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When the Sun Sleeps (R) Print

Written by Kissa

05 May 2008 | 183 words

Written for the 25luffyfics challenge at lj
Prompt 21. Sunset
WC 100 (drabble)
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and will return them before Tolkien comes to haunt me.

Anor was slowly letting herself slide to rest behind the horizon like under a blanket. The boy sitting at the window looked frightfully as darkness swallowed the world. Another restless night spent in fear.

The intruder he had not felt approaching wrapped him in strong arms and nuzzled his hair, moving it aside so soft warm lips could ghost over his neck.

“Boromir!” Faramir gasped, turning in his brother’s embrace.

“I have come to chase the monsters from under your bed, little one.” The older boy whispered.

Faramir climbed into bed and smiled, holding the blanket up.

“Are you coming?”


Kissa’s 25fluffyfics

1. Picnic 2. Hobbies 3. Sport 4. Dancing 5. Holiday
6. Candles 7. Breakfast 8. Dinner 9. Blankets 10. Bath
11. Massage 12. Hurt 13. Nightmare 14. Home 15. Birthday
16. Puppy/kitten 17. Jealousy 18. Gift 19. Flowers 20. Protection
21. Sunset 22. Parting 23. Reunion 24. Emotions 25. Fate
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Love it!

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