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Restless Sleep (PG) Print

Written by Kissa

16 March 2008 | 228 words

Note: A drabbly tidbit written for 25 fluffyfics on LJ.
Prompt: Blankets
A/N: Too sad even for my standards. Poor Faramir, knowing the future must have been such a burden for him!

Boromir was a restless sleeper. He did not have nightmares – or so he claimed – but at night he would always toss and turn, making the blankets roll into a sweaty bundle, and that unerringly left Faramir uncovered and shivering.
When the cold made it impossible for him to sleep on his side, he would nestle in Boromir’s embrace, and his older brother would welcome him even in his sleep, wrapping possessive and protective arms around him with a contented growl.
And Faramir would let him hold him tightly, the two of them sharing their body warmth to last through the cold night – Boromir was always hot for some reason.

Because there was no warming for his heart, chilled by the certainty that there would come a day when his beloved brother would be there to steal his blankets no more.


Kissa’s 25fluffyfics

1. Picnic 2. Hobbies 3. Sport 4. Dancing 5. Holiday
6. Candles 7. Breakfast 8. Dinner 9. Blankets 10. Bath
11. Massage 12. Hurt 13. Nightmare 14. Home 15. Birthday
16. Puppy/kitten 17. Jealousy 18. Gift 19. Flowers 20. Protection
21. Sunset 22. Parting 23. Reunion 24. Emotions 25. Fate
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Oh-so-heartwarming! How could you manage to put so many feelings into such a short story! Great! Thank you!

— Anastasiya    Friday 20 November 2009, 19:59    #

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