Lord and betrayed them all. As dark as you please, though I’d still very much like the end to be happy or at least hopeful..


7 Comment(s)

This is powerful.
You know me, I’d first think of the captive being Boromir… How much angst is that?

December    Wednesday 22 December 2010, 8:19    #

Oh, my, this is an interesting challenge. I’m not used to this entire site yet, so is anyone allowed to take on challenges?

Sure, that's what they're for! Check out the Challenges index page (you can always follow the breadcrumb trail just under the grey quotes bar back to a higher level, ie a more general page):
"If you'd like to write, but need something to get you started, you can always check here for inspiration.
Please make sure that you refer to the original challenge / bunny when you post your work!
If you have an idea for a story and would like to submit a challenge to go on this page, please get in touch."

- the archivists
— Morwen    Wednesday 22 December 2010, 8:51    #

Hi December and Morwen,

I’m glad you like the challenge, hope one of you will decide to work on it!
Boromir… wow, that would be powerful (though in a way, less fun since Boromir could never believe Faramir to be a traitor, could he?).

Truth be told, the idea is not originally mine: I recently read Riley’s unfinished Harry Potter fanfiction Pawn to Queen (where Severus Snape finds himself in just this situation with Hermione Granger) and it was so beautifully written (and so frustrating that the story is not complete) that I just thought something had to be done with Faramir in it…

In future, when you use someone else's ideas, please remember to cite your sources.
-the archivists
Nerey Camille    Wednesday 22 December 2010, 18:52    #

Hey, I don’t think originality is the point :) Personally, I love making challenges re classic lit plots or my fave films :D

You think Boromir wouldn’t believe it, huh? Especially after Faramir tore him up face-down on the ground for three dozen Orcs to watch and gloat at? That must be one very trusting Boromir you have there ;-p

December    Thursday 23 December 2010, 7:46    #


this is a wonderful idea you have there and I can’t help but plot the story. Though with English being a foreign language to me, I doubt I’d be able to post it (even having the wonderful beta who now enjoys his well-earned rest)… and also, the current draft involves the victim being a minor and I’m not certain that’s allowed*. If you’re still interested in reading, you can always contact me per mail which I’m required to give. ;) Might take a while before I finish it though, even without involving my over-worked beta.

Thank you for the inspiration, even if the story never sees the light of the internet. ;-D


NB: With regard to "I’m not certain that’s allowed": while many other sites and groups in this fandom use a strict 'no touching under-18s' rule, at this site, we accept all fiction and art in which Faramir plays a major role. As Aneyrin rightly notes in her next comment, the age of consent is different around the world. Child pornography is obviously not acceptable, but you'll find few coming of age novels (proper literature!) without some teen-aged fumbling.
- the archivists

— Aneyrin    Wednesday 29 December 2010, 16:59    #

This is written only to explain my previous entry… as “being a minor” is not the same in all countries. I AM NOT writing anything like child-porn and am strongly against it.
Actually, by some standards, the current draft is not involving a minor, as the age is 17 and I intended to raise it further before I’d start tormenting the victim, along with Faramir. But since the minor-border is 16, 18 and 21, I just wanted to make myself clear before people start thinking I’m writing something I’m not. :)

— Aneyrin    Wednesday 29 December 2010, 18:18    #

Hi Aneyrin,

So glad that this challenge appeals to you! I’m looking forward to hearing from you or reading the story. As for the age issue, personally I’m open to almost anything :-).
December, I thought I had answered you. Well, if you put it that way… :-)
It would be great if several people ended up posting their own versions of this challenge!

Nerey Camille    Thursday 30 December 2010, 15:45    #

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