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Waiting on a winter's day (G) Print

Written by Lille Mermeid

15 November 2009 | 654 words

Title: Waiting on a winter’s day
Author: Lille Mermeid
Rating: G
Characters: Éomer, Faramir, Legolas
Summary: The King of Rohan is waiting for the birth of his first child and his brother-in-law is with him.

After having been kicked out from his own rooms, King Éomer was lead by his brother-in-law Faramir outside the royal palace. The queen was in labor and Éomer was feeling helpless in front of her pain.

He was a warrior, for Eru’s sake, and he could do nothing to help her.

He paced around the courtyard for a while, lost in his thoughts, trying to sort out his thoughts without a notion of the passing of time.

He wanted to scream, to hit something or someone, but he knew that this wasn’t the right solution for his troubles. He would have gone riding to calm himself but it has snowed hard and he didn’t want to risk his neck or the horse’s in a fall. He had an annoyed thought about his still unborn child who had had the nerve to choose such a period for his birth, when he heard Faramir calling his name.


“Yes?” he answered turning toward the voice and he was hit square in the face by a handful of snow.

For a moment the King of Rohan remained staring at his attacker totally dumbfounded. It wasn’t so much for the surprise of getting a snowball in the face, it was more the realization that his always overly polite, gentle and shy brother-in-law had done something like that and by the look in his blue eyes, it seemed as if he was going to do it again.

A wide grin spread on Éomer’s face and he turned to grab some snow, while Faramir took cover. The snow battle was fast and fierce, as the two men used they skilled honed in wielding sword, lance and bow to outsmart the other. Since they both were good warriors, the fight was well balanced and likely to continue without a winner. In that very moment, a thin figure, dressed in white came out from the palace.

“Faramir, have you seen the …?” Legolas asked in his pleasant elven voice, but he didn’t get to finish the sentence because the two former adversaries decided that a new target was what they really needed and before too soon the Prince of Mirkwood had to take cover and start to retaliate.

Faramir was the first to stop fighting, especially because he had used all the snow available to him. When he was trying to move to a more suitable place he was targeted by Éomer and Legolas and he had to raise his hands in surrender.

“We look like drenched cats, more that two princes and a king”, Éomer observed with a laughter in his voice.

“No, you and me maybe, but not the Prince of Mirkwood. Elves never look like drenched anything. A little wet, but not drenched.” Faramir observed grinning.

“You are right my friends. We do preserve our dignity even if faced with unexpected attacks.” Legolas answered with a mock serious look in his eyes. “Before I was so rudely interrupted I came to inform you that you have an heir, King Éomer. Your son is born.”

“… I have a son?” The king of Rohan stuttered. “I have a son?”

“Yes to both questions. Now go and take a look at your tiny warrior.” Legolas said smiling to the shocked father.

As if coming out of a daze, Éomer tried rather unsuccessfully to remove some of the snow from his clothes, but after a short while decided against the effort and ran towards his rooms.

The Princes of Ithilien and Mirkwood followed him at a more sedated pace, ignoring the astonished looks headed their way by the staff of the royal palace while they left a trail of melted snow on their wake.

The end

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3 Comment(s)

Oh, it was very funny! I will go outside quite now and pelt anyone with snowballs! I Like snowball fight and imagination of Faramir and Eomer in that way was delighted.
Thank you!

— Anastasiya    Monday 16 November 2009, 5:39    #

Thank you very much.
I will have to wait a while for snow.

— lille mermeid    Monday 16 November 2009, 9:23    #

So very funny. I could really picture Éomer’s face when the snow hit him. Outstanding!! All that ever comes here is rain, maybe I should hide with a bucket of water and dumb it on one of my loud and not very polite neighbors.

— Ingrid    Monday 16 November 2009, 16:02    #

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