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Midsummer Swap 2007 - The stories are in!

Jun 24, 2007

Here they are: all the stories of our Midsummer Swap 2007! Happy summer everyone (in the Northern Hemisphere)!

Wingy requested:
I’d like to see a Faramir/elf fic; it doesn’t matter particularly which elf, but I’d like it to be one fo the same basic time period as Faramir. Rating can be anything from PG to NC17, and here’s the plot outline: Faramir has some hidden ability—please make it something relatively normal, no magic abilities or time travel or things like that—that no one knows about. Until our lovely elf finds out about it and requires a bit of bribery to keep it a secret. Cheekiness is good, sexual innuendo and/or the act itself is even better, and humor is a must.The rest I leave to the writer, good luck!
This request resulted in: Secrets Withheld, Secrets Revealed by Kissa

Fawsley requested:
Midsummer in Minas Tirith. Faramir with his love of lore and Aragorn with the burden of long-awaited kingship need to forge an appropriate celebration for the renewed realm. Both must be strong, experienced soldiers/politicians faced with the task of rebuilding their kingdom’s traditions. No soppy schmoop, but they discover things about themselves and each other that neither expected. Can be serious or light-hearted/humorous. Hot sex is good but not at all essential. Horses, dogs, White Tree, magic, mystery, minor characters and nice large bustling Minas Tirith backdrop much appreciated. Boromir can be dead or miraculously not so as the writer chooses, and you’re free to do what you want with the wives.
This request resulted in: Festivity by Minx

Angelstar3999 requested:
I would like a story with Elrond/Faramir or Haldir/Faramir together, Faramir must not be mortal, he must be a half elf but with slightly pointed ears. Faramir must not know of this since his mother did not know and thinks his father is Denethor. Denethor is physically and mentally abusive to Faramir. Faramir must choose to belong to the first born after he finds out that his half elven and his father mus be alive maybe Celeborn or Glorfindel and they must find out that Faramir is his son. Denethor must never find out Faramir is not his son or something bad will happen. If Boromir is in this story put him with another man not Elfs for him. Faramir in relationship must be the submissive one.
This request resulted in: Halfway Home by Wingy

Kissa requested:
I would like a Faramir/Eomer fic, one where they meet on the battlefield, Eomer is gravely injured and Faramir offers to take care of him. But I would like it a lot if the mighty Middle Earth warriors were not all gay, just awesome close friends who, in some rare cases, take their bond to another level. Eomer should be a lonely man who’s always done what was asked of him and who never had a love of his own. Which doesn’t mean he didn’t attend the Rohirrim orgies :P and the ladies didn’t appreciate him. But it would be great if he saw Faramir’s gentle and loving nature and the magic started to happen between them. Sure, a NC17 fic is always a treat, but I’ll have any rating as long as the author who writes it likes the request. Thank you!
This request resulted in: Brothers in Arms by Laurëlóte

El requested:
Fandom: LOTR Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Faramir/Erestor, Legolas, or Glorfindel Would like to see: A predatory Faramir. I have read several stories and found him portrayed mostly as a sweet nice guy or a bit of a wuss. I would like to see a strong, confident and sensual Faramir. I’d like to see him a bit cynical but perfectly willing to take advantage of the moment. I don’t mean as a rank bastard but just… disbelieving or maybe distrustful. I would like it to be sensual… not just a hard fast fuck.
This request resulted in: Midsummer Gifts by Empy

Kimber Leigh requested:
I believe that Pippin was in lust/love with Faramir from the first moment he saw him. And Faramir’s feelings were simply brotherly. So what happens when when Pippin’s first advances are gently denied? How does a resourceful and determined Pippin go about seducing a rather reluctent Faramir? Be creative, no whimping out and having Pippin get Faramir drunk, Faramir would see through that and Pippin can be very sneaky and tricky. A bit of angst is fine (espically on Faramir’s side, but don’t drown the poor boy in it), Humour is great, and hot interspecies sex is really great. I would like to see it set within a few days of their first meeting, Pippin moves fast when he finds something he wants.
This request resulted in: All It Would Take Would Be One Small Step by Suemichave

Anorienbean requested:
Faramir/Haldir, Faramir/Boromir, Faramir/Aragorn – I’d like a hurt/comfort fic, with Faramir doing the comforting please. :)
This request resulted in: Moonlight on Ithilien by Kimber Leigh

Laurëlóte requested:
Returning from a diplomatic mission, a young Faramir becomes detached from his company. Alone, lost and wounded he meets a stranger who changes his life forever… Your choices of stanger are: Aragorn, an AU Boromir, Eomer or a Lorien Elf. I’d like something dark (but not too much so) and a happy ending is a must! R rated or above please…
This request resulted in: Wrong About Everything by Anorienbean

Empy requested:
Pairings: Boromir/Faramir, Faramir/Damrod, Faramir/Aragorn. Genre-wise, I’d prefer smut, but gen is fine if you find yourself blocked. I’d love it if the smut was of the outdoor variety, but this isn’t a must either. (Extra cookies if you manage to write smut set in Henneth Annûn. *g*) Toppy Faramir is a definite plus. I dislike fluffy fic, but strong kinks aren’t my tipple, either. Just give me realistic men and I’ll be happy.
This request resulted in: A Moment Between Worlds by Fawsley

Minx requested:
Aragorn/Faramir established relationship. A hurt/comfort fic where Faramir gets hurt, with physical and / or emotional angst. Aragorn plays healer, but soon finds out his skills won’t suffice, and calls in Elladan and Elrohir.
This request resulted in: Jewel of Gondor by Angelstar3999

Suemichave requested:
Faramir in loving relationship with an elf, preferrably Elladan
This request resulted in: Life and Love by El

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