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By December

Posted 6 September 2010

When Boromir and Faramir were young lads, they had tried to, well, you know. But Boromir had had no idea what he was doing – which resulted in Faramir getting hurt rather badly, and deciding to never – ever – do that again.

Years have gone by… Aragorn comes on stage. The King is puzzled why his romantic interest causes such a petrified reaction on behalf of the Steward. Eventually, he learns the reason, which, of course, does nothing to discourage him…

Вызов от December: Неизгладимое Впечатление

В юности Фарамир и Боромир пытались заняться – ну, понятно чем. Только Боромир по незнанию сделал брату так больно, что Фарамир твердо решил никому и никогда больше не позволять делать с собой это.

Прошли годы… И вот, на сцену выходит Арагорн. Король крайне озадачен той паникой, которую его романтический интерес вызывает у наместника. Со временем он узнает причину, однако же она ничуть его не обескураживает…


3 Comment(s)

Such a tease, you and Faramir both.

— Anna    Monday 6 September 2010, 17:55    #

By which I mean I may have to start writing Fanfiction myself—this is too good.

— Anna    Monday 6 September 2010, 17:57    #

Thank you, Anna! I would be thrilled if this idea turns into such an inspiration for you. Both Faramir and I, I am sure, would benefit from the result.

December    Tuesday 7 September 2010, 18:31    #

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