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Summer’s Bliss (PG-13) Print

Written by Angelstar3999

29 February 2008 | 1054 words

Title: Summer’s Bliss
Author: Angelstar3999
Beta: SisterSue1
E-Mail: You can reach me at llarsenangel@juno.com
Pairing: Faramir / Elrond
Rating: Pg-R
Disclaimer: The Characters in this story do not belong to me, I gain no profit from this story, and I own nothing!
Summary: While relaxing in bed with his lover Faramir talks about Ithilien in the summer and how relaxing it is and this gives his lover an idea.
Category: M/M, fluffy
Challenge is: Summer in Ithilien.

It was a nice summer day in Gondor and everything seemed to becoming brighter with each passing day. Gondor finally had its King back in its rightful place and the Dark Lord had been finally vanished for good this time. All of the city people where celebrating the good graces that had sprinkled over Gondor.

Even with the great lost the young steward who was still laying in the bed could proclaim that he was distressed. For even if he had become distressed from a nightmare or a painful memory he never stayed that way. His lover made sure of that.

Now at the moment he was laying down next to his lover of couple years as his lover made designs on his chest with his nail which caused young Faramir to purr in pleasure. He was at his happiest in his lover’s arms where he felt completely safe and cherished. Faramir had not felt like this since he had been young and use to crawl into the bed with his brother. Breaking from his daze he smiled as he looked in the passionate grey eyes of his lover and leaning up he caught his lover’s lips into a passionate tender kiss. After what seem to be like eternity he finally pulled back for need to breath as he laid his head on his lover’s chest and snuggled up to him. As he snuggle he could feel the shaking of someone laughing. Looking up Faramir gave the other male a small sleepy glare.

“Comfy, elle mela nin1,” his lover rumbled from above Faramir’s head as he tighten his arms around Faramir’s waist.

“Mmmm… very and you?” whispered Faramir. He was quite relaxed and very happy. The only bummer was that he would miss summer in Ithilien. He so love spending summer in Ithilien especially spending time with his Ranger out in the open under the stars. Faramir was drawn out of his thoughts when he felt a hand tickle slightly under the waist band of his pants.

“What…” squeaked Faramir.

“Ah so I finally got your attention elle mela,” Elrond stated.

“I am sorry, Melamin2, I guess I was lost in my thoughts,” replied Faramir as a slight tint of pink spread across his face.

“And what that be elle mela,” Elrond teased Faramir as they snuggled under the covers on the bed.

“Well it just that… oh never mind it is not important,” stated Faramir not wanting the time together to be ruined, because of his down thoughts.

“Ah, but they must be important if you drift off into your thoughts so deeply, tell me tiri mir nin3,” Elrond teased as he swiped his tongue out on the shell of Faramir and attached his lips to the earlobe as he nibbled on it. Knowing for a fact that Faramir had a great weakness to having his ear nibbled on and would break down easily. It was great information to know when you wanted to get something from you stubborn Ranger.

“I… ahhh… was… ahh… thinking of a time… uhhh… a… time…” Faramir tried to finish his sentence, but the sensation was too much for him and his mind was going to a blissful tearm.

“And what where you thinking, tiri mir nin” Stated Elrond as he let go of Faramir’s ear. Chuckling at the Faramir’s cries of protest. “Now tiri mir nin, would you like to say something?” cooed Elrond.

“Uhhh…. I was thinking of Ithilien and how wonderful it is during the summer, but this year I won’t be able to go,” sighed Faramir.

“Is it better than here?” Teased Elrond as he grinded his hips into Faramir and brushed his erection against his lover causing Faramir to release a strangled gasp of air.

“Ummm no, it is not, but I do miss sleeping under the stars… and being surround with something that is actually alive it much better than living in the lifeless stone walls.” Muttered Faramir.

“You astonish me tiri mir nin, you act more like an elf than a man,” crooned Elrond as he nuzzled Faramir’s neck trying to make him feel better. “Maybe I can steal you from Estel for a couple months and show you around Imladris, we could spend time in the library or go do to the Burien and I can introduce you to my chief advisor and Captain, Erestor and Glorfindel. Doesn’t that sound fun tiri mir nin?” Elrond hummed as he straddled his lover’s waist pinning the younger one under him. Smiling down at his lover he remembered when he had met little Faramir. It was one day a couple years ago when some of the Ithilien Ranger came on the meeting and they found they had a lot of things in common, but then again he did not want to think about this right. What he really wanted was to enjoy his day off with his beloved one, before he had to go back and help the other healers help around the city which was being rebuild after all the damage from the war.

“Elroooooooooonnnd…” cooed Faramir trying to get his lover come back from whatever thoughts had taken him away.

“Yes, my little one,” Elrond purred as he took in the sight of his lover and how much he had grown over the years. He had not age, but then again it was in his blood, but he had grown a couple more inches and to Elrond’s delight had much longer hair.

“What are you up to?” Faramir suspiciously asked as he saw the possessive glow in Elrond’s eyes intensify. But the only answer he got was a lustful grin as Elrond pounced.


1 My Little Love – elle mela nin (My – nin; Little – elle; Love – mela)

2 My love – Melamin

3 My bright jewel – tiri mir nin

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