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Quality Time (PG-13) Print

Written by Kissa

16 March 2008 | 700 words

Note: written for the 25 fluffyfics community on LJ, prompt “massage”

“I do not need pampering! I am not a babe!” Éomer said as Faramir gently carried him to a quiet room in a more secluded wing of the castle.

Faramir just kept on humming that annoying little tune of his as the Rohan king umph-ed and arrgh-ed in his arms. He hated the fact that it had taken Éomer getting injured in battle for them to spend some time together undisturbed.

To the wild king’s dismay, he had been scooped up from the pallet in the healer’s tent and taken into the castle, to a decent room with clean sheets and a nice warm bath.

“Admit it, Éomer. It is not so bad to be looked after, is it?”

A grunt was the only reply Faramir got from a now drowsy Rohirrim. The Gondorian smiled knowingly, thinking all the valerian he had spiked the king’s tea with had been more than enough to send a horse snoring. But he should have known the horse-lord would take longer to become pliant.

Now he could do what he wanted, unhindered.

He set his friend onto the chair at the foot of the bed and proceeded to undress him, mindful of the recent injuries his friend had sustained.

Realizing he had to re-dress the wounds, he went to fetch some clean bandages. He returned a few moments later, carrying some food and wine besides the items he needed to take care of his friend.

Setting the stuff onto the table, he was back at Éomer’s side, lifting him gently and lowering him into the warm bath which waited a few feet away.

Éomer was not asleep, only pleasantly caught in a daze, so he could enjoy the feeling of the water cleansing him and Faramir’s fingers spreading soap all over the places where he could not reach.

Faramir pondered for a while whether or not it was prudent to wash the blonde’s hair as well, but finally he decided to do it anyway, so he gently nudged his friend to sit back and allow him to better access..

Éomer’s hair was beautiful unlike anything Faramir had seen in a man, soft and silky even when wet. He carefully washed the hair and rinsed it, finishing off with a scalp massage that had Éomer purring.

As they were finished, Faramir wrapped his friend into a huge soft cloth and dried him, setting him on the bed.

“Breathtaking, “ Faramir thought as he allowed himself a second of indulgence in watching the king’s relaxed naked form. In Faramir’s eyes, no one, be it man, woman or elf had been so beautiful and heroic and… just great to be around! Ever since Boromir had passed, he had had no friends other than the king of Rohan, who never asked any questions, but always had a warm hug for him. And Faramir saw in this the chance to repay the blond Rohirrim’s kindness in a way by taking care of him after he had been injured, more severely than he had admitted.

As he re-dressed the wounds, he cringed at seeing one had been caused by a poisoned arrow. Luckily it had been thoroughly cleaned by the healers and now the torn flesh could mend itself.

Faramir found himself running his hands all over the muscular plains of his friend’s gorgeous body, enjoying the feel of soft skin beneath his fingertips, gently massaging tense muscles to chase knots from them. The prolonged tender stroking caused Éomer to purr once again, only this time he slid farther into the realm of dreams and gingerly curled up, pulling Faramir down onto the bed.

“Please… Faramir, stay and rest …with me… awhile.” Éomer whispered lazily, his words drowning into a yawn.

And Faramir could not find it in him to say no to the blond god.


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