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Boromir’s Choice (G) Print

Written by Kissa

05 May 2008 | 239 words

Written for the 25fluffyfics challenge at lj
Prompt 18. Gift
Word count: 150 (drabble and a half )
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. I will put them back before Tolkien comes to haunt me.

A long time ago, when he was barely able to lift his sword, Boromir had strayed into the forest and, having lost his path back, he had had to sleep in the woods. He would return home by day.

While seeking for a place to rest, he had come upon an old man cornered by hungry wolves and bravely, he had fought the wolves and saved the man.

From underneath the shabby clothing, light had erupted and Eru had appeared before him. The lord of gods had smiled upon the gaping, but not at all terrified youth and he had told Boromir:

“For showing unmatched valor and a noble heart, I shall grant you one wish. Choose wisely, Steward’s son!”

Boromir had not needed much thought before speaking.

“If ever my brother should die an untimely death, take me instead. Let him live to see the White Tree in bloom.”


Kissa’s 25fluffyfics

1. Picnic 2. Hobbies 3. Sport 4. Dancing 5. Holiday
6. Candles 7. Breakfast 8. Dinner 9. Blankets 10. Bath
11. Massage 12. Hurt 13. Nightmare 14. Home 15. Birthday
16. Puppy/kitten 17. Jealousy 18. Gift 19. Flowers 20. Protection
21. Sunset 22. Parting 23. Reunion 24. Emotions 25. Fate
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3 Comment(s)

Sob – one can imagine the young Boromir asking for this boon. Too sad but lovely Thx

— Peersrogue    Saturday 28 February 2009, 11:48    #

And I understand very well why Boromir said it… Faramir is incredible!

— Anastasiya    Friday 20 November 2009, 20:34    #

Lovely and so moving!

Nerey Camille    Tuesday 14 June 2011, 14:46    #

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