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Midwinter Swap 2012 - The stories are in!

Dec 23, 2012

The shortest, darkest day is already a couple of days behind us (that is, for us poor sobs stuck on the Northern Hemisphere – of course things are reversed for the lucky souls down under (yes, I mean you!)), and from now until Midsummer, each day will be a little longer with a little more light.
Here to guide us into the light: this year’s crop of Midwinter Swap stories. There’s a wide range of stories, anything from PG to NC-17, from a snappy 1200 word ficlet to an impressive 12000 word epic, and with pairings including Faramir and Boromir, Elrond, an assortment of hobbits and everyone’s favourite guard of the citadel.

Moit requested:
Frodo/Faramir, Boromir/Faramir, or Pippin/Faramir; I like romance, angst, and H/C. Kink is really awesome, too, but not necessary. (If you want to take that route, slavefic is one of my favourite things.) I’d prefer you keep the characters in Middle-earth, as I’m not particularly fond of modern-day AUs.
This request resulted in Across the Darkness (NC-17) by Bell Witch

Eldalie requested:
I would love to see a nicely written Faramir and a member of the Minas Tirith guard. You know, the seeing each other only when he goes back to the city, all the awkwardness of soldiers who know they will not be allowed to live this freely. Obviously within oneshot limits. :)
This request resulted in The Flame That Burns Within (R) by Eora

Nerey Camille requested:
AU. I’d like to see what Faramir would be like if he followed his own evil desires instead of doing what is right. A dark, strong Faramir seizes power and becomes Lord of Gondor, even of Middle-Earth if you like. You contrive the means: maybe he takes the ring, maybe it’s all just a dream. Once Faramir rules, what does he do? Any rating (violence, smut etc are OK), any pairings. The end is up to you: Faramir rules, or gives up power, or is overthrown. What of Sauron? He might as well be vanquished by Faramir at the beginning as be the one who defeats Faramir in the end. There’s one must: I’d like to see Faramir sailing at some point (i.e. handling a sailing ship, either directly or through orders). Feel free to elaborate on this: describe the ship, the navigation, make him manoeuvre the sails and command the crew… just make it as detailed as you feel up to.
This request resulted in Deluge (R) by Moit

Bell Witch requested:
I prefer human pairings, and unusual ones. Perhaps a stalker, but nothing (or little?) physical happens. Psychological stalking? On the lighter side, an admirer on the fluffy side as opposed to the dark side. An Evil!Aragorn story. An Evil!Eowyn story—not that she’s a bitch, but she’s nasty to her husband. This could be over the top evil or a genuine spousal abuse story. Faramir has a crush and acts… or not. Surprise me. No happy incest.
This request resulted in Flight from the Shadows (PG13) by Angelstar3999

Angelstar3999 requested:
Elrond/Faramir, I would love where there is some plot to the story with a Happy ending. fluffy. (Extra pairing your choice)
This request resulted in Hobbit Wisdom (PG) by Nerey Camille

Eora requested:
I’d like a story about reactions! Faramir/Aragorn, but can be from either’s POV. The king and steward are conducting their relationship in private (and you can decide whether they have been together for a long time or just recently lovers), but rumours are spreading, and people are talking, and then it all comes out. You can decide how, however! Do they get caught in the act, a stolen kiss witnessed by an unseen onlooker, or is a fond look interpreted for what it truly is? How does the court (or the council, or whomever) react; with acceptance or with disdain? And what about the two men in question; how do they cope with the fallout and exposure? You can interpret this in any way you wish, but I’d like a happy ending, if possible. Don’t be afraid to go into angsty territory if that is your desire. Any rating, but I’d like to focus on the romantic aspects of their relationship, their thoughts and worries, as well as the physical.
This request was handed to Eldalie, whose story we expect to add to this list any minute now.

You can find more swap stories at:

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