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Written by Angelstar3999

19 December 2009 | 3960 words

Title: Love has no ending
Author: Angelstar3999
Beta: Sistersue1
Pairing: Faramir/Aragorn, on the Side- Aragorn/Arwen, Faramir/Legolas
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Characters in this story belong to Tolkien.
Category: M/M (Slash), M/F(het)

Written for the 2009 Midwinter Swap.

Request by Anastasiya: Some crucial moment, when Aragorn suddenly feels his weakness/incapasity of resisting for smth. (at the discreption of author) and understands, that the only one, who gaves him strength, is Faramir. But the King must admit he wishes not only his Steward’s presence or help, but his love too, for he loves Faramir as lover. I would like to see unsertainty, doubts (Aragorn is married as Faramir is), admiration for his Steward’s strength, high spirit, beauty (as David Wenham, please) and very happy, sensual and expressive end.

As Elessar looked at the document, he ran his hand over his face. His eyes were wary from looking at the document for so long. At the moment, he wished that he had not sent his steward out with Legolas to see how the work on repairing the city lower levels today. It seemed like a good idea and with his Ada working in the healing rooms and Arwen working on getting more rooms for the guest; he was on his own, except for some of the sniveling advisors that had once worked for Denethor. He had not disliked them when he had arrived, but once he had seen how they had treated some of the people in castle he had soon gained a great dislike for them. His Ada and Erestor had always taught him to treat others as you wish to be treated, and to not judge someone by their cover. With the advisors of Gondor it was really hard, as they had such a negative view and seemed to expect him to be like Denethor.

Leaning back, Elessar thought back to what Faramir had advised him to do concerning his new advisors and any advice. His words held truth and he felt as they had come from Erestor himself. Faramir believed that he should take into account what they said, but to trust his own judgment and that of his family and loved ones in the end.

“Estel, lon-nin.”

Elessar looked up as the Ada glided into the room and placed his hand on his forehead when he had reached him.

“Ion-nin, you missed the afternoon meal.” Elrond looked at his weary son as he looked down at the document. He frowned he snatched it from his document up as he quickly read it trying to figure out what had kept his son from his family. As he rolled the document up he placed the ribbon back around it and into the top drawer. Estel he could deal with this later when he was not busy spending time with his family.

“Ion-nin, you can deal with this later. Right now it is time to eat.” Elrond took his son’s arm as he directed him around the library and down the halls.

“You are right as always Ada.” Elessar felt his shoulders relax as he let his Ada lead him down the halls.

“And do not forget that.” Elrond sternly replied as his eyes were the only thing to give him away.

As he was led out of the room, Elessar could not help but think of his steward. Maybe it was best to ask him for some advice on what he should do with the document. After all, was that not part of what Faramir was suppose to do? It also would give him some time to spend with Faramir and that he was looking forward to.

As Faramir let out a boisterous laugh he leaned on his companion. He felt Legolas lips brush across his forehead.

“Well we might not have gotten everything done, but we sure put a good dent in it.” Faramir teased as Legolas arched his eyebrow.

“Behave….” Legolas commented as his eyes danced with mirth.

They had been making their way back to the castle where they would hopefully get some sleep and then go back to get more done. This project was taking longer than they expected and although they enjoyed their time together all they wanted was for it to be done. Yet at the moment they were thinking positive as they took one step at a time and one project done, while another was to start.

“What would you like to do when we get back Mir-nin.” Legolas held Faramir’s hand close to his chest as did not dare to let go of it.

“As much as this is about to sound lame, all I really want to do is to have a warm meal, take a bath and head for bed. Although we have solved the problem of figuring out who will help us with archery instruction.” Faramir paused as he looked at Legolas from under his eyelashes. “We still need a sword instructor. After all, I cannot do it all. I have been slacking when it has come to my duties as our king’s steward.

“Do not feel guilty Meleth-nin. We have all been busy with work around Gondor.” Legolas rubbed circles on Faramir’s pulse point as he hummed under his breath.

“Very true.” Faramir frowned. “But we must set a schedule so Elessar is not saddled with all the work. He does deserve to spend some time with his new bride and our Queen.”

“Mmmm… Yes… And from what I have seen Estel needs some time to unwind as he seems to as tight as a bowstring ready to release an arrow on its unsuspected victim.”

Faramir once again laughed at Legolas’s words as he shared a short kiss. They turned and noticed the imposing figure of Lord Elrond standing in the doorway. They watched him look around for something, or someone. His hands were clasped behind his back as he seemed to waiting quiet patiently.

“Mae Govannen, Lord Elrond.” Faramir and Legolas said in unison as they stepped out of the shadows.

“Ah just the two I was looking for.” Elrond commented as he kept himself composed although on the inside his heart was racing from being startled.

“What can we do for you Lord Elrond.” Faramir nodded his head in Elrond’s direction as his blue eyes stared at Elrond examine us from head to toe.

“Come we will talk over a warm meal and then you two can go to bed.” Elrond left no room for argument as we followed him through the halls both us looked at each other in confusion, before quickening our pace. It would do us no good to keep Lord Elrond waiting.

Leaning into Arwen hands, Elessar relaxed as he hummed lightly under his breath. This was quite relaxing and he was enjoying his time with his new bride, but for some reason he could not stop thinking of Faramir. His father had said that he would meet Legolas and Faramir at the entrance and talk with them over a warm meal which he bet both of them would appreciate after a long day of working outside.

“What are you thinking of Dear.” Arwen spoke up as she worried about how stressed Elessar seemed to be these last couple days with the document that he need to go over and see if they should pass it, or get rid of it.

“Sorry Arwen I have been neglecting you again haven’t I.” Elessar smiled sadly as Arwen gave him a small kiss on the edge of his lips.

“No you have not. I am just worried about you dear.” Arwen rubbed Elessar’s shoulders as she felt Elessar relax under her hands.

“I guess I have been a little distracted lately over a couple things, but I did not mean to bring my work home with me.” Elessar smile seemed more genuine now that he was relaxed.

“What has been distracting you lately?” Arwen hummed as she continued to work on his shoulders.

“It is mostly the pile up of the documents.” Elessar cringed slightly as he knew that was not all that was bothering him as of lately. It also had to do with an auburn haired, blue eyed steward, but he would not admit that to his wife as he did not know how she would take it.

“Could your stress also possibly be about a certain steward and your feeling about said steward.” Arwen guessed as she felt her husband tensed under her hands.

“What… How… I do not know what you are talking about.” Elessar sputtered as he tried to catch his wording.

“Elessar, Estel…. I am not angry at you nor do I find this surprising. You were raised by elves. The way you think is the same to our brothers Elladan and Elrohir, much to my dismay.” Arwen sighed as she got a chuckle from her husband. “Love is not always meant for one, it can be spread among many. Just look at Legolas and Faramir. They adore each other, but it does not mean that they do not have the same affection for others. Although I have not seen Legolas show any interest in anyone else at the moment.”

“So you are not displeased with me.” Elessar stated slowly as he looked into his wife’s eyes.

“No… I am not my stubborn husband. We cannot help love who we love and to me that is not a crime.” Arwen took Elessar hand into her own as she placed it where her heart was beating. “What do you hear dearest?”

“Your heart.” Elessar smiled as he relaxed further.

“And what you hear when you place you hand on your chest.”

“My heart.”

“You see… we all have one thing in common and that is that we have a heart. Now you relax… I just remembered that I have to get something.” Arwen placed a kiss on her husband’s lips as she turned and walked out the door. She truly loved Elessar and did not mind sharing her husband with another. Maybe she could convince Faramir to talk to her husband tonight before he retired, but the one question was how to get him away from her Ada when he was most likely still discussing business with him. Well she would think about it on her way down.

As Faramir nodded he listen to Elrond speak about the document in detail and what he thought about it. What Elrond was discussing made perfect sense to him and he made note to speak to Elessar about it as soon as he was available and go over the information with him so Elessar could make a decision about what to do about said document. As he was about to put in his two cents the door creaked open as Queen Arwen entered the room.

“I hope that I am not bothering you Ada, Legolas, Faramir. “Arwen nodded to each of them as she looked to Faramir who stood up as she entered and then sat down while Legolas’s eyes twinkled in amusement.

“Not at Arwen… what can I do for you dear.” Elrond smiled at his daughter.

“I was wondering if I could borrow Faramir for a moment I would like to discuss something with him.” Arwen nodded politely as she waited for an answer.

“I do not see a problem with that.” Legolas smiled as he stole a quick kiss from Faramir. “I will see you later.”

As Faramir stood up he followed Arwen out of the door leaving Lord Elrond and Legolas still talking.

“Now what can I do for you my Queen?” Faramir question respectfully as he followed Arwen through the halls at a slow pace that Arwen was taking.

“I wanted to talk to you about my husband.” Arwen smiled as she looked to her companion. She had to admit that Faramir was very handsome with his auburn hair and striking blues. His spirit shown through like a star in the night sky and his heart seemed to be very generous which was shown when he was helping some of the children learn how to shoot a arrow, or read, and pronounce a word that they did not understand. Faramir seem to give it his all and help those who needed it, which was probably why her Ada and his advisors seem to enjoy his company.

“About me?” Faramir looked bewildered, which caused Arwen to laugh.

“Yes you and my husband Elessar seem to becoming quite the friends.” Arwen’s smile widened. “I am happy that Elessar has found someone to share his passion of Elven literature.”

“I suppose that Elessar and I have become quite close, but I do not see what this is about my Queen.” Faramir was confused.

“I am truly pleased by this as Elessar now has another to confide in.” Arwen hummed as they made their way back to her and Elessar’s bed chambers without Faramir knowing.

“I am not sure what I can say about that Queen Arwen.”

“Oh, nothing and it is Arwen.” Arwen paused as she turned to her companion. “Lately Elessar has been stressed and I worry for him. He will not tell me what bothers him and I was hoping that maybe you could help him with his current dilemma.”

Straightening up, Faramir nodded as he frowned. He himself had not known that the King had been stressed lately, but he guessed that Elessar would become stressed with his work at one point, or another.

“I will do what I can my Queen.” Faramir looked up as he now noticed they were standing outside the Queen and King’s bed chambers.

“Thank you, Faramir. I will leave you here I have something to discuss with Ada and Legolas.” Arwen nodded her head as she hurried down the halls as she left a bewildered steward in her leave.

As Faramir turned to the door he raised his hand and knocked.

“Sire, it is I, Faramir. May I enter?” Faramir questioned as he waited for an answer.

“You may.” Elessar voice waffled from behind the close doors.

Faramir’s frown deepen as he heard the weariness and exhaustion in Elessar’s voice it did not seem right. As he opened the door he made his way into the room as he closed the door behind him.

“Sire, you look exhausted… surely you should retire.” Faramir’s eyes softened as he saw his King, friend and brother in arms, leaning back in the chair that was in front of the fire place.

“No… not yet…. I have things to finish before I retire for the night.” Elessar smiled lightly as he enjoyed the warmth of the fire and his Steward’s presence.

“I wish to serve you my King…please, as a brother of arms, as a friend, tell me what is bothering you.” Faramir spoke as he humbled himself in front of his king.

“Do not bow to me Faramir after all we are Ranger-brother’s are we not.” Elessar chucked lightly.

“It is good to see you in a lighter mood Sire.”

“None of this Sire-business…. It is Elessar, or if you want Thorongil… there is no need for formality here.” Elessar leaned back as he let out a deep sigh as he relaxed.

“If that is what you wish… Elessar.” Faramir grin spread across his face as Elessar’s breath caught.

As Faramir sat down across from Elessar he relaxed against the comfortable chair. After a very long day working outside it was nice to relax with the ones you loved and cared for.

“Now tell me Elessar I have heard both from Lord Elrond, and Queen Arwen that something is troubling you. Maybe I can be of service.” Faramir watched Elessar’s eyes widen, before he shook his head and let out an amused chuckle.

“Well it started with this document that I have which was handed over to me by the Advisors, apparently it had been ready to sign by your father, before he died. But it never happened and so it lands on my shoulders to choose whether I pass it, or not.” Elessar started as he went over the document and his worries about it as law and what his feeling were on the subject. He continued to go on to speaking about why he could not seem to make up his mind on the subject. Finally he stopped and he relaxed after finishing his tale and spilling what had been bothering for the last couple days. It felt so much better to share this with Faramir then it did with anyone else. As he looked over to Faramir his grin broaden and he thought of his companion. He was hunched over and he could practically see the wheels turn inside Faramir’s head as he worked whatever out that was inside his head.

“If you do not mind. Elessar…” Faramir paused as he waited for Elessar’s nod. which he received quite quickly. “It seems to me that your problems are that you compare yourself to old steward’s ideals, or maybe that is not it. But you try to see Denethor’s way of thinking. The problem with that is you have your own values and beliefs that differ from my father as much as the moon and sun do. You need to think deeply on how you feel about this and trust your heart, as it is not weakness, but strength.” Faramir paused as he thought over his thoughts.

Elessar sat wide eyed as Faramir spoke and was amazed once again by how intelligent he truly was and he was pleased to have Faramir’s company. As he watched Faramir’s actions he felt his eyes widen and he came to an abrupt conclusion that although he loved Faramir, it was not a brotherly love that he thought it was, but a love that you would share with a lover and companion. It put his thoughts in a whole new perspective on so many things.

As Faramir stopped he got up as he saw the dazed look on Elessar’s face. Stepping forward he helped Elessar stand as he led him to the bed where he laid him down in the bed. “Come Elessar it is late and we can start tomorrow.” Faramir slid Elessar’s out robes off as his eyes widen when he was jerked forward when Elessar grabbed him by his tunic and pulled him forward onto the bed so that he was facing as Elessar breathed deeply. One of the many signs that Elessar would soon be asleep.

“Please stay with me Faramir….” Elessar mind felt fogged over as he fell asleep holding onto Faramir, with the last thing he saw was Faramir’s lips twitched upwards in a wonderful smile.

“Of course I will thoro… just sleep now.” Faramir sighed as he knew was not going anywhere with Elessar holding him so tightly. So he settled down as he made himself comfortable in the bed, Legolas would understand and Elessar needed him.

“I love you Elessar… Let your dreams lead you to peaceful thoughts.” Faramir snuggled into the covers as he closed his eyes to fall asleep.

Blinking, Elessar looked around groggily as he pulled the warm body close to him only to find it was not Arwen. He looked down to find Faramir asleep against his chest, his arms tucked up against his chest. He breathed deeply in and out as sleep still held him in her gentle grip. Love. He had always thought that he would only love one person, but here it was in the flesh. He had been desperate for help, and instead of the usual help that he received, but a whole lot more. He found a kindred spirit in Faramir and someone he could love with his whole person just as he did with Arwen and Faramir did with Legolas. Maybe there was a thing about being in love, but he felt a whole lot lighter.

“Hmmmm, is it morning yet?” Faramir’s light voice, which was fogged over with sleep, echoed in the room.

“Yes it is and I thank you for staying with me through the night…. I cannot tell you in words what it means to me.” Elessar smiled as he brushed away some Faramir’s auburn’s hair.

“It is nothing Elessar. It is just something you do for those you love.” Faramir snuggled into the heat as he enjoyed the silence and peace.

“Faramir, might I have a word with you?” Elessar felt uncomfortable as he did not know how to breech this subject.

“Of course…Elessar, what is bothering you?” Faramir leaned his head against one of his propped elbows.

“Lately some things seem to have become more challenging. I have been stressed, and I might have snapped at people that did not deserve it. I have not only been dealing with the political work, but also personal problems. Now before you ask, Arwen and I are doing great and are strong as ever. It was she who planted the seed in my mind that led me to this conclusion that I came to last night, and I am thankful for the shove. Mostly because I have been uncertain about this new development, you might call it. But in ways it is not new. No it has been growing for a long time.” Elessar gently touched Faramir’s face as he memorized the most lovable features, while he ran his finger through the silky hair.

“Do not speak and let me finish… for the last few days I have been at my lowest points and I have had my doubts, but I know for certain as both my Ada, bride and you have told me to follow my heart. Well my heart is telling me that I care for you.” Elessar took a deep breath as he stared into the deep blue eyes who seemed to paying attention to only him.

“And what is your Heart telling you.” Faramir took a hold of Elessar’s hands.

“My heart is telling me that I need you.”

“You already have me Elessar.” Faramir smiled.

“No… I do not only need you as a friend and confident, but as a companion and lover…. “ Elessar relaxed as he said the words that he had been dreading. “I love you not only as a friend, but as more.”

Stopping Elessar swallowed hard as he waited for his answer.

“My silly King.” Faramir ran his hand through Elessar’s hair. “Do you not know that I love you too…”

As Faramir leaned forward as he took hold of Elessar’s lips as he put all his passion into showing how much he loved and cared for Elessar and loved him. Slowly, Faramir pulled back from the tempting lips.

“Do you not know my King.” Faramir kissed the edges of Elessar’s switching lips. “Love does not have a ending…” Faramir continued to rain kisses across Elessar’s face. “And although we are both married does not make this illegal to love another, for love can never be wrong…. Do you understand.”

“You love me….” Elessar’s lips turned up into a grin.

“Yes… “ Faramir kissed Elessar on the lips “I love you.”

Elessar blinked as his grin spread on his face and he broke into laughter. Life seem to get better now that he had been able to release the burden that had been holding him back. He had been able to tell Faramir that he loved him, and he was not rejected what more could he ask for in life.

“Elessar, next time you are feeling worried will you remember that I will be there to serve you no matter what….” Faramir smiled as he traced Elessar’s lips, before he took them into his possession not giving Elessar a change to answer.

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2 Comment(s)

Oh, dear Angelstar3999, it was beautiful! it was gorgeous! Especially I liked how possessive and bumptious Faramir is in your story – the characteristics that rarely are used towards Faramir. And I love Faramir as a strong person.
And this your addition – about Legolas – was excellent.
I must say I didn’t expect something like that but what I’ve got surpassed all my expectations.
Thank you with all my being!

— Anastasiya    Sunday 20 December 2009, 5:05    #

I am happy that you enjoyed the story. It was very fun challenge to do and I am pleased that you enjoyed it as I enjoyed writting it.

I hope that you have a good day.

— Angelstar3999    Sunday 20 December 2009, 6:53    #

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