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Letters Of Peace (G) Print

Written by Lille Mermeid

02 May 2010 | 622 words

Title: Letters Of Peace
Author: Lille Mermeid
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Faramir & No Pairing

This is a short sequel to my fiction Hostages to Peace.

Dear Éomer,

sorry for not answering before to your last letter, but as you know, I was assisting the King during the negotiations with the Haradrim. Faramir was sent to Harad as a hostage and Aragorn asked me to take his place at the negotiating table.
I was so stunned when he asked, but you would have been proud of your sister. I felt a Shieldmaiden, again, only this time my weapons were my mind and my wits.
I had a few rewarding spars with the Prince of Harad. Despite his black hair and olive skin, he reminds me of you. You should meet one of these days. Either you will become friends, or you will throttle each other. Should the relationships with Harad become more frequent, this might be a possibility (the meeting, I mean, not the throttling, of course).
They have a lot to offer for trading, such as their silks. They also have very nice horses, small but really fast and they have great saddlery.
We are thinking to host a trade fair in the town where Faramir was hosted. I’ll let you know, so that you can send some traders from Rohan.
Let me know what do you think about this, Éomer.
Your loving sister, Éowyn.

Dear Ibrah,
how I miss your company and the relaxion of my days in your town. I returned to my duties as Steward and I am now convinced that paperwork breeds at night. Even another encounter with a pack of wargs looks a step up from the mounds of work I had found on my desk.
I have a suspect that this is an elaborate revenge from the king, for my unexpected vacation.
How is Sarah? I miss her company, too and her wonderful cooking. Please tell her that Éowyn has appreciated her gift.
She never had the opportunity to learn how to cook and Éowyn is looking forward to do so with Sarah’s receipts.
I will tell you about the results of her efforts.
How is life in your town?
I hope everything is well.
Bring my regards to all the garrison.
Your friend and former guest
Faramir of Gondor

Dear Arwen,
forgive me if I don’t write with the usual formality but I have learned Westron only recently and I am not so good at it, yet. I am learning though.
How are you and your child?
Has he already starting moving and kicking?
My mother told me that when she was expecting me, I used to kick until my father sang to me.
If your child behaves so, ask your husband to sing for you.
He looks like a man who would do this for his wife.
Bring my regards to him.
I met him during the celebration after the ending of the negotiations and I think he is a very good man, not only a good king.
I hope I will be as lucky when it will be my time to have a husband.
Send word when your child will arrive.
Your friend Mariam

Dear Ada,
these negotiations were hard but worth every moment.
I must thank you for your tutelage in learning the art of diplomacy.
It served me well in dealing with the King of Harad.
He’s a clever man, ready to do a lot for his people and I think that the chances of a lasting peace are good.
We cannot erase hatred and mistrust in such a short time, but without the poisonous influence of Sauron, I think that we are on the right path.
Your grand-child will be see a more peaceful kingdom that the one I was born into.
That is my promise to you, my beloved Ada.
Your Ion

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2 Comment(s)

Oh, and where is the end of these letters? )))

— Anastassiya    Monday 3 May 2010, 16:55    #

I fixed the text.
Thank you for letting me know.

— Lille Mermeid    Monday 3 May 2010, 17:28    #

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