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Love is... (NC-17) Print

Written by Sairalinde and Anorienbean

19 November 2009 | 145965 words

Title: Love Is…
Authors: Sairalinde & Anorienparker
Pairing: Lord Rahl/Faramir
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker/Lord of the Rings Crossover
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: We do not own these characters; they belong to their respective creators. No money was made from this.
Summary: Lord Rahl sees something he likes… so of course he takes it. Though they are from very different worlds, the object of his affection, a Ranger named Faramir from Middle Earth changes the wizard’s life in ways he could never imagine.
Warnings: Kink, rough sex, mention of abuse, mention of prior non-con.
Author’s Notes: We have taken great liberties with the Legend of the Seeker world to fit into this story. Rahl’s abilities, motives, castle, family history and powers of persuasion bear little or no resemblance to Terry Goodkind’s descriptions. It is not necessary to have read or have knowledge of either the LotS book or series to understand this story.

Chapter 1


Lord Rahl sat up in bed, biting back another scream. Every night for months now, he’d dreamed of the man they called “The Seeker” – the man who was destined to destroy him. This Seeker and his confessor haunted his every waking thought, and it seemed they were intent on fulfilling the prophecy of destroying him if it was the last thing they did.

Throwing back the sheets, Rahl slammed his feet on the floor and stalked across the still dark room. He stopped mid way and looked back toward his bed where a bruised and terrified pleasure slave lay curled as far from where Rahl had been laying as possible.


Without a word, the young slave slid off the bed and limped to the doorway, surprised that he’d survived another night with his brutal master.

Rahl’s smile was dark as he continued across the room. In the corner, covered carefully by a black velvet cloth, lay one of the few remaining palantirs, or seeing stones, that still existed in the world. Even Rahl and his late father didn’t fully understand their power, but neither had hesitated to use them when they needed answers.

Despite all his vast power, Rahl couldn’t control what he saw in the heavy, dark stone, always approaching it with dread and hands that shook so badly he never even dreamed of coming near it when anyone else was around, knowing that to show fear of the thing would be seen as a weakness.

And Darken Rahl was not weak.

Cold, perhaps. Cruel and vengeful certainly. But weak?


The fabric seemed to cling to the palantir for a moment before sliding off it, as if it knew that exposing the stone would change all of history.

Rahl moved closer, eyes narrowed, fingertips skating over his lips in an ever present gesture he didn’t even consciously recognize any more. He was perfectly still as he gazed into the palantir’s depths, not even realizing he was holding his breath. He’d hoped to see the Seeker, to learn his location, or better yet, to learn that he was dead, perhaps killed by one of the countless armies Rahl had sent after him time and time again.

What he saw, however, was not the Seeker or his confessor. It wasn’t even Zeddicus, the wizard who had been responsible for the death of his father and the very scars he still bore from his childhood, the hated face he saw both with the Seeker and alone, seemingly on his own desperate mission to throw Rahl from power.

He didn’t even see the familiar vision of his own death, as occurred more and more often as the nights passed and he came closer to his goal of enslaving the people of the Midlands and Westlands and becoming more than an emperor. He wanted, and felt he rightly deserved, to be their ruler.

What he saw in the palantir was unexpected and frightening, so out of place, Rahl took a step back and stared at the stone in confusion.

What he saw was a whole other world, a world filled with unfamiliar faces and creatures he’d never even imagined. And in the center of it all stood a man. Not just any man, but the most beautiful man Rahl had ever seen.

Rahl studied the man for a moment, and something stirred deep inside him. He wanted the man. Maybe to hurt him, to see those lovely blue eyes fill with tears, or possibly to see him fall to his knees and worship Rahl as the rest of the world would soon be doing. Or, he mused, perhaps he just wanted to own him, to add him to the rooms that were filled with slaves who were trained for his pleasure and to endure his countless cruel games and painful fantasies. His most beautiful slave yet, Rahl thought, indeed another possession worthy of envy from anyone who might lay eyes on him.

Either way, Rahl had no doubt. The man would be his, because everyone knew that whatever Rahl wanted, he got.

Rahl desired the man so much in fact, he did something he had never done before. He touched the palantir. His hands were no longer shaking as he laid them carefully on the cold stone and began whispering the most powerful spell in all the world of dark magic.

The demons he whispered to answered at once, and set about fulfilling his request, his last four words ringing in their deformed ears.

“Bring him to me.”

Lord Rahl’s magic passed between the realms, beyond time and space in search of the young man. It was late at night in this realm, it resembled the Midlands with its tall trees and fertile earth. Silently, the demons moved through the thick forest, their own innate magic drawing them toward their master’s desire.

The man was sleeping among a group of other men around a small fire, there would be no fight, just whisk the man from this world to their master’s. Demons were not particularly careful creatures, they enjoyed a fight really, but this was simply too easy. Plus, they thought it might amuse their master if the man was sound asleep. One of the demons reached out a gnarled hand over the man and whispered a simple sleeping spell to make sure the man did not awake. The rest of the demons used their magic to pick the man up, blankets and all to return to their master.

Moments later, a sleeping young man lay in the center of Lord Rahl’s study.

Rahl’s eyes were dark as he studied his new toy. He knelt by the man’s side, idly catching a lock of golden brown hair between his fingers, then running them lightly over the sleeping man’s face. “Well, aren’t you the lovely one?” he asked softly, deepening the sleeping spell with a wave of his hand before pulling away. “That skin… how easily will it bruise, I wonder? How darkly will it scar?”

He stood, walked around the man, admiring him from every angle. “Oh, we’re going to have such fun, you and I. And if you live through our time together and remain sane, I might even consider allowing you to return to your world, though… perhaps I should go there myself to see if you left anyone behind who might amuse me.”

Faramir had no way of knowing he had left his own world, let alone the plans that were being made for him in this strange place. He slept more peacefully than he ever had before and possibly for the last time for a very long time. Gradually the sleeping spell began to fade, and Faramir began to wake. Something was wrong. The sounds of the forest were gone, the smell of peat and the smoke of the fire missing. Abruptly Faramir sat up and found himself facing a darkly gorgeous man. His hair was long, dark and shiny, and his eyes were a brilliant shade of blue. He was dressed in strange robes that revealed a muscled torso and arms and Faramir licked his lips, wondering if maybe he was still dreaming.

Rahl’s lips turned up in a smirk as his new pet looked at him, but he kept his distance due to the vague smell of smoke that clung to pale, perfect skin. Had it not been for the smell, he might have taken the man right then and there, but the clear blue eyes regarding him so solemnly gave him pause. “There… there are the eyes I saw in the seeing stone,” he said softly, kneeling before the man so they were at eye level with one another. “Even lovelier in person.” He stood, brushing at his robes with one hand and caressing his lips with the other. “What is your name and why do you smell of smoke? It disgusts me.”

Faramir blinked and then stared questioningly at the man. Eyes in the seeing stone? He felt a wash of attraction pour over him as the man knelt near him. Gods, this man, something about him stirred something within Faramir. Was he dreaming? He had to be. but Gods, how had his mind conjured a man like this? He looked at the other man for a moment, his eyes following his fingertips over his lips before he spoke. “I was in the woods… my men and I… had a campfire for cooking and heat of course. I apologize for the odor,” Faramir said softly, not sure how to address this man.

“Campfire?” It was all Rahl could do to keep from shuddering at the thought. Ever since his father had been killed and he’d been scarred by that damnable wizard Zeddicus, he’d been terrified of fire and forbade its use in his castle, and, when he was feeling particularly in a dark mood, the entire village. Waving his hand in the man’s direction, he washed away the hated scent and was surprised to smell a fresh, clean scent replace it before he’d even had the chance to decide what aroma he preferred. Deciding he might as well leave it, he crossed his arms over his chest and circled the man again.

The way the man was looking at him, he felt the insane urge to cover his scars, though he knew full well they were hidden beneath his clothes. Still, he had yet to cast the spell to make the man want him, and felt slightly out of sorts. It was normally the first thing he did when a slave, or ‘lover’ as he referred to them in the back of his mind, entered a room, but he’d been too taken by the man’s soft countenance and peaceful sleep to bewitch him yet, which probably also explained why he’d let the smell of smoke linger on the man for as long as he had. “Well. Stand up. I did not bring you here to lie on the floor all day.”

Faramir startled when he felt the magic wash over him and he scooted back away from the other man. “You… you’re a wizard!” His eyes were wide with surprise as he slowly stood before the other man. Faramir was a few inches taller than the dark haired man. “What… what did you bring me here for? How… well… obviously magic but… what do you want? Are you a friend of Gandalf’s?”

Lord Rahl arched one eyebrow and quickly moved closer, backing the other man into the wall with no more effort than he would use to brush away an annoying insect. He had no qualms about using magic and held his ‘guest’ a few inches above the floor as his eyes narrowed. “Gandalf? Who is Gandalf? Another wizard? Did he send you to try and bewitch me? He did, didn’t he? Suited you to my tastes, planted your image in the seeing stone, knew I would take you.” His hands roamed roughly over the man’s body, searching for weapons both magical and non magical, his lip curled up in a snarl. “I will send you back to him in pieces,” he hissed.

Biting back a yelp, Faramir found himself not just pinned against the wall but several inches above the floor. While he might be physically slightly larger than this dark haired man, he had no magic to defend against him. “Gandalf… is my friend, a wizard, one of the Istari, but he didn’t send me. I… I do not even know why I am here or how I got here,” he whispered.

Hands were suddenly tugging at his clothing, searching for weapons obviously. “My… my sword is still in the bedding,” Faramir admitted. “You… may have my dagger as well, it is inside my left boot.” He tried to keep his voice even and calm, hoping that perhaps that would keep the man from doing anything rash. Normally he might have attempted to fight back, but he couldn’t fight against magic plus… it seemed that the man was merely worried that he was some sort of assassin.

Questing fingers found the dagger and held it between them. “A blade? You thought to defeat me with a mere blade?” He laughed loudly though he didn’t release his captive. “Oddly enough, I believe you. I have never heard of an ‘Istari’, but it would take more than a ridiculous little dagger to defeat me. Any wizard would know that.”

Moving closer, Rahl kept the man perfectly immobile as he traced over the curve of a strong jaw and down his neck. Murmuring softly to himself before the man could draw away, he cast the spell he’d cast every single time he’d touched another sexually, one that would make the man want him desperately and crave anything and everything Rahl chose to do to him. “What is your name and why were you in my palantir?”

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35 Comment(s)

Cool! I like where this is headed, even though I don’t know the other fandom.

— pinbot    Sunday 10 May 2009, 3:26    #

Oh now this is a crossover I can sink my teeth into. I love both fandoms. I’m so excited about this story. Thank you for this. I can’t wait for more!

— Kelly    Monday 11 May 2009, 15:26    #

Crossover!!! oooOOOOooooo!!!!

— Eoselene    Tuesday 12 May 2009, 9:34    #

I didn’t know the other fandom involved in this crossover but man am I glad you turned me onto it. Now I have a new series I am greatly enjoying and your wonderful story to look forward to. Thanks!

— PrphtssP    Monday 8 June 2009, 6:23    #

Well I certainly never believed I’d ever see these thoughts or traits emerging from Darken Rahl of all people! This is very interesting indeed. I am enjoying it very much.

— Kelly    Tuesday 7 July 2009, 22:24    #

Well I certainly never believed I’d ever see these thoughts or traits emerging from Darken Rahl of all people! This is very interesting indeed. I am enjoying it very much. I’m in the midst of this book series right now so this is a great time for me to enjoy this story. Thank you both again for entertaining me thoroughly.

— Kelly    Tuesday 7 July 2009, 22:25    #

I just noticed I forgot to comment after this last post. I so love this. I’m loving seeing some things floating around in Rahl’s head that you wouldn’t expect in a million years! And who else could do this to him other than our dear, sweet, oh so naughty Faramir! I cant wait for more!

— Kelly    Thursday 23 July 2009, 21:38    #

Awesome!!! I am so loving the frustration level here! Faramir’s frustration with Rahl not believing him is one thing but Rahl’s frustration with Faramir and those little “feelings” he has no idea what to do with is just so fun. Feelings and Rahl dont normally even go in the same sentence so this is just so cool to be able so watch this all unfold. More please.

— Kelly    Tuesday 28 July 2009, 21:23    #

I almost feel sorry for Rahl..almost. He doesn’t have a chance. But then who could resist our Faramir? Can’t wait for more!

— Kelly    Tuesday 18 August 2009, 19:50    #

Drip, drip, drip. I feel the ice melting from a certain wizard’s heart. What power our Faramir wields. He can turn even the most vile heart to mush. As always, I am loving this and can’t wait for more. If Faramir is successful in making a very big change in Rahl,I wonder just how different his meeting with the Seeker would be?

— Kelly    Tuesday 25 August 2009, 19:11    #

Loved chapter 12, and the way their two worlds are “intertwingling” now. Fire and ice….

— ebbingnight    Thursday 10 September 2009, 22:58    #

I have no patience any more. This is impossible!!! You write gorgeous but.., but a little slowly… Forgive me for that. I want to see Faramir happy so much… I want Rahl would believe Faramir loves him truly. He is so stubborn…
Thank you!

— Anastasiya    Friday 11 September 2009, 12:25    #

Ugh! You two are seriously killing me! Every time I think our wonderful, oh so irresistible, Faramir is going to break through that last wall to Rahl, the door goes slam (and very loudly I might add)! It is beyond frustrating for both Faramir and me (hee hee). I was so sure this time he had it. However, do not take that as anything but the total compliment that it is. I love it. It’s what keeps me checking back daily (blushes, ok several times a day at least) for new updates. I so love this story. Well done!

— Kelly    Tuesday 15 September 2009, 0:09    #

Oh yes, magic is definitely at work here, but not the kind with which Rahl is familiar! I was happy to see in Chapter 13 that at least the children in the castle aren’t terrified of him.

— ebbingnight    Tuesday 15 September 2009, 16:46    #

Ouch! That time the door slammed shut so quickly it got me in the nose! Tease, tease tease!

— Kelly    Tuesday 15 September 2009, 16:52    #

Ah that’s better. I have been waiting for that reading. I can see the door is now slightly ajar. Hopefully Faramir gets the rest of himself through it. You two really have me wrapped up in this story. I was so excited to see a new addition I read it immediately. The greatest compliment I can give you is that you know a story is good when you can really picture yourself in the middle of it all watching it unfold. I have done that with basically all of your stories I have read. This one however will always be a favorite of mine.

— Kelly    Thursday 17 September 2009, 16:20    #

Totally love the way that Rahl is now trying to talk Faramir out of loving him—- for his own good! Getting closer and closer now to realizing what “love” actually means, I suspect!

— ebbingnight    Friday 18 September 2009, 1:07    #

Now this is really interesting. I’m so loving it. With all this emotoinal turmoil going on I cant wait to see things really explode when Richard decides to show up at some point.

— Kelly    Tuesday 22 September 2009, 17:04    #

Ha ha the power our beloved Ranger wields and doesn’t even realize it. Now he’s got Rahl healing broken bones without a second thought about it. Stick a fork in him, he’s done. I’m surprised he’s holding out as long as he is. I would have given in to Faramir in less than 5 seconds.

— Kelly    Wednesday 30 September 2009, 21:32    #

On behalf of all of us who have been waiting oh so impatiently for this event. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! The door has opened and the sun is shining brightly through the doorway.

— Kelly    Monday 5 October 2009, 20:00    #

And endlessly Rahl has surrendered!!! My heart is thrilled as when I’m thinking of Rahl’s power and magic as when I imagine bright beauty of Faramir. I think they must look incredibly together! Now I just hope this story will have the happy end for I’m afraid that the seeker could brihg them to harm! But I so want Rahl would allow himself to be truly loved!
Thank you! It was gorgeous as always!

— Anastasiya    Monday 5 October 2009, 20:37    #

You have charmed me once agian with this wonderful addition to your story. I cannot wait to see the meeting of Faramir and the Seeker.

— PrphtssP    Thursday 8 October 2009, 9:09    #

I know you wont be surprised at all to hear this from me but… totally awesome!!! I so enjoyed this I had to read it twice. Well done!

— Kelly    Tuesday 13 October 2009, 17:21    #

Oh joy! This just keeps getting better and better all the time. You are probably getting so sick of hearing from me by now but I cant help it. I so love this story. I cant wait to get more.

— Kelly    Monday 26 October 2009, 17:20    #

Extremely exiting!
It made my heart practically stop!
Confrontation of two the most important for Rahl men! I regret only that they both have promissed Rahl to become friends and cannot wrangle openly any more… Though, I think, they will be always have no special sympathy of one another.
I like the way Faramir is jealous and Rahl demonstrate him his affection!
I could read about them endlessly!
And though I understand it’s not so simply to write, I hope to see new chapters faster…
Thank you very much!

— Anastasiya    Thursday 29 October 2009, 15:44    #

I so love a jealous Faramir! He must be just so lovely that way (not that he isnt all the time anyway). I’ll put $20 on our Faramir against Demmin anytime and if he has any trouble I will be happy to help him with whatever he needs. If this keeps up Rahl is going to be to worn out to give Richard much trouble. Faramir may have to settle this. Very diplomatically I hope, as I dont want anything bad happening to Richard either. I quite like him also. As always, well done! I anxiously wait each new piece. I am going to be so bummed when this story is over.

— Kelly    Thursday 29 October 2009, 17:43    #

OMG! I think that was the fastest I have ever read through an addition. Oh please tell me I wont have to wait long to find out what happens next.

— Kelly    Monday 2 November 2009, 15:24    #

Oh, it was…strange!
I hope you know, dear writers, that I am devoted admirer of your works, but request about permission to leave Rahl’s world never to return was too much even for me. Of course I want Rahl to see Faramir’s world, to meet Denethor (!!!) and perhaps to play his own role in the War of the Ring (it would be interesting to see powerful Rahl standing against Witch King for example) but I also wish Rahl would become a creator bringing Peace and Good to his people. I wish I could see him as a healer and as a ruler loved by everybody. I would be very delighted too see Faramir and Rahl to be jealous and I’ve already forgotten when I read about their intimacy last time… Though it will be other story for Rahl knows now what love is.
I have said already I could read about them endlessly. And I truly think this story is the one of the most successful works I have ever read.

— Anastasiya    Wednesday 4 November 2009, 13:00    #

Wow! I am exhausted just reading! Leave it to Faramir to get things done. I love it. I was totally not sure how this would work out in the end. I cant wait to see how going to Middle Earth works out for them. I wouldnt mind Denethor getting more than a cramp for his bad behaviour. As always, I so love this and anxiously anticipate more. Just when I think I cant get any deeper into this story, there’s another level I get caught up in. Well done!

— Kelly    Wednesday 4 November 2009, 14:28    #

Oh I like this. Life in middle earth, specifically Ithillien, is going to be so much more fun. I oh so impatiently await the next chapter. I just hope they get out of there before Zedd or Kahlan gets out of Richard what he did.

— Kelly    Tuesday 10 November 2009, 16:50    #

I have not finished to read everything, but your style is really good and the story interesting.
Thank you for sharing.

— lille mermeid    Thursday 19 November 2009, 19:43    #

Wonderful ending, as their converging paths of seemingly dark desires have finally led Faramir and Darken to discover together what love is. I adore the fact that now Faramir has to stop Darken from constantly healing him, and that there is total trust between them. This was worth traveling between worlds for!

Thanks for this terrific crossover: it really worked for me.

— ebbingnight    Friday 20 November 2009, 2:07    #

Oh, dear authors! You have described ten years of happy marrige in Gondor faster than the year in Rahl’s world. And I am happy and sad at the same time. Happy – because of very good end, but sad – because of this wonderful story is over. I do not know how to live further without them.
But thank you very much. It was truly great work!

— Anastasiya    Friday 20 November 2009, 13:56    #

So sorry to be late in posting. I have been down with some cold/flu thing the last few days and couldn’t get on to read this fabulous finale. What a wonderful ending to a fulfilling journey. I have been hooked from the very first line and although I’m sad to see it go, a more fitting end I couldnt have envisioned. Thank you both for giving me such a wild ride that I am sure I will enjoy many more times to come.

— Kelly    Wednesday 25 November 2009, 21:23    #

I so love this story! It’s certainly one of my favorites. You did such a good job there and I can only second the others. Lots of hot, kinky sex and a compelling storyline, too. You’ve made me happy.

However, since I read this the first time I always hoped for a follow-up. The idea of Rahl in Middle Earth… Oh, I would have loved that!

— Rain    Saturday 17 January 2015, 19:12    #

Don’t know either fandom well, but I enjoy your writing. I just wish Rahl would use the mind reading spell already! He thinks Faramir is a liar so find out for sure whether he should send him back lol

— Teri    Monday 2 August 2021, 14:19    #

Oh my God, this is so good! Almost to the end, and both of our boys are gonna die? Faramir and Rahl both?! Aww… Didn’t think I would be rooting for the villains …

— Teri    Friday 6 August 2021, 18:52    #

Surprised and delighted at the ending! I would have loved to have seen Rahl be taken by Faramir as he spoke about last chapter, but really liked it. Would have enjoyed seeing more of their time here, but it was good. Know you wrote this a long time ago, so you probably don’t even get these comments but nicely done

— Teri    Saturday 7 August 2021, 4:13    #

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