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Secrets Withheld, Secrets Revealed (NC-17) Print

Written by Kissa

24 June 2007 | 4517 words

Title: Secrets Withheld, Secrets Revealed
Author: Kissa (kissaperkele@gmail.com)
Pairing: Faramir/Lindir
Rating: NC17
Warning: AU, mushiness and silliness. But hey, it’s an elf+Faramir fic, what do you expect?
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, JRR Tolkien does. I merely played with them a for this Midsummer Fic Swap.
Summary: A delegation of elves visits Gondor for a commercial agreement and Faramir plays a key role in sealing he deal. As he does his best, he manages to seal a deal for himself.
Feedback: yes, please, but be merciful!

A/N: I made the characters act very childishly on purpose, as Faramir is still very young (19) and Lindir is a pretty adorable shy elf , the way I see him. But he can be cheeky when he wants to!

Written for the 2007 Midsummer Swap.

Request by Wingy: I’d like to see a Faramir/elf fic; it doesn’t matter particularly which elf, but I’d like it to be one fo the same basic time period as Faramir. Rating can be anything from PG to NC17, and here’s the plot outline: Faramir has some hidden ability —please make it something relatively normal, no magic abilities or time travel or things like that— that no one knows about. Until our lovely elf finds out about it and requires a bit of bribery to keep it a secret. Cheekiness is good, sexual innuendo and/or the act itself is even better, and humor is a must. The rest I leave to the writer, good luck!

Secrets Withheld, Secrets Revealed

The official dinner which was to take place that evening had caused complete chaos in the kitchens. All the cooks and their helps worked double time to make the dinner a legendary one. This detail was all too important, given the fact that Gondor had to leave a glorious, majestic impression on her guests, Lord Elrond the Half-Elven and his delegation of elves.

The main courses were almost ready. It had been a plentiful season so the delicacies were numerous, rich and exquisite. Almost every man and woman who could cook had contributed to making them as appealing to the eye and as tasty as Gondor cuisine could be.

The Steward had specifically asked that the sweets be cooked last, so the freshness and aroma could be preserved.

Boromir had been sent to look for Faramir and, since the morning when he had started, he had been unable to locate his brother.

It was nearly the time to welcome the honored guests and Faramir appeared, coming from Ithilien on a very tired horse.

“Brother, I did not know you were away! I have been looking all over the place for you, I had started to worry!”

Dismounting, Faramir gave the horse over to a stable attendant and he nearly fell when he tried to take a step. Luckily his brother supported him and it was only then that Boromir noticed how worn out and pale Faramir looked.

“Why did you travel to Ithilien and back in only a day’s time, when you knew we had guests?” Boromir tried to take the harshness out of his tone when asking the question.

“Please brother, do not ask now, when I cannot answer. I will tell you after the elves leave…”


“I promise, Boromir.” Faramir sighed and let his brother squeeze him in his arms and kiss his temple. In fact, he hoped Boromir would forget about it, as he did not wish to tell his brother their father had once again mocked him, sending him away when he knew very well he would be needed back in Gondor the same day.

“Now let us go bathe and make ourselves presentable for the reception of our guests.” Boromir led his brother up the stairs and to their room.

Wearing his best clothes and having bound his hair in a ponytail, Faramir turned a few heads – well, alright, all the heads- as he made his way towards the kitchens.

Before entering, he removed his vest to prevent it catching any odor from the kitchen or from the ingredients and unbuttoned his shirt, rolling up his sleeves and getting down to work. He did not enjoy his father commanding him to use his ability so often – he would have preferred to use it when and how he liked, not on command.

As he hurried to get the work done right and to catch a bit of the party before it was dessert time, he didn’t notice the shadow standing in the doorway behind him. He was expecting to be alone, as his father always gave him that privilege, ordering the cooks and helpers to retire when Faramir was doing whatever he was doing in the kitchens.

The lithe, delicate figure stepped out into the light, revealing beautiful white-blond hair, made into a complicated hairdo with braids and a net with tiny leaves and gems.

As he mixed the ingredients for his recipe, Faramir looked up and found himself staring into the sapphire eyes of a young elf.

He immediately assumed the lovely creature was lost. Otherwise what would a member of the Imladris delegation be doing in the cooking wing?

Faramir wanted to greet the creature and offer his assistance, but he realized he would offend it as he could not tell if it was a male or a female elf. The rich two-tone blue robes his unexpected guest wore hid the details of its body, and the face was absolutely lovely and flawless, but lacking the much needed clues to the creature’s gender.

At a loss, he simply stared, although he realized it must have been offensive to the pretty guest. Amazingly, the elf smiled and reached out to him, dipping a long finger into his chocolate cream and then sucking on the offending finger, smiling and giggling as Faramir watched dumbfounded. There was something so innocent, yet so cheeky and risqué in the elf’s gesture, something which provoked and said without words: “How could you NOT love me?” Yet, this was a grown up elf, and still its cuteness amazed Faramir. The few elves he had met before had looked ancient and very serious, while this one looked like a playful youngster, not a baby anymore, but still such a sweet thing!

Faramir wondered briefly if his “gift” would have an effect on elves as well, when he saw the one before him blush and the huge blue eyes turned indigo as the fair face was graced with a beautiful, beaming smile.

“I am Lindir, “ the creature spoke, in a melodic, but clearly male voice. “And I am sorry for bursting in, but the scent drew me here, and I must say the taste was even better. May I apologize for… dipping in?”

Faramir had never encountered such loveliness in one person, so for a few long moments all he could do was stare, agape. Then the elf’s words sank in and he said:

“I am Faramir, and you have nothing to be sorry for. How did you end up here though, are you lost? The hall where father receives his guests is two floors above…”

“I was actually following the smell… From the first moment, I thought there was this strange trail of aroma that came from somewhere inside the castle… I am sorry, I know it is not courteous to wander around uninvited, but I love sweets and cannot help myself! And the scent is irresistible… I can only imagine the others stayed where they are because they fear Elrond’s frown too much!” the elf added and giggled at his own words. “But tell me, dear Faramir, why is the son of the Steward all alone in the kitchens, working like a servant? Why can you not be at the party upstairs?”

“I am allowed at the party, but father asked me to make the dessert this time.” Faramir said, looking away, feeling caught.

“…because only you can make chocolate mousse into such an enchanting treat!” Lindir exclaimed, as if he had stumbled upon a great universal truth.

“Aye…” Faramir said, still looking away. “But I am a warrior! I am the best archer in Gondor, and father has only one use for me, the wrong one that is!”

Lindir was silent for a moment, tilting his head and watching the young man attentively, noticing how enticing Faramir looked when he was annoyed, which gave him a subtle blush and a delectable twinkle in his eyes.

Suddenly the elf’s mind was taken over by the need to taste that chocolate again, but in his imagination he was sampling it in small licks, off of Faramir’s naked skin…

Smiling in the most enticing way possible, and thinking he could blame it on the strong aphrodisiac effect of the special chocolate (which did NOT work so strongly on elves as it did on humans!), he came around the table, stepping right next to Faramir and speaking in an amused tone:

“So, if I were to go up there and tell everyone where I have been and whom I have met, that would not make you look very warrior-like, would it?”

Faramir froze. His brother had been right – pretty as they might be, elves were indeed a treacherous kind. His brother, the wiser and older Boromir, would laugh his arse off if he ever came to learn of Faramir’s special skill.

“Name your price, elf.” He said, trying to sound annoyed, but his voice coming out as an overexcited squeal.

“Oh, I will not ask for anything you would not give…” Lindir said with a smile, and in a musical twirl of heavy silks, he stood on tiptoe to press his chocolate-flavored lips to Faramir’s suddenly dry ones.

Faramir had kissed before, as he was old enough to be allowed to pursue whoever he wanted, and besides he was Gondor’s sweetheart, every girl and secretly some boys dreaming of one day being courted by Faramir. None of the kisses he remembered resembled this one though, as the elf literally melted against him, coaxing him into wrapping his arms around the slim frame.

Lindir looked like he was in control, but the moment their lips met, the turned to butter and became pliant against the young man’s lithe but strong body.

Faramir could not say if the elf was acting like he was because of the effect his chocolate had on him… after all he had only had one tiny lick!

Reluctantly, Faramir broke the kiss and, continuing to hold Lindir against him, he whispered:

“Chocolate first, you later… I do not wish us to be interrupted.”

The elf regained his composure quite easily, which made Faramir suspect a lot of Lindir’s act was plain drama and no real enchantment… but he was happy the elf had taken such a quick fancy on him, so he was not about to argue.

“Allow me to help!” Lindir said and rolled up his sleeves a bit, revealing delicate white forearms. He grabbed a spoon and began to distribute the mousse into cups, while Faramir added a topping of fresh cream and a few decorations to each cup.

Once they were done, in less time than it took Faramir to get things done on his own, on other such occasions, Faramir went to wash his hands and showed his elven guest where he could do the same.

As they returned to the kitchen to fetch some treats to take upstairs, they saw the servants had already taken away the decorated chocolate cups, but had left the big bowl in which Faramir had mixed the ingredients.

Lindir’s eyes grew big again at the sight of the spoon and bowl, both smeared with chocolate. Boldly reaching for them, he took the bowl and spoon in his hands and smiled at Faramir. Now they were ready to go.

Faramir led Lindir up the stairs and only then realized he was taking the elf to his private bedroom, where only Boromir ever set foot beside him. Smiling to himself, he felt happy for not having forgotten to take a key to that room, since he did not want to be disturbed for a long time.

“Are you sure you do not wish to attend the party?” Lindir said softly, his voice carrying a note of teasing.

“I couldn’t care less about the party right now… Plus, I know father does not like me to show up at his parties, he believes I ruin the good mood and he does not like it when I get more attention than him or my brother.”

“Good.” Lindir said. “I do not wish to sound mean, but right now I am happy you choose to be with me.”

They were on the hall that led to Faramir’s bedroom and Faramir could barely hold back the urge to pin the elf against the wall and… and… do something, he was not quite sure what, to the elf.

Once inside the room, Lindir handed the bowl of chocolate to Faramir and looked around carefully. It was a very modestly furnished room, with only a bed, a small nightstand, a table with two chairs and a large bookshelf. He liked it though, because even if it looked nothing like the luxurious Imladris interiors, it spoke volumes to him about Faramir.

Faramir placed the bowl on the nightstand and watched the elf look around, keeping his distance, letting the gorgeous creature make itself at home at its own pace. When Lindir went to sit on the bed, he waited for the elf to pat the white surface next to him in invitation before he approached and sat down.

Insetad of reaching out and making the first move as he had in the kitchen, Lindir began to undo the tiny frogs of his robes, loosening the collar first and then progressing downward.

Faramir let out a breath he hadn’t been aware of holding at seeing the elf taking off his clothes so slowly and seemingly unselfconsciously. Most times, when it came to being intimate with another, Faramir felt a sort of apprehension which made him hold back and act fearfully until after the encounter was over. Now he joyfully noted he wasn’t experiencing that feeling, simply watching contentedly as his soon to be lover disrobed.

As Lindir stood up to get rid of the robes pooling at his feet and to place them on the back of a chair, Faramir gasped in awe. He had honestly never seen anything more beautiful or adorable. The elf’s long white hair looked like a veil caressing his shoulders and back, and the skin was milky white and absolutely flawless, untouched by the smallest scar or the sun’s rays.

When Lindir finally turned. Faramir felt himself blush as his eyes were immediately attracted to the elf’s member, which was at least as cute as its owner, smaller than a human one, but white and smooth and delicately shaped.

Then Lindir turned his attention to him and somehow his clothes sort of…fell off, as the only thing he could remember was the touch of deft fingers on his skin, caressing newly exposed patches and sweet chocolate-flavored kisses bestowed to his lips. He felt beautiful too under Lindir’s attentions and he let himself be moved about and into the position of Lindir’s liking, spread eagled on the bed.

He noted the elf leaving him only briefly, to retrieve the bowl and spoon, then coming back to trace elvish runes onto his chest, belly and below using the chocolate-coated spoon.

Then the bowl was abandoned somewhere to his left and Lindir began kissing him, coaxing his body and mind to respond entusiastically.

Faramir rejoiced fleetingly at the fact he had not run away disgusted at the advances of another male; of course he was aware, though, of the fact that Lindir was one very adorable being and his gender was completely irrelevant in those moments, from a milion different reasons.

He mewled helplessly when one of his nipples was licked and teased with teeth, tongue and lips. Then, as Lindir went on to give the same treatment to the other nipple as well, Faramir’s arms came up to hug the lithe form and pull his lover closer, instigating a long and slow-burning kiss, thus earning the first appreciative moan from the elf.

Lindir made a point out of making his fantasy come true, licking the chocolate from all over Faramir’s body, including the places where it had drizzled into less frequented areas of the young man’s body. By the time he had his small pink tongue chase a trickle of chocolate around Faramir’s manhood and below , between his firm buttocks, Faramir was gasping and writhing uncontrollably, begging for something he could not name. Lindir just smiled and licked more ardently, only stopping when Faramir was chocolate-free. He decided then he also wished to sample the young man’s taste, so he swiped his tongue over the leaking head of his host’s shaft, and finding he liked the flavour, he delved for more and sooner than he expected, his mouth was accommodating Faramir’s length, feasting on it.

It felt strange and at the same very right for both of them. Neither had engaged in such activities before, but it simply felt like the natural thing to do at the moment, so it was no wonder that both of them were moaning softly and getting the most out of it.

Feeling Faramir’s writhing intensify and his muscles contracting beneath his palms, Lindir withdrew his mouth and closed his eyes for a moment, memorizing the clean, sweet taste of his lover.

“Why did you stop?” Faramir asked once he was able to form words, a pout on his flustered face.

“You will see, my Faramir. I want you to take me.” Lindir said blushing and making a real effort to look in Faramir’s eyes, which became dark with arousal from the mention of what was to come.

Lindir made to straddle Faramir’s hips, wanting to just do it and get to the pleasure part quicker, but Faramir stopped him and pulled him close into a hug.

“Not like this, lovely one. I do not wish to hurt you and I would love to savour your closeness a bit longer, as I am sure once I am inside you I will not last very long….”

With that said, Faramir dipped two fingers into the mousse and blindly reached down round the elf’s back to trace his cleft, coating it in the sweet slick cream. Lindir gasped at the cold wetness and at realizing what Faramir intended to do, but he melted in Faramir’s arms and let him do as he wished. He was very carefully placed on the bed and as soon as he spread his legs he was covered by his overly eager and excited lover, who reached down to kiss him sweetly before sliding lower.

“Hurry, Faramir, please!” Lindir begged, gently pushing the young man lower.

Faramir licked his lips as the elf’s most secret places were revealed to him, then he bent lower and took a swipe over the chocolate covered warm area, and then, as he got bolder, he began to clean the chocolate bit by bit, sensing the intoxicating taste of his lover underneath and wanting to get to it. Once Lindir’s entrance was exposed, he pressed a kiss to it and pressed his tongue against it until he was let in, savoring the power it gave him over the elf, who was now thrashing and begging above him. Instead of hurrying, he took his time enjoying the odd ride. It felt so right to do with Lindir all these things he’d never thought of doing before. The elf was so easy to love, although this had begun as bribe for the elf not to ruin his warrior’s good name!

Lindir’s writhing and hip-bucking made Faramir’s achingly hard member brush over the slick and quivering entrance, and the barely perceived sensation of his member lodged in there made Faramir snap out of his awe at the elf’s beauty. The male urge to claim and to possess took over and he hooked Lindir’s slim thighs over his arms, pushing in as slowly as his desire let him.

Lindir was amazed at the man’s control and at the fact he was feeling no pain whatsoever, only a feeling of completion, which became stronger and stronger as Faramir drove deeper within him. Opening his eyes to gaze at his lover, Lindir saw him shrouded in a soft pink mist and he trembled in shock. This could not be! Faramir could not be… He knew the pink mist was only seen by those being claimed for the first time by their soulmate. At least, it was what Elrond had once said… and no, he did not object to Faramir being his soulmate, but what were the odds? He had not known it, as it was also said all elves sense who their soulmate is. True, he had felt an immediate bond to the mortal young man, but…

Dazed by the discovery, he reached up and pulled his lover closer and deeper into him, rocking his hips against Faramir as much as his posture allowed him, and, feeling the inner warmth increase, he almost panicked at realizing that yes, he had been right.

When Faramir felt Lindir move against him, he began to carefully thrust in and out in long, languid moves, so that his lover would feel no discomfort, only pleasure. As he leaned over to kiss the elf’s perfectly arched lips, he felt like a circle was closing, like he belonged there in Lindir’s arms. To him it meant instant heartache, as he immediately thought of Lindir’s imminent departure once the commercial agreement was signed between the lords of their respective realms. Still he could not let go, determined to give his sweet lover as much pleasure as he could, unknowing that what they were doing was binding them together for all time.

Lindir’s eyes were wide open and tears began to trickle down his cheeks from what he was experiencing. First it had been the lack of pain, then the warmth, the pink mist and now he could actually see their faers joining, engulfing them both in one conscience and one soul.

So much pain and even death would lie ahead if Faramir did not acknowledge the bond and chose to say goodbye soon after their encounter, but one look at Faramir’s face reassured the elf. There was complete wonder and disbelief on the man’s face, as well as love and need.

As much as he wanted them to be joined like that forever, Faramir felt his climax approaching, much too soon for his liking, but he was powerless against the tidal wave that rose inside him. Grabbing his lover’s elegant silky length, he began to stroke it in time with his now stronger thrusts, leaning forward to be able to reach deeper, thus altering the angle and making Lindir tremble and cling to him all of the sudden.

“Have I hurt you?” Faramir panted, feeling the elf glued to him and shivering

“Nay, please… I beg you, do not stop! You are touching something inside…”

And Faramir did not stop, not before the most devastating pleasure washed over them both, drawing their essence from them.

“Gods… I think you enchanted me, Lindir… I never want to leave your side!” Faramir blurted out once he was able to speak.

“That is quite convenient,” Lindir answered, “As I am not willing to let you go. Ever.”

They snuggled up one against the other for a while, until Lindir asked:

“Why do you wish to keep your gift with sweets hidden? After all, it is a gift from the gods.”

“My father already thinks me weak and incapable, and he has no use for another cook, but great use for warrior sons. He thinks only women can and should be cooks.”

“Your father is rather foolish for his respectable age.” Lindir concluded aloud.

Faramir sighed, but did not contradict him.

“Plus, Boromir would laugh at me till the end of all time if he knew my chocolate mousse makes people horny.”

“He must take after your father then… because instead of laughing , he would be much better off finding a bedmate and trying some of your mousse…” Lindir chuckled.

“Are you going to leave me once Elrond and father reach an agreement?” Faramir heard himself asking out of the blue.

“Nay, and I wouldn’t want to even if I could. We are bound together now… love. I will go wherever you go from now on.”


“Yes, Faramir?”

“What is your craft? I realize now I know nothing of you!”

“I am a minstrel and I play the harp.”

“You are? Oh!” Faramir said in a bout of admiration. He had always wanted to be an artist, but his fate and heritage would not allow him…

“Should I sing something to you, my love?” Lindir asked, suddenly blushing. He never sang in public, only playing for his listeners. In fact, he had never sung with an audience, but with his new mate he wanted to cross some borders he had imposed on himself.

“I would love to, sweet one.” Faramir said, watching the elf sit up and admiring the silver cascade of hair.

He settled in a comfortable position, looking at the elf who took on a magical appearance as he sat naked on the bed, his entire figure bathed in silver light from the moon outside.

Lindir drew a deep breath and improvised something, drawing inspiration from the serenity and feeling of completion which had taken residence inside his heart.

When the shadows rise

High up to the skies

And the night is drawing near to me

Wonderful, woven memories,

Whisper gentle songs of glee

Songs of centuries

Of a great forgotten prophecy

Magical, forged in high heavens

Around your name, binding us so strongly

Awoken so mysteriously

On a night of cheerful revelry

Pledging elf to man eternally

What a ruse of destiny

For an earthly deal to stand

As the sign that held my heart in hand.

When he was done, he looked at Faramir with apprehension, fearing he had bored or scared the man with his voice. Instead, he found wet blue eyes watching him with sheer adoration and he felt safe. He did not regret pouring his heart into his first song heard by foreign ears, just as he did not regret coming to this city of men where love waited.

Faramir was finally able to admit to himself that great good could come from unmanly skills, even one as unusual as his. When the guests and the Gondorian nobility would wake from the chocolate-induced orgy, he would step forth and introduce his elf to them all, regardless of what his father and brother might say.

With a determined smile on his face, Faramir drew Lindir back next to him and they slept peacefully until the dawn of their first day as mates.


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7 Comment(s)

Oh mu god, that was so sweet! I had never thought of someone using Lindir, but it was perfectly suited to the story. It was wonderfully written, and well done. Exactly what I wanted with that request, thank you so much!

— wingy    Sunday 24 June 2007, 13:33    #

Thank you for the kind words, I admit I was quite tense and nervous to hear the reaction from the person who had requested the fic!
whew! :P

I’m happy if you are happy, in this regard! :)

I do what I can with what little I have. (Vin Diesel)

Kissa    Sunday 24 June 2007, 13:40    #

i enjoyed this story very much,you should more stories with faramir & linder,this was a good one.

sincerely chela — chela    Monday 25 June 2007, 6:07    #


I loved this, I so loved this… Lindir is an awesome elf! And Faramir, what a lovely man!

But well… The thing you name makes me ask…

Olet siä suomalainen?

wich is in english, are you from finland? For I really do think so. And yes, I myself am from Finland.

— Daraganyan    Friday 10 August 2007, 15:21    #

Dear Daraganyan,

I so wish I was from Finland! but I am not, unfortunately. I’m just fascinated with the country and some of its musicians… and one day I intend /hope to be able to live there.

Until then, thank you for your nice comment, and for taking the time to read the story! Comments mean so much to me! And I am always happy when I can make someone enjoy themselves with a fic of mine!
Thank you :)!

— Kissa    Friday 10 August 2007, 15:33    #

I never knew that Lindir was so sensual. He is an elf that is greatly suited to Faramir. This was great.

— balrog    Friday 7 September 2007, 1:42    #

Well Lindir’s been one neglected elf! And this story was written for a request, and… I guess everyone’s had their overdose of Faramir/Haldir… Linidir is not that tall or strong or hot… he’s smaller than most elves, cute and fragile. I chose him because I like to imagine him with white skin and completely white hair, almost an albino except for the cobalt blue eyes.. sorry for the long ramble, I am just so happy when someone likes my stories and leaves some feedback!

— Kissa    Friday 7 September 2007, 8:33    #

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