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Finding Hope (NC-17) Print

Written by Angelstar3999

19 June 2010 | 3868 words

Title: Finding Hope
Author: Angelstar3999
Beta: Saki-Hanaijima
Pairing: Faramir/Aragorn, Elladan/OMC-(Durel)/Elrohir
Rating: R-NC-17
Feedback: You can reach me at llarsenangel@juno.com or angelstar3999@yahoo.com
Disclaimer: The Characters in this story do not belong to me, I gain no profit from this story, and I own nothing!
Summary: Aragorn and Faramir head out for an scouting mission leaving Boromir in charge of running the kingdom, while they check out the vast Kingdom and see what needs to be fixed and which place has the most damaged. During their scouting they have a surprised attack where Faramir and Aragorn are separated. Now Aragorn will need all the help he can get.
Category: Challenge-Challenge issued to writer, H/C Hurt/comfort, M/M homosexual relationship (Slash), established relationship

Written for the 2010 Midsummer Swap.

Request by Minx: Post war Aragorn/Faramir, where they’ve probably just embarked on a relationship, so they’re an established couple but F is still a little shy around Aragorn. Boromir is alive and supportive of the A/F relationship and generally plays smart steward+captain general and protective brother. F gets hurt, reasonably badly – an orc attack would be good, gets rescued and needs much tlc from A and B… it would be great if F is for the most part either wet and shivering (the orcs could have pushed him into a river or it could be raining?) and / or nekkid. The more explicit the better.

Aragorn trudge through the mud as he cursed every name that he could think of. He should have been paying more attention to what was going on around them. If he had been more alert he wouldn’t be in this position and Faramir wouldn’t be missing. As he stepped up, Aragorn wiped the mud off of his face he needed to get in contact with his brothers and call for help. This incident called for a team effort and the faster he got in contact with his brothers the faster he would be able to find Faramir.

Wiping his brow he stopped as he pulled out his sword when he heard a loud crunch and some cursing. He swiftly turned around, with his sword drawn ready to attack when he came face to face with Boromir and his gwadors1 Elladan, Elrohir and their mate Durel.

“Well pleasant meeting you here, gwador, do you mind removing your sword…” Elrohir placed his hands up in defeat as he watched Estel put his sword down and placed it back in it sheath.

“Now would you like to tell me what is going on, and which monster did you run into…” Elladan lips straighten out as he took in his tithen gwador2 and his appearance. He looked like he had a fight with a nature and nature had won, big time.

“Where is Faramir…?” Boromir looked around.

“The question is how the four of you got here at this time.” Aragorn looked at the four people in front of him.

“We heard there was an uprising around this area and we remembered that you and Faramir were in this area so we hurried here as quickly as we could.” Durel spoke up for the first time his startling blue eyes taking in Estel’s appearance which was not one to his liking.

“And who is watching over Gondor at the moment…” Aragorn eyebrow raised upwards much like Elrond’s when he was facing his sons, which normally made his sons squirm.

“Erestor and Imrahil are filling in for us at the moment. Ada3 is also there helping in the healing wings he was really hoping to see you Estel.” Elladan smiled at his tithen gwador who was now doing the squirming in mud cracked, blood stained clothes.

“Now that we know where you are, Sire… could you possible tell me where my little brother is?” Boromir stared straight ahead as Aragorn started to tell his story.

Faramir glared up at his capture as he did not know what else to do at the moment. It was not an orc at all, but a fellow man that he had known since childhood and had been one of his teachers.

“Your father will pay… Faramir I am just sorry that I had to drag you into this whole mess…” Irvin smirked as he took a bite of the meat from near the fire where he sat watching Faramir who was tied to the tree.

“Your insane, my father is dead… he set himself on fire. It is my brother who is steward and captain now and Gondor is run by King Aragorn.” Faramir face snapped back as he heard the blow, before he felt it.

“You lie… Denethor is still alive your just saying that he is dead so we will let you…” Faramir leaned back from the stale breath and grungy yellow teeth.

“Stop… I would like to hear what one of my best pupils has to say…” Irvin smirked with an insane look on his face.

“I was there…” Faramir grimaced at the pain in from the pain of old wounds from the war. “He was proclaimed dead from fire inhalation and burns and I was there when we cremated the remains that were left.”

“You lie… he has to be alive…”

“Well boys if he won’t tell us the truth then we will have get it out the hard way…” Irvin’s lips twitched as his eyes hardened.

Faramir face paled as he looked at his captures and he knew that he was not going to come out in one piece. The last thing he remembered before everything went dark was a sharp hit to his head.

Two hours later…

Faramir couldn’t separate reality from illusion anymore. He had cuts on his cuts and his now tormentors were still going at him mentally all the while he was running out of energy to stay awake. As these men had been tormenting he reminded himself of the people he had back home who he loved and cared about. His brother Boromir who was one of his best friends, his new friends Éowyn, Éomer and Erestor who he enjoyed spending time with and most of all his lover Aragorn who he had been with before the war of the ring and had met when their two groups of Rangers had crossed paths.
As he moved his wrist carefully as to not alert his captors who were all asleep at the fire he smirked as he finally released his hands from their binding and with no time to waste he untied his legs and slowly got up and crept away trying to make sure he made little nose as possible. He hurt all over, but at least he was not a captive anymore at least for the time being. Now he had to make tracks and fast to get somewhere where he could get some help.

Moving through the wooded forest he made sure to make false leads to throw anyone off that was trying to follow him.

As Aragorn and his team moved in on this group of men all sitting by the fire, his eyes narrowed as he recognized his attackers and the ones that took Faramir. He motioned for everyone to be quiet as Boromir whispered to him that one of them had been had been their instructor when they were children and had been outlawed from Gondor when he was found breaking one of their most important law in the city. He remembered Irvin had said he would get his revenge on their father for what he had done and now if he was the reason his brother was missing Irvin would be lucky to walk away with his life.

Motioning to his brothers to pull their weapons and surround the group, Aragorn planned a surprise attack on this group as they jumped out startling the group awake with their weapons drawn. He watched as they fumbled around and fell down in an unorganized heap.

“I suggest you start talking…” Durel’s look pierced the men he had as his sword inches away from one of the men’s throat.

“I have nothing to say to you…” the disheveled man spat out.

“You can either talk to me, or you can talk to him…” Durel pointed to Aragorn as his blade nicked the man while digging closer to his throat. “Your choice…”

“Drahil, just speak to the elf and do not do anything stupid…” Irvin spoke up as he looked for Faramir. When he noticed that he was gone he silently cursed the boy and his ability to disappear at the worst time.

“I have nothing to say…” Drahil spat at the ground.

“How about we start with why you attacked the king of Gondor and his consort.” Boromir looked at Irvin straight in the eye. “Would you like to answer that Irvin?”

“I do not know what you are talking about Boromir; Gondor is run by your father… I haven’t heard about the King taking the throne back as of late.” Irvin tried to keep calm which was really hard when you had a pissed off elf with a blade held to your neck.

“My father is dead… he died during the war of the ring when he tried to set Faramir and himself on fire he only succeeded in setting himself on fire and ending his own life.” Boromir’s eyes narrowed. “Now I would like to know where my little brother is and do not try to lie, my King told me it was you who was the one that kidnapped Faramir when you attacked him from out of know where. You do know that is considered treason and means your punishment would be a death sentence.”

“No I did not, but I can honestly say that I do not know where your brother is. As you can tell it is just me and my three men.” Irvin felt the tip of the blade and he cursed himself for drinking that last ale. If he had not consumed so much of that drink then he would be more clearly headed to fight and he knew he could take these people. He had taught at least one of them, the other three he assumed where elves and an elf lover.

“Tie them up, and let us see if they can share more information when they are back in prison in Gondor.” Aragorn spoke firmly as he looked around wondering where Faramir was and if he escaped, which he believed was what happened, where he could be at the moment.

After rounding up the men, Aragorn tied them up into the back of the wagon he really did not want to see them right now and then he gagged them so they could not complain his main concern right now was his lover.

As Faramir made his way through the woods and out into the clearing where he saw a settlement and he was really thankful to see one. He was about to make another move when a hand grabbed him from behind. Thinking it was one of his attackers he tried to put as much effort of escaping which was not much considering what he had been through.

“Easy there Mellon-nin4… It is I, Legolas…” Legolas voice echoed into his ear. “What happened to you?”

“A lot, but I am pleased to see you…” Faramir turned around as he watched Legolas face turn from friendly to pale and concerned. “I must look a sight.”

“What has happened Mellon-nin?” Legolas usher Faramir over to his small band of elves.

“Well it is a long story…” Faramir smiled weakly as he tried to put light into the situation.

“We have all the time in the world… I will have one of my warriors search for Aragorn who is most likely looking for you now…” Legolas smiled as he helped Faramir sit down and take a sip of water

“Mmm… yes so we do…” Faramir enjoyed the fresh water that trickled down his throat. As he felt Legolas start to patch him up he started to tell his story of what had happen since he left Gondor with Aragorn.

After a while Faramir felt himself become groggy as his eyes started to droop and he felt that it was safe enough to go to sleep among his friend and his company.

Aragorn slowly made his way through the woods as he and his group seemed to have a dark cloud hanging over their heads. Boromir most of all looked ready to kill someone and he at the moment did not have a problem with turning the other way just to see justice served. As they made it to the entrance to the woods they all stopped and became alert when they heard the sound of horses coming in their direction. Being ready for anything the group pulled out their weapons only relaxing when they saw who was approaching their group. It was a couple of Mirkwood elves who when approached them stopped in front of them.

“Mae Govannen5, Estel…” Silinde greeted the young disheveled king of Gondor who would always be the cute little child he had met back in Imladris.

“Mae Govannen, Silinde… What brings you here?” Aragorn training kicked in as he greeted Silinde.

“We came in search of you Pen-neth6…”

“Really… and what may I ask can I help you with?” Aragorn sheathed his sword.

“Well on our way to Gondor, we came across the most of odd of sights…” Silinde started as he rode up next to Estel horse. “I do believe that you are missing one Faramir son of Denethor. Well we know where he is and I believe that he is waiting for you with our dear Prince Legolas just beyond that point…”

Aragorn eyes widen as he reached over and engulfed Silinde in a hug who only laughed in return his joyful nature spreading across the whole group.

Not waiting a moment sooner, both Aragorn and his brothers followed Silinde and his group back in which they came from excited that they would not have to wait any longer to find their dear Faramir.

As Aragorn jumped from his horse when he came into the temporary camp that Legolas and his companions had made. As he made his way to Legolas tents he entered without knocking, or giving Legolas a warning. He found his friend leaning over a half-naked Faramir cleaning his back as his lover was fast asleep.

“Mae Govannen, Estel…” Legolas rang out as Aragorn felt Boromir come behind him. He could not take his eye off of Faramir as he was a beautiful sight to behold, but then he took in all the wounds and he swore that man would pay for everything that he had put Faramir through.

“How is he?” Aragorn kneeled on the other side.

“He is currently sleeping, but his injuries worry me and not only the physical, but the emotional as well. Remember betrayal can just be as hurtful as the physical pain.

“I am not sure that he should be moved tonight…” Legolas smiled at his friend as he watched him run a hand through Faramir’s hair.

Boromir kneeled next to his brother as he placed a kiss on his brow on top of his little one’s head. Just seeing his brother here sleeping peacefully made him smile.

“I will be outside with you brothers, Sire…” Boromir bowed as he exited the tent.

Aragorn and Legolas nodded as they watched over Faramir as they interacted with each other waiting for Faramir to wake from his slumber.

“Mmm… Aragorn…” Faramir groggily as his eyes cracked open. Taking a deep breath he sighed deeply enjoying the warmth that surrounded him just after he woke up.

“Meleth-nin, welcome back…” Aragorn leaned over and kissed him on his uninjured cheek make a line down to the corner of Faramir’s lip. As he took a hold of Faramir’s lips he grinned as Faramir smile into their kiss.

“Aragorn…” Faramir smiled as Aragorn broke their kiss. “I am so pleased to see you.”

“I am very happy to you too…” Aragorn grinned as he was careful not to cause any pain to Faramir’s back side as he helped him sit up with the help of Legolas who was patiently waiting for any instruction.

“How are you feeling? Are you in any pain?” Aragorn went into healer mode as his Ada had taught him when helping your patients.

“I am fine, Aragorn. You worry too much.” Faramir squirmed slightly under his lover’s gaze.

“How is your back?”

“It is slightly sore, but other than that I am fine.” Faramir smiled.

“I wish you would tell me when you are hurt Meleth-nin, you worry me…” Aragorn kiss Faramir on lips as he pulled out some salve that he brought with him incase they got hurt and handed some of it to Legolas to help with putting the salve on while he distracted Faramir.

“Is there anything else I should know?” Aragorn placed light kisses on his lips. He could not get enough of Faramir. He had not known how much he would miss Faramir’s presence until it was not there next to him and now that he had Faramir back he was not going to release him anytime soon.

“There … Mellon-nin that should feel much better, and now I must exit.” Legolas kissed his friends cheek and then kissed Aragorn cheek. “Sleep well Faramir, Estel.”

Aragorn smiled as he watched Legolas leave the tent, before he turned his attention back to Faramir as he heard the entrance flap swing behind him.

“Just a minute…” Aragorn got up as he spied his brothers, and friends outside interacting, before he tied the entrance flaps together.

“Now is there anything that you left out, Faramir?” Aragorn started placing light kisses along Faramir’s jaw line and making his way done his next. This one of his favorite parts of the end of the day was to spend time with Faramir and cuddle.

“I am fine… It is just my back…” Faramir smiled as he took a hold of Aragorn’s lips.

“I am fine physically, but emotionally I feel betrayed. I trusted Irvin, he was my teacher when I was little and knows quite a bit about my brother and I.” Faramir’s eyes darkened.

“Faramir, I promise for what he did he will pay. Boromir and I will make sure of it.” Aragorn eyes lit up with the fire that burned brightly in his eyes.

“Do we need to talk about this at the moment as I really do not want to think about this man.” Faramir eyes darkened as he took in Aragorn’s outfit and hard chest.

“No we do not need to talk about anything you do not want to talk about.” Aragorn hummed as he claimed Faramir’s lips while he ran his hands done Faramir sides pulling him closer. “I believe that I can find much more memorable things for us to do. We have the tent to ourselves.”

“Yes we do.” Faramir ginned as Aragorn switched their positions so Faramir was now lying on top of him and he was on the bottom.

“Let us loose all these annoying clothes… What do you think?” Aragorn did not wait for an answer he claimed Faramir lips grinning when he felt Faramir grip tighten on his thighs as he felt his strings loosen which he was thankful for as it was becoming really uncomfortable and tight in his pants. As he felt Faramir’s hands take a hold his hardness he groaned into Faramir as he broke the kiss trying to catch his breath.

“Mmmm Faramir…” Aragorn released a low Growl as he yanked Faramir’s pants down as he teased Faramir while he breached Faramir with his finger only going half way. Grabbing the salve he coated his fingers he wanted to find completion inside Faramir.

When he with drew he chuckled throatily at the half hearted protest. He hummed as he teased Faramir, before breaching him this time with two fingers. As he made sure Faramir was will prepared he hummed as Faramir ranked his nails down his chest.

“Prepare me, Meleth-nin…” Aragorn took the slave and dipped Faramir fingers into the salve as he hissed when Faramir’s hand spread the cold salutation all over his hot sensitive skin. Taking a hold of Faramir’s lips he aligned himself with Faramir’s open as he slowly breached him inch, by inch until he was fully with him.

“Mmmm… You can move now Meleth…” Faramir squirmed around as he heard Aragorn hiss and groan as he smirked down at his husband.

As he lifted Faramir he brought him down enjoying the gasps that came from beloved, as he made sure to hit the right place within, Faramir that would make him feel a lot of pleasure.

“Hmm… Ride me…” Aragorn feeling well relaxed as he enjoyed the heat surrounding.

“As you wish…” Faramir took a hold of Aragorn lips as he lifted himself off of Aragorn and then slammed right down. Soon he had started a quick rhythm with Faramir as he went from slow and torturous to quick and fast. He could feel that he was close and as he reached his peak he clenched around Aragorn sending him over. As he collapsed on top of Aragorn he hummed when Aragorn ran his hands through his hair not moving, or shifting. This was perfect as he relaxed and closed his eyes that last thing he heard was Aragorn chuckling as he pulled the blanket over their bodies.

Meanwhile on the outer edges, the twins relaxed with Durel with in their lap and Legolas laughing from across from his arm wrapped around Silinde as they kiss lightly.

“I hope that Boromir does not try to visit his little brother during the night. It might not be a good idea especially with the look that Estel was giving Faramir.” Legolas’s eyes were dancing with mirth.

“Could we please not talk about what our tithen gwador is doing, Legolas.” Elrohir nose scrunched up as Durel kissed him on his lips.

“Oh… stop that… Elrohir.” Durel laughed as Elladan pulled him close and dipped, before kissing him on the lips.

“We cannot help it… Meleth… He is our pen-neth…” Elladan hummed.

“And what did you think that Faramir and Aragorn do when they are alonem make mud pies…” Silinde arch his eyebrow as he squirmed when Legolas pinched his backside in warning.

“I do believe that Faramir is finding hope at the moment…” Boromir came through the clearing.

The elves all looked at each other as they broke out into laughter, how strange that this day started bad, but ended well. A few feet away from them, the prisoners winced at the sound of the laughter not know what was to happen.

But that is another time and as the elves got ready for night they could not help but smiling knowing that the ones they cared for were all here.


1 gwador: Brother

2 Tithen gwador: Little Brother

3 Ada: Dad, daddy

4 Mellon-nin: My friend

5 Mae Govannen: Well met

6 Pen-neth: Little One

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Thank you Angelstar! This was a perfect mix of angst and sweetness! I love how protective Aragorn is towards poor, dear Faramir:)

thank you!

— Minx    Monday 21 June 2010, 18:49    #

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