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The Gift (G) Print

Written by Lille Mermeid

08 March 2010 | 1373 words

Title: The Gift
Author: Lille Mermeid
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Faramir & Éowyn

A new day brings joy to the house of the Steward of Gondor.

“Do you think that it would be considered unpolite selling some of the gifts that we received? We could give the money for charity.” Éowyn asked his husband with an impish smile watching some of the objects of dubious purpose they had started to collect after the announcement that they were going to be parents.

“Yes, of course, but I think that after having seen a few of them, we would be forgiven.” Faramir replied watching some of the monstruosities they had been bestowed with.

“Mathoms.” Éowyn said.


“It’s something Merry told me about. Since they have this habit to give out gifts for their birthdays, hobbits tend to collect a lot of useless things they call mathoms.”

“This is not a mathom, more an insult to intelligence.” Faramir said watching an object that had no apparent use or reason for its existence. When he looked at the messagge accompanying the thing he had to laugh. It was from Lord Kinn. “I should have known.”

The King and Steward of Gondor were inspecting the rebuilding works in the lowest levels of the Citadel and the Aragorn noticed that Faramir was strangely nervous. The younger man was distracted and kept throwing glances toward the highest part of the city.

“Is there something wrong my Friend?” the king asked at last.

“I am sorry Aragorn, but I feel that I need to return to the city.” Faramir answered with a nervous smile.

“It’s Éowyn, isn’t it?”

“I think so. The midwife says that there’s still time, but I have this sensation and I feel that I have to go back.”

“Go now, Faramir and bring my regards to your wife.”

The Steward nodded and started to hurry toward the Citadel.

Faramir found Éowyn in their rooms reading a book. Hearing him she looked up and smiled.

“What a surprise seeing you at home so soon. Did something happen?” she asked.

“Not yet, but I have this feeling about our child and I left the King’s side to return here.”

“I am fine, I can assure you and the midwife said that there’s still time…” Éowyn started to say, but her words were cut short when she felt a shot of pain in her belly. When the pain relented, she whispered: “I think that the midwife was wrong… and you are right. I am in labour, starting from now.”

Faramir blanched and hurried at her side, helping her to reach their bed.

“Please help me put on my nightgown, then call the midwife.” Éowyn asked him.

Faramir complied and when she was settled, went out in search of a maid.

The maid returned in a few moments, followed by Ranien, the midwife, a thin woman, with gray hair and kind brown eyes who had seen the birth of many children, included the Steward and his brother. The midwife was ushered to Éowyn’s chamber where she found also Faramir seated on the bed, holding his wife’s hand.

“Thanks the Valar you are here.” Faramir said seeing her enter into the room.

“My Lord, your child must be really eager to be born. But it doesn’t matter, now I am here. You should not, though.”

It was a custom in Gondor that fathers weren’t allowed in the birthing chamber, but Faramir had no intention to follow such rule. He had talked with Éowyn about this and they had decided that they would be together for this.

“I will stay with my wife, Ranien. I could not bear her pain, but I can be with her and offer my support.”

The woman smiled and with a short curtsy she approached the bed where Lady Éowyn was going to have her baby.

Watching Éowyn givin birth to their child, Faramir was astounded at the strenght with which she had faced her ordeal. He had never thought that she knew such colourful expletives, but considering the pain she was in, Faramir believed that she was entitled to it. A few times he had thought himself unable to see her suffer so much, but reasoned that if she was strong enough to face it, he had to be strong enough to stay with her.

While Ranien would say later that for a first child the labour had been mercifully brief, both Éowyn and Faramir could have sworn that it had lasted ages. When the child decided that it was time to leave his mother’s womb Faramir’s heart stopped for a moment. The child was small, red and exhausted like his mother and the Steward of Gondor decided that he was indeed the fairest child on all Arda. And with the strongest lungs, too, when the newborn shouted his entrance to the skies while he was washed.

The midwife checked the newborn, counting fingers and toes, than washed and dried him, before envelopping him in a soft cloth and handing the heir of Ithilien to his mother. Éowyn smiled at her little son, a tiny dream came true. She watched Faramir and the love she saw in his eyes was all she could ask in return for the pain she had endured. She gave the child to him, saying: “Go and present your heir to the King.”

Faramir took his son into his arms as he was made of spun-glass. The newborn found the new place comfortable and after a huge yawn settled down and slept peacefully, thus gaining a smile from his father who proceeded toward the door of the birthing chamber. A maid opened the threshold and on the other side Faramir could spot the king and the queen, Legolas and Prince Imrahil.

“May I present you my son Elboron, the heir of my house and the greatest gift the Valar could have given. He’s fine, as well as his mother.” Faramir announced proudly.

Arwen came closer and looked and the newborn child. It was too soon to spot resemblances with his parents, but she knew that this baby was going to be loved and cherished as every child should be and she smiled at the dreamy expression of his friend, the same Aragorn wore when Eldarion was born.

Aragorn was glad of the smile he saw on his steward’s face, because if there was a man on Arda who deserved happiness it was Faramir who had managed to remain a good man, despite the war, his father’s madness and the losses he had suffered.

The king of Gondor thanked the Valar for their gift to him and to the kingdom.

Legolas looked at the child, too, and seemed to see a hint of pointed ears on the child, but it was only an impression. Elves were leaving Middle-Earth because the age of men was beginning, but the miracle of a new life was something that would remain forever, especially now that the darkness has been defeated. He offered an Elven blessing to the child and a smile to his father. Legolas liked the new Steward of Gondor, with his quiet countenance and polite ways. If it weren’t for his copper wavy hair, he could have made a good elf.

Prince Imrahil watched the new son of his house and sent a thought to Findulais, his late sister who would have been the proud grandmother of Elboron. “My beloved Findulais, your little Faramir is a father now. Please let him feel your love, because I know that you can see him.”

While she was resting, Éowyn thought to the changes brought to her life in the last few years. The war has turned to peace, her sadness into joy. She didn’t fear a cage anymore, because soon after her awakening in the Houses of Healings the meeting with Faramir had changed everything. She was loved, respected and cherished and now she was a mother. This new life in times of peace was a gift, the greatest she could think of.

Faramir returned to her, with Elboron in his arms, smiling broadly, while his eyes were glistening with tears of joy. Éowyn added her own smile at the sight and when he sat down on the bed she caught her husband’s hand. Together there was nothing they could not face and with this thought she finally closed her eyes and slept.

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Oh thank you for it, it was so charming, so nett.
You made me want a child too.

— Anastasiya    Tuesday 9 March 2010, 3:57    #

aw such a sweet story!

— waterwolf    Tuesday 9 March 2010, 6:02    #

Thank you so much for this sweet story. Very lovely!!

— Ingrid    Tuesday 9 March 2010, 8:26    #

Thank you very much for your words.

— lille mermeid    Tuesday 9 March 2010, 19:05    #

so sweet :)

— AbbyGreenEyes    Thursday 24 June 2010, 6:28    #

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