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Written by Kissa

02 March 2008 | 759 words

Author’s note: written for the 25 fluffyfics at lj.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, I merely play with them. I will put them back before Tolkien comes to haunt me.
Prompt 6. Candles

He tried to shrink even further into the damp coat, feeling the cold bite at him. Henneth Annûn was the closest thing to heaven that he had even known, but he really, honestly hated autumn, with its melancholy and especially with its cold, seemingly never ending rains.

Long had the danger been removed from the idyllic wilderness of Ithilien, but the former Captain of Rangers still loved to come to this outpost whenever he sought the peace and serenity he needed in order to reflect on his decisions. He had spent each night since his arrival in candle-lit waking meditation, tormented by his feelings of shame and guilt, alone in the cave which used to once shelter three hundred men.

Éowyn had left him, blaming him for the notorious failure of their union, but her decision to return to Rohan had come as an actual relief for the Steward. Only now had his loneliness become even sadder, as he had to endure watching his secret and outrageous object of love parading happily on the arm of one of the most legendary beauties in both human and elven races. The fact that Queen Arwen knew of his secret did not make him less miserable…

The snap of a twig behind him jerked him out of his pensive mood and into alertness. He raised his eyes only to find himself staring into the warm eyes of his King.

“Your Majes… Aragorn?!? What the…?!?” He stammered, trying to plant a knee into the floor of the cave, in a graceless attempt to bow before his liege. He was frozen stiff though, and his sudden gesture earned him sharp pain in his joints, making him wince.

A hand, wearing a fingerless Ranger glove, came up to stroke his face, in an attempt to capture his attention and to calm him.

“Shh… I am sorry, dear Faramir, for upsetting you from your meditation. But you’ve been gone for a week now and we know you haven’t eaten… I was worried sick for you, my sweetheart.”

Sweetheart?! Was Aragorn playing a cruel game with him? Had the Queen told her husband of his shameful secret?

“Aye, sweetheart, my darling, beloved Faramir. This old fool left the warmth of his castle and dressed in his shabby Ranger garb, coming all this way to tell his foolish Steward that he is loved.”

Faramir had been minutely trembling before from the cold, but now it took on disastrous proportions as he began to shiver from the fear that he had begun hallucinating from the hunger and that he was nearing his end.

He was wrapped in a warm embrace and even warmer, soft lips kissed his temples.

“Faramir… we all love you back in Minas Tirith, we all need you greatly, as most of Gondor depends on your administrative skills!”

Oh, so this kind of love… Faramir thought, somewhat comforted by the fact that his silly illusions had been shattered.

“But most of all, Faramir, I love you. You needn’t feel like a monster and shy away. True, I was not comfortable in the beginning, as it is not common in any of the realms I’ve lived in, but I find, looking in my heart, that I do not mind it at all and that I love you right back, the same way you love me.” Aragorn spoke.

“And… the Queen?” Faramir asked, his voice threatened by a surge of tears.

Aragorn smiled and kissed him lightly before saying:

“My queen sends us her love and this furred cloak. She was the one who sent me out to bring our dear Steward safely home, where he belongs.”

With that, the King divested Faramir of his wet coat and he blew out the candles before cuddling with his smaller lover in the big warm cloak.

Faramir was beyond reply at the time, but he did not worry. Burrowing into his beloved’s warmth, nestled against the herb-fragrant chest, for the first time he felt happy and content to be in his shoes.


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I feel happy too!
Thank you!

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