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Little Things (PG-13) Print

Written by Kissa

29 February 2008 | 625 words

Author’s Note: This is vanilla for you! Written for the 25fluffyfics challenge at LJ.
Disclaimer: These guys do not belong to me… sad, but true. I mean no harm, I just borrow them and promise to return them safely when we’re done playing.
Prompt: 1. Picnic

They had escaped for the day, Éomer taking along a basket full of goodies. Now, the blue eyes of his beloved friend widened impossibly larger when he took out an orange from the picnic basket and extended it to the Gondorian.

“Is that… an orange?” Faramir asked, with awe in his voice.

Éomer smiled sadly.

“Aye, it is… don’t you get them for Yule back at home?” He asked. The fruits were brought from Khand, but they weren’t that uncommon, everyone in Rohan could afford to buy them.

Faramir looked down and fidgeted, playing nervously with the hem of his tunic.

“Nay, father does not allow any Yule celebration or gifts… he says we grow spoiled.” Came his reply after some time.

Éomer’s heart tightened in his chest with sadness. He gave the orange to Faramir and saw him take it to his mouth, unpeeled.

“Wait, Faramir. Let me show you…” He began, taking out his knife and coming closer to peel Faramir’s orange. When he was done, he split the fruit and began serving it slice by slice to his dear friend.

Every slice of orange earned him a pleased mewl from Faramir, and from one slice to the next, the soft lips dragged along the piece of fruit and over his fingers more intently, the mewls becoming moans.

Éomer laughed as he gave Faramir the last slice.

“There’s more, if you wish for it.” He said, his eyes twinkling. Seeing his friend take so much pleasure from a small thing endeared him a great deal.

For a moment, Faramir seemed oblivious to him, having closed his eyes with a contented little smile on his face. Éomer realized he was trying to commit the taste of the fruit to his memory.

The Rohan lord reached over and pulled Faramir into his arms, letting him settle his head against the broad shoulder. Éomer’s hands came up to tenderly caress the lithe young man’s back in a comforting manner.

“Do not fret, for I am here now. I shall try to compensate for every little joy you missed out on, and I shall spoil you like you deserve.” He whispered into the auburn curls. He was younger than Faramir, but felt the need to cradle him, to spoil and to keep him safe.

“Why are you so gentle with me, Éomer? You know I have nothing to give you in return…” Faramir said, without raising his head from its comfortable position.

“Because I love you a great deal and hurt to see you sad or missing out on even the simple joys. For that you do not have to give anything but your happiness and your lovely smile in return.” Éomer gave back, speaking softly the warm truth of his heart.

It was a pleasant afternoon spent between friends, and the young horse lord spoke great words which Faramir filed away in a secret corner of his heart. They hadn’t yet reached majority, and little things were still enough to fill their world with joy and mirth. Had they known their friendship would open up the gates to something more, they wouldn’t have objected one single bit.


Kissa’s 25fluffyfics

1. Picnic 2. Hobbies 3. Sport 4. Dancing 5. Holiday
6. Candles 7. Breakfast 8. Dinner 9. Blankets 10. Bath
11. Massage 12. Hurt 13. Nightmare 14. Home 15. Birthday
16. Puppy/kitten 17. Jealousy 18. Gift 19. Flowers 20. Protection
21. Sunset 22. Parting 23. Reunion 24. Emotions 25. Fate
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So sweet, just the right tone

— insomerset    Friday 29 February 2008, 2:03    #

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