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Accessories (NC-17) Print

Written by Anorienbean

13 June 2007 | 2426 words

Title: Accessories
Author: anorienbean
Fandom: LOTR
Characters: Haldir/Faramir
Prompt: 021. Spreader bars
Word Count: 2391
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Not true, didn’t happen, no money made.
Author’s Notes: Written for 50kinkyways

When Haldir had first met and fallen in love with Faramir, he’d had no idea that hiding beneath the shy, quite exterior lay a man who was willing – and anxious – to try almost anything in the bedroom. They’d been lovers for several months before Faramir even broached the subject of his fantasies, and Haldir, who had enjoyed every aspect of lovemaking and/or just plain sex over the last centuries was more than willing to help make his lover’s fantasies come true.

Over the years, they had acquired many ‘accessories’ to heighten their nighttime activities, and it seemed to both the Man and the Elf that each time they were intimate, they grew closer, no matter if they used the ‘toys’ in their ever-growing playroom or simply curled up in bed and made love, so they’d practiced a fair bit of each.

This time was no exception, for their new acquisition was proving to be a rather unusual one. Faramir had bribed a local silversmith to make it, and Haldir was finding it all the more exciting because of the amount of trust one would have to have in his lover to use the thing.

It was silver, with thin, but sturdy rods and soft leather cuffs at strategic positions. The very day Faramir brought it home, he was ready to use it, though Haldir, for all his experience, wasn’t sure just what to do with it at first. Faramir, ever the helpful lover, led Haldir to their play room, undressed, and proceeded to crawl up onto the bed on all fours, where he fastened one cuff to his wrist and another to his leg, just above the knee. At that point, Haldir figured out what to do, and immediately undressed himself as well. This could prove to be very interesting, he thought…very interesting indeed.

Closing the door behind them, Haldir slipped into the headspace he had to be in to actually cause Faramir pain, even as he saw that Faramir had already sunken into his own headspace – the one that caused him to crave such actions.

The Elf stopped by a small cabinet built into the wall, grabbed a few choice items, and lay them on the bed, just out of Faramir’s sight. Without a word, he proceeded to fasten the other cuffs on this new instrument. When he was done, Faramir was still on all fours, though this time, quite uncomfortable-looking. A rod between his thighs held his legs just far enough apart to make the muscles tremble with effort, while two other, shorter rods held his arms immobile, exactly in front of his legs. Finally, two more rods reached from the back of the cuff above Faramir’s knees down to his ankles, assuring Haldir that Faramir couldn’t move even if he tried…and he wouldn’t dare try, not while they were doing a ‘scene.’

The position left Faramir vulnerable and open, his scrotum hanging between his legs, full and defenseless, his already hardening arousal just beginning to fill and swell from the thin folds of skin that usually protected it in its unaroused state. “So,” Haldir said softly, running his hand up Faramir’s spine and smiling when his lover shivered. “Are you ready?”

“Aye,” Faramir breathed, already tense with anticipation of what was to come next. “Use me as you see fit.”

Haldir smiled and couldn’t resist pressing his lips to the base of his lover’s spine. Faramir was always so willing, so eager, that for many weeks after they first started these little ‘scenes,’ the Elf felt terribly guilty. That guilt had led him into offering to switch places with Faramir on a few occasions, and he discovered, much to his surprise, that Faramir could gave as well as take any pain that was offered. Haldir could certainly attest to that, especially on the days that he had difficulty walking – and sitting – on more than one occasion.

“I’m not going to put a ring on you,” he whispered, letting the soft kiss turn into a not-so-gentle bite. “But you are not allowed to come until I give your permission. Is that understood?”

“Aye, Sir.”

With a satisfied smile, Haldir reached down beside him for a large jar of salve. Deciding that this time, he would take his own pleasure first, he quickly slicked two fingers and pressed them hard and fast into his lover’s entrance. Best to prepare him now, so he wouldn’t have to stop later. Besides, the sounds that Faramir was making as he was stretched were making Haldir impossibly hard, and it occurred to him that maybe he needed to cock ring. The preparation was only cursory – just the way Faramir liked it – and as soon as Haldir pulled his fingers away, he pushed a medium-sized plug in to replace them, widening the tight ring of muscles even further. Faramir’s soft gasps for air fell away abruptly as he moaned, the burn and stretch in his backside mixing together with an unnamable pleasure that only Haldir had ever given him.

When the plug was seated, Haldir moved to the front of the bed, where he lay down almost leisurely, and motioned for his lover to crawl between his legs. “Pleasure me with that talented mouth of yours,” he ordered, seeing that it was difficult for Faramir to move, but loving the fact that he was trying anyway. “Quickly now, or you will be punished…”

Faramir, who wasn’t wholly against the idea of a ‘punishment’ almost hesitated, but after only a moment decided that might not be the best course of action. Slowly and awkwardly, he made his way between Haldir’s legs, where he bent his head and ran his tongue from the root of Haldir’s sex up to the leaking tip. Long fingers tightened in his hair, and he relaxed, letting his Master set up the rhythm. He made an effort to relax his throat muscles as well, taking Haldir in deep again and again, until his mouth ached almost as much as his back and neck from being at such an unnatural position for so long. Finally, just as he was seriously considering pleading with Haldir to let him rest for a moment, he felt the organ in his mouth swell and jerk, and moments later, his Elven lover was coming hard down his throat. Faramir swallowed everything Haldir gave him, then carefully nursed the organ for a few minutes longer, prolonging Haldir’s pleasure for as long as he could.

It was hard to believe this wicked mouth could speak so sweetly, Haldir considered when he could finally think again, or could smile so innocently.

Regarding Faramir though half-lidded eyes, Haldir admired him. His body was warm, heat wafting off it in almost invisible waves, his hair damp and matted to his forehead, his lips and face red with overuse and exertion.

When he could move again, however, Haldir decided it was time to move things forward a bit. He moved back behind Faramir and shook the base of the plug buried inside him. “You did well, my handsome steward,” he praised, slipping the plug partly out and pushing one finger back in. “Though I hope you did not presume that I would let you come so soon…”

Faramir, who had gotten painfully hard as he worked Haldir’s erection, and even harder when he came, hung his head and bit back a sigh. “No, Sir, I would not dare presume such a thing…”

“Good.” Haldir pushed the plug back in alongside his finger, causing Faramir’s back to arch at the unexpected invasion. He slowly used his finger and the plug to fuck his lover, bringing him close to the edge but never reaching down to touch him and help bring him over.

After several moments of this, the plug was reseated and Haldir reached down again for another instrument. It was a long, wide piece of leather that left a nice ache and a deep red mark after it had been applied to the backside, as Haldir could well attest to himself. “You are not being punished,” he explained, smacking the paddle down on Faramir’s ass. “You are simply being made to hurt for me, like you always wish to do.” Again, the paddle came down hard, and Faramir whimpered, his skin starting to burn and redden with every passing second. It hurt, but Gods, he loved that feeling, loved giving this to Haldir, loved being able to offer it.

A dozen strokes of the paddle, and Haldir lay it down on the bed, reaching between Faramir’s legs and tugging lightly on his testicles, squeezing them just to the edge of pain. There was little Faramir could do other than cry out softly and bite his bottom lip to keep from speaking.

Faramir, by this time was squirming as much as his bonds would allow. He was hard and aching, his backside hurt in every way possible, both outside and in, and thanks to these damned restraints that looked so promising earlier, he was at Haldir’s mercy…and loving every moment of it.

Slowly, Haldir removed the plug and slid three of his fingers inside the now completely open passage. Curling the digits together as one, he found his lover’s sweet spot and rubbed against it relentlessly. “You may come when I count to ten,” he said softly, using his free hand to slick his own sex, “and not one moment before.” With that, he began finger fucking Faramir in earnest, counting far more slowly than his fingers were moving; half a dozen thrusts to each number that fell from his lips. The rhythm, the counting, and the delicious pain of it all was driving Faramir mad, and it took every ounce of willpower in him to hold back. So close, so hard, so difficult to do as he’d been ordered, especially when Haldir’s hand reached around him and closed on his straining flesh, squeezing and pulling hard. Finally, when Haldir said ‘nine’, Faramir relaxed, and stopped trying to fight the inevitable.

A final hard jab of fingers, and Haldir was almost finished. “Ten.” Faramir’s cock twitched, then began to pulse, his release shooting up on the bed beneath him and covering Haldir’s fingers, then finally, dripping onto the sheets between his still wide-spread legs. Haldir had this planned down to the second and as soon as he felt the warmth on his fingers, he pushed his own arousal deep inside his lover with one smooth thrust. Faramir’s entire body was still spasming when Haldir thrust into him, causing Faramir to give a strangled cry. His Elf had timed it perfectly, pushing in hard just as his muscles were contracting from his orgasm. The exquisite pain of what felt like being stretched all over again caused another jerk of his sex, and a second, weaker, orgasm that left him boneless and barely able to breathe. Had it not been for the spreader bars, he would surely have collapsed. As it was the bars kept his limbs stiff, and Haldir’s hands on his hips held him steady and upright as he was taken. Faramir found himself rocked back and forth, the hard flesh driving in to him thankfully not aiming for his oversensitive prostate at the moment, a fact for which Faramir was eternally grateful.

It took Haldir almost no time at all to find his own release and soon he’d flooded the passage he was buried in, coating Faramir’s inner walls and crying out his name so loudly that, had the walls not been soundproof, he would have been heard in the main hallways.

Finally, Haldir finished, and draped himself over Faramir’s back, adding to the strain of his already exhausted muscles. He stayed that way only for a moment, however, and as he moved away, he was already reaching to unbuckle the restraints from his lover’s arms and legs.

As the last cuff was removed, Faramir would have collapsed onto the bed – wanted to in fact – had strong arms not caught him. Haldir stood, gathered the Man he loved close, and opened the door to their playroom. He crossed their room holding his precious bundle in his arms, and made his way straight to the baths, which he’d had a servant draw earlier, just before they’d began. He’d left instructions to keep the water warm, and actually found it on the verge of being too hot as he stepped down into it. It would ease Faramir’s sore muscles, though, he knew, and decided he could definitely get used to the temperature for his lover’s sake.

Faramir was looking up at him with glazed eyes and a soft, almost silly grin on his face as he was gently lowered into the bath, still held close against his Elf. “It was…good for you?”

Smiling in return, Haldir pressed a kiss against Faramir’s temple and brushed the hair back from his forehead. “It was incredible,” he said softly, tilting a small cup of cool water to soft, swollen lips and letting Faramir drink. “You were incredible. You give me so much, meleth.” With a gentleness that Haldir had only ever let only Faramir see, he began tenderly kneading sore muscles, whispering soothing words and sweet endearments against Faramir’s skin until he had drifted off to sleep.

Remembering all the times Faramir had soothed away his aches and pains in just this manner (even though he’d often caused them), Haldir continued, carefully cleaning his lover from head to toe, then wrapping him in a large, fluffy towel that had been stored with Faramir’s favorite herbs to keep them smelling fresh.

When he finally lowered the steward onto the bed and crawled in beside him, Haldir couldn’t help but count his blessings. He didn’t say a word, knowing that Faramir needed to rest, but feeling the almost overwhelming urge to just tell him how much he loved him.

Almost as if he’d heard, or felt Haldir’s fierceness, Faramir opened his eyes and smiled. “I love you too, guren,” he whispered before closing his eyes and snoring softly once again, almost as if he’d never fully awakened.

Haldir smiled and spooned up behind Faramir, carefully wrapped both arms around him. Both man and Elf were smiling as they drifted into a deep sleep, each thinking how lucky they were, and how blessed to have found one another.

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3 Comment(s)

I loved this story! It almost drive me crazy I never thought it would have such hot scene. But the end was so cute. I love this couple they are mean to each other. Thank you very much for this story!

— LoretoW    Monday 22 March 2010, 3:48    #

Loved it. Thanks. Hope you write more soon.

— Blondie    Saturday 4 January 2014, 19:06    #

This was delicious. The timing – the aftercare – oh my! Thank you.

— Vanwa Hravani    Tuesday 3 August 2021, 16:10    #

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