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Arguments Solve Nothing (R) Print

Written by Angelstar3999

21 June 2008 | 2363 words

Title: Arguments Solve Nothing
Author: Angelstar3999
Beta: SisterSue1
Pairing: Faramir/Elrond
Rating: R
Feedback: You can reach me at llarsenangel@juno.com or angelstar3999@yahoo.com or use the form below.
Disclaimer: The Characters in this story do not belong to me, I gain no profit from this story, and I own nothing!
Warning: Slash, slight bondage
Summary: Faramir and Elrond have an argument after a very tiring day and they both leave thing unsaid. Will they be able to make up.

Written for the 2008 Midsummer Swap.

Request by Sivan Shemesh: Faramir/Aragorn, or Faramir/Elrond. Angst, h/c, make up sex after stern arguement.

Staring forward, Faramir absently listened to the meeting that was currently going on. He nodded his head ever so often, even though he was not quiet sure what was actually being said at the moment. His mind was occupied with something else entirely and he could not get his mind to focus on the current issue. The problem all started a couple days ago after a tiring day. He had just wanted to relax and spend time with his lover; but that thought went out the window when he arrived back to their room. Sitting back Faramir grimaces as he remembered the conversation as if it happened only yesterday.

Flash Back

Trudging down the hall, Faramir finally made it to his room. As he opened the door he met up with his lover’s angry gaze. He knew just by the look that he was in for the long haul and frankly, at the moment, he did not want to deal with it.

“You’ve been over-working yourself again, I see” Elrond sternly remarked as he pulled his lover over to the bed and helped Faramir change into his night clothes. “I thought I told you to take it easy Meleth. You are still healing.”

“It cannot be helped. The King needs my help to repair the damage to the city. I can not just leave him to do all the work.” Faramir was exasperated.

“There are other people who can help Estel to help fix the city. You need to rest Faramir. You have just gotten out of the house of healing halls. Do you really want to go back so soon?” hissed Elrond as he looked down at Faramir.

“Of course not, but my King needs my help” Faramir tried to reason.

“If he is more important than your health and me then maybe I should leave,” Snarled Elrond as he stormed out of the room, obviously agitated.

Turning over, Faramir reached out as if to stop Elrond, but it was too late as he cringed at the slamming of the door. Turning over he felt his stomach turn as he realized what had just happened right then and there. They had a very horrible fight, unlike any they have had before. Cursing, Faramir flopped down as he laid there and closed his eyes. Why couldn’t he just let Elrond get his way for once after all? It would not be so bad to relax and take it easy for a couple days. Sighing, he closed his eyes as he drifted to sleep only waking up when he felt the bed dip a while later. He once again entered the land of dreams.

End of Flash Back

Shaking his head he stood up. He heard King Elessar call the meeting to an end. He slowly collected his papers.

“Faramir, stay behind for a while, we need to talk,” Elessar firmly stated as he stared at his tired and weary steward.

Looking up Faramir nodded his head as he took a seat. He jumped slightly when Eleanor came in and placed two plates on the table..

“A couple days I was shocked to find myself faced with a very agitated Lord Elrond storming into my office and giving me the look that he often did when I was in trouble as a child. So it was a surprise to me when he told me that I needed to stop working my steward into exhaustion every night. Of course I did not know what he was going on about…” Elessar paused and stared directly at Faramir. Faramir squirmed, ducked his head and started eating. “I see… So you do not know… Mmmm well that does make it a little difficult my steward. I do love my Ada, but if you do not know what he is talking about then I have to wonder.” Elessar paused as Eleanor moved into the room again refilling their drinks and handing a note to the flustered Faramir.

“No Sire… I am not sure what you speak of.” Faramir stated. He paused for a while to place the note safely in his breast pocket.

“I see will then. I am sorry to do this to you, my steward, but I am going have to send you to your rooms on request that you rest and recuperate.” Elessar firmly stated as he sipped his drink.

“What, but Sire I cannot just leave you here to do all the work!” Faramir stuttered as he stared wide eye at his King.

“My steward,.” Elessar sighed as he rose from his chair. “Mark my words I am not punishing you. I find all your help and work so far to go beyond expectations, so try not to see this as punishment. I am worried about your health and much like Elrond I do not want you to become sick again. My feelings for you have grown since I met you and I truly see you as a brother in my eyes. So as friends and family, please do me a favor and go rest.” Elessar pulled his shaken steward into his arms and hugged him tightly. “Now my steward, I want you be on your way. No arguments. I have asked Legolas to sit in for you. Let him look over your notes and everything will be fine.” Elessar lead his dazed steward out the door catching a swish of dark hair in the corner of his eye. As he led Faramir through the halls they spoke of simple things until they reached Faramir’s room. Elessar nodded his head as he bid Faramir farewell before heading back in the direction he came from.

Faramir slowly opened the door as he waved to the king. He truly did not want to be here, but apparently he did not have a choice in the matter. As he took off his formal garment he noticed one of his lover’s over-shirts lying carelessly on the bed. Walking over he picked it up and pressed it to his bare chest. He took in the scent of his beloved. Tears entered his eyes and he angrily blinked them away as the emotion rose in him. He knew that this time the argument was his fault and the fact that he had not seen his beloved in a while was also his fault. Sighing he pulled the shirt over his head and slipped under his covers allowing the scent of his lover to sooth him. “I am sorry Elrond; I did not mean to drive you away. You were right I should have just taken some days off. Please just come back.” Faramir whispered as his eyes drooped and finally closed as he was taken away to garden of dreams. He did not see the dark haired figure smirk in the doorway as he quickly exited

Many Hours Later

Elrond strolled into as his face split into a wide toothless grin at what greeted him. There was his stubborn lover twisted in their sheets as his shirt engulfed him making him look more enticing than he usually did. Gently brushing a hand over his beloved face as he tucked a stray strand out of the way he smirked. Tonight was the night to do what he planned and he had no time to waste. Carefully Elrond set his bag of goodies that he brought with him and got to work. First he pulled out some silk scarves and quickly tied up his lover so his legs and arms were tied up. Biting his lip Elrond help back his laughter as his little love only snuggled deeper into the blankets.

“Mmm maybe I added a little too much of the sleep draught to your drink.” Elrond muttered under his breath as he ran his hand lovingly over Faramir face.

Smiling he started to set up his supplies placing some of the bath oils in the bathing room for later and putting some lavender oil on the night stand. After grabbing the next set of scarves he slowly sat down upon the bed making it dip as he gently and quickly tied the last of the scarves over Faramir’s eyes so when he woke he would not be able see what was going on. Leaning forward Elrond placed a light kissed Faramir’s next and slowly made his way downward stopping where the next met shoulder to give it a sharp nip. Lifting his head he stared at his sleeping lover as he frowned maybe he should of laid off the sleeping draught.

“Come on Meleth, time to wake up.” Whispered Elrond as he claimed his beloved lips in a bruising kiss smiling as he felt Faramir shift and moan.
“Wha…” Faramir groggily replied as he opened his eyes to be surrounded my darkness and pleasurable sensation that surrounded him. Trying to stretch he paused as he felt his arms were enclosed in a soft silky binding. Checking Faramir tried to move his legs as well finding that he could not move them that far and like his arms his legs were surrounded in silky soft cloth that firmly held his legs in their place. He was completely at the mercy of the person above him and in all since terrified him. “What is going on here?” Faramir finally managed say as he felt the nimble fingers pull down his sleeping trousers while he felt the tongue trail lower and lower.

“What does it look like my nervous fawn we are working out our problems in a more hands on way that seems to work much better then talking.”

His eyes snapped open under the scarf as his lovers voice sent chills up and down his spine. “Problems, what problems?” Faramir mumbled as his breath hitch went he felt a cool wet digit slip into his opening. Swallowing hard Faramir felt everything seem to heat up very fast.

“Well let us see. First there is the problem of you working yourself into exhaustion and then there is the fact you do not listen to good advice from your personal healer.” Elrond paused as he nipped at his lover thigh and slipped in second figure into his lover’s tight opening all the while listening to exotic sounds coming from above.

“Mmm there is also the fact that you do not let your self heal from the previous wounds that you received from the war. So instead of fighting until one of us walks out angry I am going to take charge and make sure that you are well taken care of . Now enough talk.” Elrond purred as he kissed around Faramir’s opening only to add another figure when he felt Faramir was ready.

Gasping Faramir felt his body come alive as his lover took complete an utter control of the situation. “EL…R…O…N…D”

“Yes my little Fawn what is it?” Elrond cooed as he pulled the oil and slicked himself up as he felt ready to explode.

“Enough talk… more action…” Faramir was able to gasp out as he felt Elrond slowly push into him until he was all the way in. Breathing hard Faramir tried to catch his breath as fullness settled around him and he tried to lift his hips up to create more fiction only to hear his lover’s laughter overwhelming his senses.

Shifting Elrond aimed for the special gland that drove his beloved crazy and hit it with full accuracy causing Faramir to cry out in surprise. Leaning forward he claimed Faramir’s lips as he started thrusting in and out going faster by the minute. It was not very long before he felt Faramir’s mussels tightens and the blinding white stares as everything exploded around him and his lover.

Coming done from his high Faramir wiggles as he felt more than heard Elrond grumble. Biting his lip he held back his laughter as he heard Elrond mutter incorrectly about randy stewards and being unappreciative.

“That was wonderful beloved, but you do know that this doesn’t solve his problems.” Faramir mock sternness as he felt the clothes being removed from his eyes. Looking up he watched as Elrond’s ageless eyes dance with amusement as he leaned forward kissing Elrond lightly on the lips.

“So I am guessing that our door spy is gone.” Faramir humorously replied.

“Yes, he left before we got more engaged and after I started lecturing you. Really Estel is such worrisome creature. If I wanted to lecture you and talk out our problems I could have just as easily spoken through our bond.” Replied Elrond as he tried to keep a straight face failing miserably.

“So did he actually buy the whole thing.” Faramir asked as Elrond untied him.

“Yes, quiet so, who knew having a mock fight would cause Estel to give you time off. I for one am thankful, but I still find what he said quiet interesting.” Elrond mused as he snuggled into his lover after cleaning of what was left of their lovemaking.

“And what would that be?” Faramir question behind a yawn.

“That life is sort and that Arguments solve anything.” Elrond chuckled as he remembered their talk earlier that week. Snuggling up to his lover, as he looked into the glazed over eyes of his sleeping beloved. “Goodnight Meleth.” Elrond whispered as he to joined Faramir in the land of dreams not noticing the note fall out of Faramir discarded shirt and fall to the ground and open on its own accord.

“I will see you tonight beloved, and I am sorry for earlier this week. Hopefully are talk yesterday helped.
Eternally Yours,

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I loved your story! Thank you for sharing it. :)

— Morwen    Wednesday 30 December 2009, 1:06    #

Haha, wow. I liked the idea ;)

— Laivindur    Monday 20 February 2012, 23:46    #

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