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Exile (NC-17) Print

Written by Alcardilmë

19 February 2012 | 8769 words | Work in Progress

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Chapter Two – Finding Boromir

Faramir walked the perimeter of the Citadel, a sharp north wind tossing his long black hair about, but Denethor’s son paid it no heed. All his thoughts were on his brother. He had not seen Boromir since last evening’s meal and he was become concerned. Boromir’s bed had not been slept in. An unusual event for the short stays allotted to Gondor’s Captain-General. Faramir’s duties were now complete for the day and he had time to look for his brother. His search of the Citadel had proved fruitless. Boromir had not been seen.

The young man looked over the parapet. The crowds in the Sixth Circle were too many. He swore and walked to the Gate. Saluting, he passed into the tunnel. Then stopped. He looked back. Beregond stood at attention. Drawing in a deep breath, he returned to the guard.

“Have you seen Boromir?”

“Not of late, Lieutenant.”

Faramir saw a twitch in the guard’s eyelid. “When was the last time you saw Boromir?”

The guard actually fidgeted and alarms rang in Faramir’s mind. “When was the last time you saw Captain-General Boromir?”

“This morning. Near to the first bell.”

“Was he coming back to the Citadel?”

“He was headed towards the Sixth Circle.”

“Did he say where he was going?”

The guard shook his head. “He did not.”

“Then why did you not tell me you saw him?”

Beregond lowered his head. “He… he slipped me some coins and ordered me not to say anything. To anyone.”

“How was he adorned?”

“What do you mean?”

“How was he dressed? Did he carry a pack? Did he have his traveling cloak?”

Beregond looked at him as a pup when it has accidentally wet its master’s boots.

“Beregond.” The alarms were now strident. “Was he dressed for travel?”

“He was, my Lord,” the soldier gasped. “He had a pack and his traveling cloak. He carried an extra sword.”

Faramir swallowed hard, fear constricting his throat. Has Father sent Boromir on a mission I know naught of? It was probable. He quelled his fear and nodded. “Thank you, Beregond. As my friend, I would have expected you to be more forthright.”

The soldier grimaced, then saluted. Faramir turned back to the Citadel, strode into the Tower, and across the Great Hall. His father sat, listening to reports from the southern regions. Faramir waited.

“Why are you here?” Denethor asked, his tone low and puzzled. “We were not to meet till nuncheon.”

“I came to ask where Boromir has gone. What posting did you send him to? And perhaps when he might return?”

Denethor scowled and waved the men away. He motioned. Faramir stepped forward.

“Why do you bother me with such things? Useless things! Boromir is here. He has not received new orders. I do not have to explain myself, Faramir. Now, return to your duties. By the way, when you find Boromir, send him here. I would speak with him.”

“He is not in the City, Father.”

Denethor looked up from his papers. “Went out for a ride, did he?”

“Nay, Father. He wore his traveling cloak. He carried a packed bag.”

Inhaling deeply, Denethor stood. “How do you know this? Did he tell you? Did he say where he was going?”

“Nay, Father. I looked for him all afternoon. Beregond; he guards the Sixth Gate, told me Boromir passed him in the early hours of the morning.”

“Have Beregond brought to me.”

“He knows no more than I have told. Boromir was packed for a long journey.”

Denethor motioned. His aide stepped forward. “Find Boromir. Bring him to me.”

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19 Comment(s)

Very interesting beginning! Please, continue!

— Anastassiya    Monday 12 July 2010, 6:13    #

Chapters 2, 3 & 4 are already in the can…. Glad you found this interesting.

Alcardilmë    Tuesday 13 July 2010, 3:52    #

It is so fascinating to see angst explored from inside Boromir’s head. Few authors tap into the elder brother’s thoughts and feelings.

— trixie    Thursday 22 July 2010, 5:54    #

Many thanks! I do so love getting into my character’s heads! giggles Rather naughty, don’t you think!

Alcardilmë    Sunday 25 July 2010, 4:11    #

Greedily waiting for chapter 3 and on! Great beginning, love the angsty Boromir. So far you do not betray what Faramir might be thinking on a certain matter, so it’s all doubly intriguing.

December    Thursday 29 July 2010, 18:55    #

Bless you! You know I am such a fan of yours. I cannot believe your tale, ‘Oxygen’ – just blew me away – incredible writing. I am soooo pleased to think something of mine makes you greedy! Again, bless you!

Alcardilmë    Friday 30 July 2010, 5:26    #

Yey, first to comment on chapter 3! I felt so sorry for Boromir reading this chapter, what with his misery and all, and I so wished something nice would happen to him – and then there’s this ending… Well, what can I say: again, I’m waiting for more, naively hoping something nice would happen to him in the next chapter…

December    Thursday 5 August 2010, 9:52    #

We can only hope that something nice will happen to Boromir and Faramir… both suffering in their own ways. Boromir has been fighting something he cannot see; perhaps this new enemy will clear his head! Thanks ever so much for commenting. Most appreciated.

Alcardilmë    Thursday 5 August 2010, 22:12    #

Great, great, another chapter!
I wonder if Boromir had given it any thought how insane with worry everybody would be made by his disappearance… And I really-really wonder what Faramir would think – and do – if he were to know the truth… And, naturally, I wonder what is going on with the unfortunate heir and his new er… acquaintances.
Glad to have had this update, and of course much looking forward to the next one!

December    Thursday 26 August 2010, 13:38    #

Thanks, December, for continuing to comment… and read… Poor Boromir – honor is of the utmost importance. And Faramir’s honor is to be guarded with his life… which he has now, in his mind, failed miserably.

Alcardilmë    Sunday 3 October 2010, 7:16    #

Oh, poor baby Boromir! I just discovered this story and it is FANTASTIC! :)

— cecilia    Sunday 3 October 2010, 8:57    #

Many thanks, cecilia, I’m enjoying writing this.

Alcardilmë    Monday 18 October 2010, 23:20    #

Alrighty, finally worked up the courage to read what happens to Boromir…
Er… I probably got one of those shock-resistant minds: it just refuses to fully take in everything that’s happened to him. The magnitude of it just won’t sink in… There’s still this thought that if now he’s treated with care, he’ll come to be just as before – which is obviously not how these things work… I mean, a single dose of what he’d been through can easily leave one messed up for life – and he’d been there, what, weeks? And so many people, too… He must be quite destroyed, although I can see how seeing it all as a deserved punishment would in part help him come to acceptance. And I’m wondering, too, what about… well, the physical side of the healing. The treatment he’d been subjected to is bound to have left his body in a rather irreparable state – what is he going to do about that…? One would think he’s already more than paid his due for putting Faramir’s honour in danger – I wonder if that’s occured to Boromir, too…

December    Tuesday 18 January 2011, 17:16    #

Gonna be a long haul on the healing end – but don’t you think Theodred might have what it takes to help our dear man? Wait till Faramir finally finds him, too.

alcardilme    Saturday 22 January 2011, 5:26    #

Yea, Theodred’s a good character: we know hardly anything about him, so really, one can make him into pretty much anybody. And anyway, that talk about healing is purely theoretical for now: I mean, I don’t even know whether you actually do plan for Boromir to get healed ;) What with Boromir being the tragic hero he is, it could go in any direction for all I know :) I just hope that, you know, he won’t have to go through the “axe” thing again…

December    Saturday 22 January 2011, 9:32    #

Hey, darling! How’s it going with this one?
After what poor B’s been through, I’d really love to see him on a happier path :)

December    Monday 11 July 2011, 7:53    #

Woohoohoo, call me cynical, but I’m getting the feeling Theodred’s going to make Boromir’s already somewhat miserable life only the more difficult XD How can Boromir handle so much love now, especially from someone who isn’t Faramir? Because, cleanse you inside out – that means what I think it does, does it…?

December    Saturday 19 November 2011, 9:14    #

More! More!
Also, me enjoy the dialogue :)

December    Wednesday 30 November 2011, 0:47    #

My dear, are you well? And… will there be more…?

I have commented on this story before, but now I am more on the edge than ever. I’ll be honest, I had expected a more straightforward development of events at the point where Faramir tracks Boromir down, something about healing, etc.
What I have found instead is more complicated, and more interesting to me, and also what I find to be much more real-life. Many shadowy issues they have, both the brothers. And Theodred… he knows Boromir well. Maybe too well for Boromir’s comfort. I don’t feel Boromir would be thankful to him for speaking to Faramir thus and treating Faramir thus. Especially since this chapter reveals to us that Faramir is still very young. He is spirited, and passionate, and very devoted, but… maybe he’s a bit too young to deal with all of this?
And what is his standing on Boromir’s feelings for him? So far we have heard nothing on this, except that what he has learned has not stayed him from searching for Boromir, and apparently has not cut off his love for his brother. But… I don’t know, I don’t like Theodred doing what he does, even if eventually it will lead to the brothers’ benefit. Boromir has suffered much, and Faramir has endured much worry, and no doubt he will be greatly pained when he learns what depths of suffering Boromir had been subjected to. I guess we could say Faramir too will sustain a mental trauma – and amid all of this, Theodred seducing/taunting him? Come on, Theodred, is this really what the young man needs at the moment?

December    Sunday 29 July 2012, 7:34    #

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