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Written by Suryallee; with Unknown / Surprise Characters

Faramir goes missing.

Posted Jan 12, 2012 | 17291 words | Comment [2]

Written by December; with Boromir, Aragorn, Unknown

You once took a blind dive into the unknown. But would have you offered your love to the one you worship, had you known the price he would have to pay for loving you back? And when all was over, would you be blind to see a new road lying at your feet?
Added: Chapter 8

Warnings: Angst, underage characters, non-con, mild het, Boromir swears a lot.

Posted Jan 07, 2012 | 46599 words | Comment [29]

Written by Helmboy; with Unknown / Surprise Characters

Written for the 2008 Midwinter Swap.

Warnings: Violence, AU

Posted Dec 20, 2008 | 5164 words | Comment [2]

Written by December; with Boromir, Unknown / Surprise Characters

Trials, surprises and more than a little temptation await the twenty-year-old Faramir as he embarks on his first military assignment, namely to assume command over the Ithilien Rangers. Was it merely an old man’s eccentricity that led the Steward to suddenly assign his youngest this venerable position, especially in a time when a strange new beast is rumoured to roam the woods?
Written for the 2010 Midwinter Swap.

Posted Dec 19, 2010 | 65301 words | Comment [50]

Written by December; with Pippin, Aragorn, Unknown

Pippin will never speak of it. And then he does.
The lives of the Steward and the King are complicated enough, without a certain Hobbit with no regard for Gondorian taboos wreaking havoc in the high court of Minas Tirith.
Added: Chapter 27

Warnings: angst, violence, mildly AU.

Posted Feb 06, 2021 | 50244 words | Comment [68]

Written by Laivindur; with Unknown / Surprise Characters

What happens when the righteous and kind older brother is placed between his little one and his love for a Harad?
And how do Faramir handle the new knowledge of his older brother’s sides which he figures out after a talk with one of the Harads?
And to put a cherry on top: a war with the Harads lie above them all.
Added: Part 3

Warnings: Violence, threats of death. MalexMale.

Posted Jan 19, 2013 | 8166 words | Comment [7]

Written by LadyLovelace; with Unknown / Surprise Characters

A Young Faramir meets a mysterious stranger during his time at Ithilien.

Posted Jan 06, 2011 | 531 words | Comment [3]

Written by Various Authors; with Aragorn, Unknown / Surprise Characters

We wanted to do something special for the holiday season, but understand – and experience ourselves – that December is one of the busiest times of the year. That’s why last year we set up the FaraWiki Christmas Quickie: an Interactive Story Lite – if you want to escape the holiday madness for a while, but with all the shopping and cooking and entertaining only have time for a couple of lines.
Anyone can join in instantly without registration – we hope you will!

Warnings: Rating may go up as users add to story.

Posted Dec 13, 2010

Written by Fawsley; with Unknown / Surprise Characters

Written for the 2007 Midsummer Swap.

Warnings: nicely angsty

Posted Jun 24, 2007 | 1059 words | Comment [5]

Written by Iris; with Unknown / Surprise Characters

Originally posted to celebrate the birthday of fabulously fantastic Minx, founder of this archive. Happy birthday darling!
Added: Part 7

Warnings: dubious content

Posted Mar 08, 2014 | 2456 words | Comment [14]

Written by Laivindur; with Aragorn, Unknown / Surprise Characters

The chaos Faramir is put through when his King demands his best qualities as both handsome man and loyal steward.
Will he decide to stand up against his king for his own good? Or does someone else need to step in?

Warnings: Rape, MalexMale, hurt/comfort,

Posted Apr 26, 2013 | 7383 words | Comment [6]


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