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Survivors and Companionship (PG-13) Print

Written by Angelstar3999

20 December 2008 | 2231 words

Title: Survivors and Companionship
Author: Angelstar3999
Beta: SisterSue1
Pairing: Glorfindel/Faramir
Rating: Pg 13
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Disclaimer: The Characters in this story do not belong to me, I gain no profit from this story, and I own nothing!
Summary: Faramir and Glorfindel were captured by a group of rouge elves and as they experience hardships together they start to form a bond.
Category: Challenge-Challenge issued to writer, H/C Hurt/comfort, M/M homosexual relationship (Slash)

Written for the 2008 Midwinter Swap.

Request by Sivan Shemesh: Glorfindel/Faramir – they been caught (you decide by who) and one of them is force to leave, and one of them stayed with broken heart. No humor, should be dramatic. in the end, they should be together, happy, you decide where or in the same place, and what had happened to keep them together or to reunite them.


Faramir tumbled over at the force of his captive’s hand slamming against his cheek. He could not tell what time it was, or how long he had been here. All he knew was that he needed to get out of here and soon; for he did not know how much more of this he could take.

Looking up he noticed the blond haired elf cursing up a storm and struggling to get free. He wanted to tell his friend that he was fine, but he did not have the strength to do so.

As he was lifted up, Faramir was thrown on his side next to the elf. Groaning on the impact Faramir did not see his captive exit the tent nor did he see his friend crouch over him, until he was lifted onto his friends lap.

“Pen-neth, are you alright?” Glorfindel leaned over the red headed beauty.

“You know I have known you for a couple days and have yet to get your name.” Faramir stated weakly as he concentrated on breathing.

“It is Glorfindel, pen-neth.” Glorfindel weakly smiled as he felt guilt consume him. This should never have happened, but it did and he knew his captives. They were banned elves who had been forbidden to enter any elven realm until it was time to sail.

He was quiet certain that his young companion was no other than the second son of Findulas, Faramir. From what he could remember from Mithrandir’s description of the young man it seemed to match the young beauty he held now, minus the bruise that scattered across the pale skin.

“And you must be Faramir son of Findulas.” Glorfindel grinned at the shock expression on young Faramir’s face.

“Tell me lirimaer; what were you doing so close to the elven colonies.” Glorfindel teased as pulled away the red strands and tucked them behind abnormal shaped ear. Pausing Glorfindel trace the ear and found that it was not fully round.

“I was to deliver Lord Elrond a letter from my uncle. I am afraid that I cannot tell you where the letter is now.” Faramir frowned as a shudder passed over his body as Glorfindel traced his ears.

“I see…”

“Really I shouldn’t be surprised…” Faramir muttered bitterly. “I guess that my father is right it doesn’t matter how small the task is. I will always screw it up.”

“Faramir… Do not say that. This is not your fault. You could not of predicted this…” Glorfindel firmly stated as he felt anger built up under his skin at the words that came out of Faramir’s mouth.

“Faramir… Do not give up hope, we will escape.”

“Yes, but how?”

“Mmm… Give me a moment and I will think that I will come up with an idea.”

Faramir nodded his head tiredly as he closed his eyes for a while. If they were able to escape did he really want to go back to the place he had to call home.

Glorfindel pulled the reins of the horse that they stole from their captives as held on tight to Faramir’s waste miraculously Faramir had gained a big portion of his strength and they had been able to quickly leave the area.

Sending the horse into a gallop he urged the horse to move quicker as he heard the enemy catching up.

“Glorfindel we might have to ditch the horse and go at it by foot,: Faramir raised his voice over the wind.

Nodding Glorfindel turned to the left and he grabbed Faramir and jumped off the horse as he watched the horse gallop away. As he pulled Faramir close he started to move through the tree.

“There is some running water close bye we should be able to find our way from there.” Glorfindel commented.

“First let’s work on losing the outcasts.”

As they moved swiftly through the forest they kept as quiet as possible only talking when it was needed to. Faramir was clutch onto a leather protected letter as he followed Glorfindel through the dark forest. It seemed as if that they had been traveling for hours and it was wearing thin on his energy level. As Glorfindel came to an abrupt halt, Faramir quickly stopping trying not to run his companion.

“Glorfindel.” Faramir whispered.

“We can slow down.” Glorfindel commented as he eyed the letter in Faramir’s hands. That must be the letter for Elrond.

“I see you found the letter.” Glorfindel commented as he watched Faramir fiddled with it.

“Yes, I did…” Faramir clutched to the letter as he walked by Glorfindel.

“Would you like me to carry the letter Faramir? We might as well put this bag to use.” Glorfindel suggested as he patted the bag. He watched Faramir paused for a while, before he reluctantly handed over the letter.

As Glorfindel took the letter he quickly put it into his side bag, before taking a hold of Faramir’s hand in a spontaneous moment.

They continued to wander through the woods as they shared information on their lives, friends and jobs at the current moment of time. Glorfindel was surprised to here that Faramir had joined the Rangers at age fifteen and was usually not at home, but out with the other rangers it just made that man next to him seem even more appealing.

“Faramir, what exactly do you do in your spare time.” Glorfindel questioned as he reached out for questions to ask.

“I enjoy reading and working on my archery.” Faramir answered as lowered his head he felt a blush spread across his face. Looking up, Faramir’s eyes widen as Glorfindel swooped down and kissed him slowly and nice as they finally parted when the need for air.

“What was that…?” Faramir looked around in a daze.

But before Glorfindel could answer a large rain drop hit his head and before he knew it the rain was coming down on them in buckets. Grabbing a hold of Faramir’s hand they started to make a run for it. As they ran through the rain it became harder to see what was in front of them.

“Glorfindel, we need to find shelter… I cannot see anything in front of me.” Faramir shouted over the raging wind.

Glorfindel turned to his left and he could barley make out a cave as he turned to Faramir and pointed out the cave to his companion. As they made their way to the cave, Glorfindel’s face paled as he lost his grip on Faramir’s hand and if in slow motion he watched Faramir fell into the river.

FARAMIR!” Glorfindel shouted as he jumped into the river and waded through it looking for his dearest companion. “FARAMIR! FARAMIR! FARAMIR!”

Glorfindel slowly woke his eyes as his vision blurred in and out of focused. He had failed, he had failed his companion and he could never fix this. Sitting up he tried to move his muscles as he looked around. He was in the cave that he had pointed out, but he did not know how he had come to be here.

To his left was the stolen bag and to his right was his friend’s clock. Struggling to move, Glorfindel grabbed the clock and pulled it too him and got up as he swung his bag over his shoulder. Even though he had failed Faramir he could at least finish his mission and do one last favor.

“I am so sorry. Faramir… I really am.”

As Glorfindel started his pathway out of the cave he looked to the rive wistfully, before returning to trudging through the forest focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. He did not have the strength, or the will to do anything else but that and all he knew is that he had to get back to Imladris and hand over the letter over to Elrond.

Sighing he stopped thinking of what he had to do and continued to walk.

After of hours of walking, Glorfindel head snapped as he heard familiar voices and no sooner had he thought that did Elladan and Elrohir burst through the bushes.

“Glorfindel, you are ok… …” Elladan joyously spoke as he saw his old mentor sanding there.

“Glorfindel, we need to get you back home.” Elrohir calmly stated as he took a hold of Glorfindel’s hand and lead him off to the horses. He frowned at the worn out and defeated look that surrounded Glorfindel like a second skin.

“Come on Glorfindel… Let us get you back to Imladris. So you can change your clothes, take a bath and have much needed rest and not in that order precisely.” Elladan commented lightly as he watched Glorfindel get on the spare horse, without so much of as a word.

Nodding Elladan and Elrohir got on their horses as they and Glorfindel started there long journey home.

As Glorfindel made his way through the halls of Imladris he ignored the protest of the twins as he made his way to the healing halls.

“Glorfindel, I do not think that you should disturb Ada. He is very busy with a new patient and he should not be disturbed.” Elladan protested as he tried to keep up with the head strong warrior. For someone who had been ambushed, kidnapped, and had been stranded in the forest for longer for a week he sure did have a lot of energy.

As Glorfindel turned the corner and swung the door open. He spotted Elrond instantly as he stepped into the room.

“Elrond… I need to talk to you.” Glorfindel started as he watched his friend straighten up and step forward which gave him a clear view of the person in the bed. He froze in shock as he could not believe what he was seeing. Hope started to raise in his heart as he dropped the bag on the floor.

“I will take this bag and leave you two to yourself for the time being and Glorfindel just a suggestion you might want to take a bath.” Elrond chuckled as he noticed that his friend had not heard him, but was slowly focus on his new red haired patient in the bed.

Shaking his head Elrond watched as Glorfindel slowly creep his way to the bed and take a hold of young Faramir’s hand. Smiling Elrond turned and opened the bag and pulled out the letter that he had been waiting for. He rolled out the letter as he started to read what was in it, before breaking into fits of laughter.

“Thank you… Imrahil… I do believe that I shall owe you one.” Elrond said to no one in particular.

As Glorfindel made his way to the bed he dared not blink, for he thought if he did the wonderful vision would disappear.


“How…?” Glorfindel chocked out.

Faramir paused as he frowned, thinking of what had happened in the last couple days and he tried to think of how he could put the events into words. Relaxing he felt Glorfindel take a hold of his hand.

“It is kind of blurry, but I remember falling into the water and the next thing I remember is seeing double before everything going dark. The next thing I can recall is having three grey eyes staring at me and one of them pushing some tasteless drinks down my throat saying that they will make me feel better.” Faramir startled a he heard Glorfindel chuckle rise about their heads.

“That does sound like Elrond that you dealt with. He is a master healer after all. I am just glad that you are here and safe. When I thought that I had lost you…” Glorfindel paused as he felt his chest tighten. Smiling as he felt Faramir’s squeezed his hand. “I am overjoyed to find you alive and safe.”

Leaning over, Glorfindel took Faramir’s lips in a sweet tender kiss as he enjoy the familiarity of his sweet one. Breaking the kiss, Glorfindel leaned his head against Faramir as he watch Faramir close his eyes and smile spread across his face.

“What do you think about stay with me?” Glorfindel questioned.

“How long?”

“How does forever sound to you to my sweet one.” Glorfindel stated.

“Sounds quiet nice and if we can survive crazed elves, raging water, and long distance… then what is forever.” Faramir smiled.

As Glorfindel grinded as encircled his arms around Faramir and kissed him. For once in the last couple days he was truly blissfully happy.

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4 Comment(s)

Thank you for the story, i enjoy reading it.


— Sivan Shemesh    Sunday 21 December 2008, 12:31    #

I am glad that you enjoyed the story. I hope you have a good day.

hugs, angelstar3999

— angelstar3999    Sunday 21 December 2008, 22:23    #

This was very good. Seems to me they will have forever.

— balrog    Tuesday 23 December 2008, 8:10    #

I am glad that you like the story… I do believe that they will have forever to.

Hope you have a good day.
Hugs, angelstar3999

— angelstar3999    Wednesday 24 December 2008, 9:14    #

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