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Happy Splashing (PG-13) Print

Written by Kissa

16 March 2008 | 500 words

Note: written for the 25fluffyfics prompt 10.: Bath

“But I am not that dirty! I washed last week and this week it rained on two days!” the Steward’s oldest son struggled with the maid. “Let me go! I do not wish to bathe now! I am too old to be treated thus! I am your lord! You cannot force me to bathe!”

The older, bigger woman smiled and let go of the struggling lord.

“So Lord Boromir cannot be persuaded to take a bath, not even if it means joining little Lord Faramir…”

She counted only one second before Boromir charged into the bathroom, throwing his tunic off outside the room. The woman picked it up and took it to the laundry staff, mumbling something unintelligible about the older young lord being a goat.

Inside the bathroom, there was Faramir, sitting in the tub, happily mewling at the maid scrubbing his back.

Boromir’s vision turned red for some reason at seeing the woman touching his little fourteen year-old brother like that. He growled menacingly and the woman left in a hurry, leaving the two brothers alone.

“Bora!” Faramir’s crystal voice resounded, water splashing all around as he stood up and, forgetting he was wet and naked, he jumped on his brother like a cat greeting his master.

Boromir had no choice but to support his little brother by planting his hands on the little scrawny butt, thus remaining vulnerable and open to the little one’s enthusiastic peck to his lips.

“Why did you do that for?!” Boromir jumped.

“I do not know, I felt like it! Welcome home, Boromir!”

Shaking his head, half amused and half worried at Faramir’s behavior, Boromir lowered him back into the tub and took off his clothes, joining his little brother in the tub. He did not wish to admit it to anyone else, but it did feel wonderful to be rid of the dust and filth of road and battle, as much as he hated bathing, which he deemed a practice for maidens and elves alone.

As he turned around to allow Faramir indulgence in his favourite bathroom treat washing his older brother’s beautiful blond hair Boromir mused about the dark stirring he felt in his groin as of late whenever he came home and he was faced with his brother uncaringly walking around in the raw. It wasn’t dark because it was evil, it felt dark because it carried anguish and apprehension along with the promise of something more, something he knew he shouldn’t seek in his sweet Faramir.

And yet, the fingers lovingly massaging his scalp quietly told him his unbrotherly demand would not be met with a refusal.


Kissa’s 25fluffyfics

1. Picnic 2. Hobbies 3. Sport 4. Dancing 5. Holiday
6. Candles 7. Breakfast 8. Dinner 9. Blankets 10. Bath
11. Massage 12. Hurt 13. Nightmare 14. Home 15. Birthday
16. Puppy/kitten 17. Jealousy 18. Gift 19. Flowers 20. Protection
21. Sunset 22. Parting 23. Reunion 24. Emotions 25. Fate
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Little fourteen year-old brother… Ha-ha! little fourteen year-old brother with goldish hair and the eyes as blue as the deepest water…Poor Boromir! Ha!

— Anastasiya    Friday 20 November 2009, 20:43    #

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