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Damned and Divine (R) Print

Written by Kissa

02 March 2008 | 921 words

Author’s note: written for the 25 fluffyfics at lj.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, I merely play with them. I will put them back before Tolkien comes to haunt me.
Prompt 7. Breakfast

When he came down into the main hall to have breakfast with the King, Faramir tried to look and act casual, but…

“Faramir, my friend, you look awful!” Éomer remarked, looking at the dark rings under his guest’s eyes and at his overall swollen face.

“Did you not find our beds to your liking? You look like you were run over by a herd of horny elven horses!” Éomer further put his foot into his mouth, and Faramir actually dared to glare at him.

Stop yakking, Éomer, you’re not helping! If you only knew it is because of you I could not catch one wink last night! Thought Faramir, sipping some tea and hoping somehow he would dissolve into the hot drink and disappear. All the people in the hall were watching him, and, from what he knew of the Rohirrim, he could almost see it in their minds: “The Gondorian emissary is being ridden by our King!” If only… He should approach Éomer and tell him they needed to find a solution to his haunting fixation.

Ever since he had arrived at Edoras, Faramir’s sleep at night had been filled with the same vision, which had begun shyly, as a mere erotic dream, then progressing into madness which knew no boundaries.

On the first night, all he had dreamt about had been King Éomer, undressing himself slowly, reveling in the act of exposing his skin to cool air and to Faramir’s greedy eyes. Never had Faramir seen such an icon of perfect masculine beauty. He was sure he preferred women, but he could not deny that the sight of a naked Éomer troubled him deeply. He had woken up at the exact moment when he was lowering his eyes to take in the sight of…

Éomer’s member. His horse had less, by the gods! On the second night, the more he looked, the more Éomer’s shaft grew, until his hands had reached out to touch it in wonder. Then the vision of his long-time friend had touched him in return, had kissed him savagely, taking his mouth and devouring it, then pulling away, turning around to let Faramir feast his eyes on the naughty rump, adorned with a magnificent tail of perky feathers, more beautiful than anything the Steward had seen. What the …?

Fuck. It had been the one thing on his mind during councils and negotiations. And again, he had wondered why Éomer and not Éowyn was the one inflicting this upon him. He nearly dreaded going near the bed. Still, all he could think and feel was Éomer writhing beneath him… and gods, the prospect of being ridden aroused him to no end! His dream had gotten more and more lewd, until Faramir feared something dreadful or embarrassing or both would happen.

“Faramir dearest, you are in need of special care!” the King decided on the spot.

When evening came and Faramir retreated, Éomer followed him to his chambers and asked for valerian tea to be served to them. When the infusion was brought, they sipped it chatting lightly. Éomer took off his robes and, left in his night clothes, he climbed into bed, frowning at a frozen Faramir. Lifting the covers, he indicated that the aghast man join him.

NO! Faramir knew this was not good… He would be discovered. But he was also making a fool of himself by not abiding by his host and friend’s requests. So he complied and settled carefully near Éomer under the covers.

“Clearly you have been having nightmares, and judging by your worn-out look, you have a succubus torturing you at night.” Éomer said softly, tucking the blankets over Faramir and making sure his friend was as comfortable and warm as possible.

“I had one of these succubi too,” Éomer said in a whisper.

“You did? What did yours look like?” Faramir asked without much censorship on his words.

“Uhm… Like you.” Came Éomer’s reply.

Faramir froze, his back pressed against his friend’s front.

“And what did you do against it?”

“I first went over my embarrassment, then asked Théodred to tuck me in and stay with me until I slept… in truth, these things can wear you out enough to kill you from exhaustion and need.” The King seemed to muse aloud.

“Why did you not let the dreams take their course? They are just dreams, and very pleasant at that…” Faramir asked.

“I care about you far too much to even want to consider that option! I thought it degrading at the time, and still do now, so… can we try to sleep now? We need to look good tomorrow at breakfast, Aragorn is joining us,” said Éomer.

Oh no! If the King arrives and finds me like this… what else could go wrong? Faramir thought, mortified.

At that very moment, Éomer shifted behind him and he felt something hard poke his butt. And he suddenly did not give a horse’s ass about how they would look at breakfast.


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And then I said, “Snerk!”

— Bell Witch    Tuesday 4 March 2008, 9:39    #

That’s what I said Bell Witch. This was great.

— balrog    Tuesday 18 March 2008, 5:48    #

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