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Winter's Joy (R) Print

Written by Angelstar3999

18 December 2011 | 6606 words

Title: Winter’s Joy
Author: Angelstar3999
Rating: Pg-13-R (slight R)
Pairing: Faramir/Haldir
Summary: Faramir is chosen from an age old tradition started by his grandfather, and there he meets someone who makes his heart beat like none other, is love bloom, or will self doubt stop it in its tracks.

Written for the 2011 Midwinter Swap.

Request by Kissa: Faramir with Haldir or Rúmil. I would like both elf and man to be fairly shy and inexperienced (if the elf is a virgin, all the better :P) . Please include the following: caramel apples, a cat, baby overalls, (and a bit of plot!). I would like a happy end please, and R rating or above.

Faramir looked around as he was surrounded by the Marchwarden this was a great opportunity; although he was quiet certain his father had a different point of view on this matter. A difference that seemed to separate them to the farthest corners of Middle Earth: which at the moment seemed to be the truth. It had all started with his Grandfather’s rein; an oath was forged between the eleven race, and Gondor. Where every so many years one of the children whether female or male child of the Steward was chosen to be trained to serve Isildur’s heir the future King of Gondor.

As fate would have it, Faramir himself was chosen by the Lord Celeborn himself to be trained to serve and be an asset to Gondor and its people. His father did seem pleased that he was chosen, instead of his brother Boromir, but he also thought since Denethor despised how much Faramir was influenced by Gandalf, he might dislike Boromir being influenced by something he viewed as weak and decant.

Leaning down he shifted on his horse trying to maintain his focus, he was extremely excited about being chosen to learn under a great Lord such as Celeborn, his reputation in Middle Earth was that of a great and noble elf.

“Faramir, we will be stopping here to rest and refill our flasks.” Haldir approached the young man as he help him down.

“Thank you Marchwarden Haldir.” Faramir smiled as he led his horse to lake so she could have a break as well.

“There is no need to thank me Lirimaer…” Haldir join Faramir with his horse. “Are excited to start your training?”

“Very much so I think it is a wonderful opportunity, although I am sure that my father would disagree.” Faramir smiled as he rested against the tree standing by the riverside

“Why is that…?” Haldir joined Faramir against the tree as they waited for the meal to start. They had at least another day’s journey to Lothlórien.

“Father disagrees with what I do and who I associate with, he’s never approved of the time I spent with Gandalf and in the library. But I am quite certain tradition or not if you had chosen my brother he would have produced excuse for him. He does not want Boromir to be swayed by outside forces. I think he has plans for Boromir to be a great Captain of Gondor, and later an even greater Steward. But with me I am only the second son, and enjoy things that he considers weak and unimportant.”

Faramir stopped as he thought of all the times he and his father had been at odds.

“Well then it looks like the Steward does not know a treasure when it is right under his nose…. Our people will welcome your curiosity and gifts with open arms; we believe that everyone has a place that will serve their community. And I am sure you will amount to much more than you or your father ever imagined.” Haldir laid his hand on Faramir’s shoulder as an act of comfort for the young man.

It was hard to live up to your fathers expectations; especially when they were unreachable.

“Gwador, the meal is ready…” Rúmil interrupted his brother Faramir’s conversation. He had come upon them leaning in close and had he not known better, he would have thought he had stumbled upon two lovers enjoying some quiet time.

“Hannon-le, Rúmil we will join shortly.” Haldir watched his youngest brother nod and exit through the woods. Looking back at the horses he could tell they were properly secured and would be okay if left alone for a while, so without so much as a word he held his hand out to Faramir, who accepted graciously, a smile upon his face.

Today had been long and tiring, but he could not help but see the bonus in being able to meet Faramir, and now he would be able to have the time to get to know him as he showed him the glory of the Golden woods.

“Come; let us go get something to eat before my Gwador-nin’s eat everything.” Haldir enjoyed Faramir’s laughter as lead him to the fire; where a warm meal and good company awaited them.

Faramir could not believe his eyes as he passed into the realm of Lothlórien, the trees seem to glow and shine brightly as if welcoming its people and guest home. Words couldn’t do the sight around him justice; it was beauty in its purest form.

“Amazing isn’t it…” Haldir took his place next to Faramir as they walked through the woods. The last couples of days they had grown very close and he would be a liar if he said he didn’t find Faramir attractive both inside and out.

“I fear I would commit a great injustice if I tried to speak of this beauty.” Faramir felt his cheeks flush as he felt he was rambling.

“Yes it truly can not be put into words I could not have said better myself Pen-neth…”

Both Faramir and Haldir jumped, startled by the voice behind them. Turning they were surprised to see Lord Celeborn standing behind them. He had obviously gotten off his horse a while back deciding to walk for the time being.

“Its wonderful, My Lord. I would like to thank you for choosing me, it’s a honor.” Faramir stared at the forest floor. In this moment he felt like the fool Denethor always told him he was.

Only looking up when he heard, what could only be described as rich deep laughter that was as smooth as silk. The young aide was amazed to see Lord Celeborn in full blown laughter his head tipped back, mouth wide open his hands over his stomach.

“Oh Pen-neth I have not felt that much joy or laughed so hard in a long time, you will make a great addition to our community. Oh and Faramir…” Celeborn paused at he looked at the flustered youth, now certain he had made the right choice, his wife was right there was great potential and something else, something he could not put see.

“Yes, Lord Celeborn…”

“Do not be afraid to ask questions now that you are under my care.” Celeborn patted Faramir the shoulder as he passed the boy leading them through mallorn trees.

Faramir could not help but stare after Lord Celeborn wondering what the next couple months were going to be like, if the elf’s words were anything to go by he suspected that it would be the opposite of being in Gondor

He would be wanted.

Faramir never thought he would ever love being in one community or feel so welcomed, safe, and accepted. Months had passed since his arrival in Lothlórien and the seasons were beginning to change. Gone were warm afternoons, in their place the cold chill of winter’s wind rapidly spread through the forest, making a need for warm fires and warm drinks.

Days were spent working in Lord Celeborn’s libraries where he helped the scribes’ record and archive elvish history, learning from the scribes and Lord Celeborn. On his off days he found himself practicing h archery, reading and spending time with Haldir. That was one of the new things he enjoyed most while being among Lord Celeborn’s people. He enjoyed the times when he could just be with Haldir, in private he realized he found the Marchwarden slightly more attractive then any other people in Lothlórien or anywhere else.

Placing the last book away he sighed, the work was hard but rewarding and he felt it every time someone complemented his work or thanked him. It felt nice to be thanked even if he felt the things were miniscule, unworthy of praise.

“Pen-neth, why don’t we finish for now, it is getting late and there is no more work for us to do tonight.”

Turning around Faramir bowed to Lord Celeborn greeting his teacher as he entered the library.

“There is no need for that Pen-neth.” Celeborn smiled as he patted Faramir on the shoulder, it didn’t matter how many times he told the Faramir not to bow it was so ingrained that he needed to show respect to his elders, but at least he was able to relax around his Marchwarden Haldir and from what he could see Haldir was also able to relax and connect with their newest resident.

“Sorry, Lord Celeborn… I keep forgetting…” Faramir smiled as Celeborn led them out of the library. The sun had already started to set and he could hear the leaves shudder and shake almost as if they were greeting them.

“Oh, and Faramir…” Celeborn stopped Faramir from leaving smiling when his aide turned to him waiting to be addressed.

“Thank you for sharing your Gondorian treat of dipped apples in caramel I do believe we will be having those more often now.” Celeborn laughed as he remembered the delight of his people when they tried the fruity treat.

“Your welcome, Celeborn…” Faramir blushed, it felt good inside that he was able to share with people.

“Now, go I am certain Haldir is waiting for you get off of work…” Celeborn laughed as Faramir face flushed deeper.

“Thank you…I wish you a good night…” Faramir hurried down the steps to see Haldir.

“Ah…. the beginning of young love isn’t it a wonder full sight…”

“Yes it is indeed and I do not believe there two more worthy people who deserve love more than my Marchwarden and my young charge.” Celeborn turned to his longtime friend his face gaining a more serious appearance.

“Did you find anything…?”

“Yes, and it was just as we feared there was a lot that Lady Steward hid from her husband, but the secret of Faramir is the biggest. We must be very careful with this information.”

“I suspected as much, but had hoped against everything it was not true. Now all we really can do is be there for him.” Celeborn leaned against his balcony, as he indicated for his friend to do the same, this new discovery worried him as it might cause his charge to be in grave danger, leaving Celeborn with no way to protect him.

“Mae Govannen, Faramir….”

Faramir turned around to find one of Haldir’s gwadors Rúmil jogging towards him, the elf offered a smile as he stopped in front of Faramir pulling him close with one arm swung around his shoulders. It was rather cold outside so they were both wearing extra clothes.

“How are you, Rúmil?” Faramir eyes danced in amusement as Rúmil attempted to catch his breath.

“I am well, Haldir by the way is looking for you he wanted to know how to make the caramel for the apple dipped treat that you shared with us on the last day of October, oh he also has something to give you.” Rúmil smiled at the blushing librarian he enjoyed spending time his gwador’s love interest especially during archery practice; he had to admit Faramir had really good aim.

“Hannon le, Rúmil….” Faramir smile brightened as he left in a hurry wondering what Haldir could want.

“Your welcome he is in his Talan working on his bow.” Rúmil called after Faramir who was quickly disappearing through the crowds.

His eyes widened he remembered he had meant to congratulate Faramir on his promotion in the Libraries, oh well he was sure that Haldir would make up for it. Turning around he pulled his clock close as he made his way through the market, the holidays were almost upon them and he had a lot of shopping to do plus he now had one more person to add to his list.

Faramir made his way up to Haldir’s front door as he straightened his clothes out before he knocked on Haldir’s door. Before he could even do anymore straightening out, the door swung open to reveal Haldir with hair dripping, wearing an outfit he had never seen before.

“Faramir you’re here…” Haldir ran a hand through his hair as he smiled lightly at Faramir as he ushered him in.

“I am guessing you are happy to be home.” Faramir removed his cloak gingerly hanging it on the coat rack next to the door. He smile as Haldir motioned for him to take a seat in one of the chairs; naturally it was close to the fire.

“As much as I love my job and feel honored to serve my Lord and Lady, I am quite happy to be home and to relax although I could do with out my brothers popping in every minute of the day.” Haldir chuckled as he grabbed two drinks and brought them back to where Faramir was sitting. As he handed Faramir a drink, he smiled and sat next to him. “So I heard the good news… Congratulations.”

“It’s not much….” Faramir rubbed his arm as he looked into his drink.

“You’re wrong, it is amazing. Faramir I wish you would see all amazing things you have accomplished while being here. Lord Celeborn believes in you, Lady Galadriel believes in, my gwadors believe in you, and I.” Haldir paused for a moment as he swallowed a lump in his throat. “I believe in you. You have accomplished great things, and have learned so much in the past couple months, do not let your father’s opinion control you.”

Haldir could feel his heart beat against his chest as he silently cursed Denethor in every word he could think of. How a father could not see how amazing his son was, was beyond him he thought that Faramir was amazing in many ways. He was smart, handsome, and accurate with a bow, could hold his own in a conversation, and had a great sense of humor to name a few.

“Hannon le, Haldir.” Faramir felt an inner joy swell up inside of him at Haldir’s words.

“There is no need to thank me, Faramir…” Haldir hugged Faramir close to him. He wanted more, but how to approach something such as this was leaving the Marchwarden dismayed.

“Mae Govannen, Faramir.” Haldir approached the young scribe noticing the people who were in the library seemed to disappear giving him and Faramir space.

“Mae Govannen, Haldir. What can I do for you?” Faramir’s grin split across his face as he placed the pile of books onto his desk with a light thud.

“I was wondering if I could borrow you for a couple of minutes. Is that okay with you?” Haldir swallowed hard as he tried to calm his rapidly beating heart.

“I do not see why not as it is now Faramir’s break, go on pen-neth I do not expect to see you until after lunch.” Celeborn appeared out of nowhere, once again startling both Haldir and Faramir.

“Thank you, my lord…” Faramir bowed to Lord Celeborn. They had come to agreement that while at work he would address him with respect, but while alone he would be allowed to use his name as he was Celeborn’s charge.

“You are most welcome, Faramir and besides you have been working very hard we are thankful to have another scribe in our mists.” Celeborn smiled before shooing the two out of the room.

Faramir walked by Haldir as he remembered the last time they were both together and they had kissed it had really started out sweet and innocent. They had been wrestling and joking around when they had tripped and tumbled down. Their lips had met causing Faramir to freeze, he had been so embarrassed at first, but the look that Haldir had sent him had made shivers run all over his body.

“Faramir, Faramir?”

Snapping out of it he flushed deep red.

“I apologize, Haldir my mind was else where.” Faramir felt his face heat up harder as Haldir took a hold of his hand.

“I wanted to ask you something, away from prying ears that is.” Haldir started as he exhaled slowly.

“You can ask me anything…” Faramir tried to calm his racing heart.

“I know that as Lord Celeborn charge you will be spending the morning of Yule’s Eve with him and Lady Galadriel, but I was hoping that you would join my gwadors and me for the morning of Yule’s day. It won’t be anything spectacular, but I would really love if you joined us.”

Faramir stopped; he had been so busy lately he hadn’t even noticed that Yule’s day was nearly upon them. He hadn’t given it much thought because this was the first Yule that he would be away from Gondor. His mind drifted to the thought of spending Yule’s day with Haldir and his gwador’s and then he remember with a little bit of embarrassment that he had yet to answer Haldir’s question.

“Are you sure your Gwador’s are okay with this…” Faramir felt his heart thunder against his chest.

“Of course they would love to have you join.” Haldir could not help but grin and he did not feel like he would stop any time soon.

“Then I would love to join you.” Faramir laughed as Haldir pulled him close.

“Well then let us go get some lunch and enjoy your time before you have to get back to work.” Haldir took Faramir’s hand as they walked off towards the Dining room discussing what they were going to do the next day.

Faramir was once again in the markets to pick out gifts; Boromir and his father should have received their presents by now, Faramir had picked out something he knew even Denethor would find valuable so he needn’t worry of them. Now he was shopping for his caretakers, friends, coworkers and most importantly Haldir.

In the last couple weeks he had been spending most of his time with Haldir and his feeling for him had been changing, morphing into something more serious then friendship. He was worried mostly because he did not know if Haldir would return his feelings, but he had to take a chance. The other day Haldir had asked if he would like to come over after Yule’s eve party, and he had agreed, but at the moment he was looking for the perfect gift.

The hustle and bustle reminded him of home, and he couldn’t help but smile as he saw all the opened stalls.

“New bows”

“Come all, come everyone… for a short time we are having a deal buy one, get one half off…”

“Cloak, dresses, tunics and everything you would desire.”

“Toys, doll houses, Mini-Soldiers! And much more!”

Faramir was not sure what to get, he already gotten Lord Celeborn a new journal ready to be filled with words, Lady Galadriel a small mirror, and a necklace. He had chosen a book of Poetry that he ordered from Gondor for Orophin as well as a new set of gloves. The only two people he had on his list were Rúmil, and Haldir. He already knew what to get Rúmil as the elf had complained about his daily cloak just falling apart the other day and he also enjoyed puzzles, but he was not so sure about Haldir.

As he passed a booth he paused when someone called out to him turning around he saw the elderly elf sitting next to his booth, as he went closer to him he stopped in front of him.

“You look like you might be in need of help of finding the perfect gift…”

“Yes sir, you see there is this person I like and I want to tell him, but…” Faramir stopped he was not sure what made him feel so comfortable with this ellon, maybe it was the ancient wisdom in his eyes, or it was the understanding.

“Ah I think I can help, son. Come with me and let me show what I have, if you do not like it there is no need to buy it and we can part ways on good terms.”

As Faramir followed the elf behind the curtains he was amazed by all the little trinkets that were around each one was special and unique; looking at one he notice a small bag that seemed to be made out old overalls of deep red color with some black fabric inside it.

“That’s mine, my son made it for me with his ada it’s his old overalls that he use to wear.” The elf came back his dark hair pulled back in a ponytail.

“It’s nice…” Faramir smiled as he turned his attention to ellon in front of him.

“Yes it is one of my most prized possessions, my son is now grown up and married to his soul mate he is quiet happy, but enough about me let us see what we can find for you. This male you love what is he like so I might help you.”

“He is amazing, strong, loving, stern, compassionate, but serious when the matter calls for it.” Faramir spoke of Haldir as smile spread across his face.

“He sounds very wonderful, pen-neth I think I know the perfect thing for you.”

As Faramir waited he took in the other items; amazed by all the treasures that he saw in this small tent he was so engrossed in browsing that the elf returning startled him.

“Here tell me if this would suit your needs if not we can keep on searching.”

Faramir took a look at item the elf had presented, his eyes widening in shock. It was a watch very well crafted as was the design. It was a beautiful if he could figure any other word to use he would have used it, but at the moment he could not think of anything. As he opened it he was surprised when a soft melody rang out piercing deep in his soul. Faramir had heard it before, but where?

“I see you like it, Pen-neth… this one is very special indeed and one of the creator’s last piece of the winter series. It has a snow flake on it and his favorite song is to play when opened. Is this is what you would like or should we look at other items?”

“No…! I mean no this is perfect, how much will it cost?” Faramir asked as he looked up at the smiling ellon who beckoned him to following him. He was so distracted that he didn’t notice the three people behind him, who had been stalking his shadow.

“So were my suspicions correct?” Lord Celeborn stepped out of the shadows as he watched his charge leave the tent to go pay for the item, it had taken a lot of work to make it so Faramir would enter this tent, but they had somehow manage to pull it off.

“Yes, I am afraid so, it was a good thing that you got him out of there when you did who knows what would have happened if Denethor had found out about Faramir…”

Celeborn frowned, he didn’t like to think of such a thing, he had grown very protective of his charge.

“But you found out Lord Celeborn do not let this make you so worried by the time he has to choose he might not even choose to return to Gondor.” The youngest of the three walked out his dark hair and blue eyes standing out.

“He deserves to know though, Celeborn and the question is how are we going to tell him?”

“We need more information I have written Faramir’s uncle to hear more information on his mother, but until then let us enjoy the holidays I do not want to ruin Faramir’s first Yule’s day here.” Celeborn withheld a sigh as he left through the back with his companions following close behind him.

Faramir was looking forward to Yule’s eve more than ever before. Right now he was heading towards the library to begin his day, as he opened the door he stopped dead in his track. There were two dark haired elves one rubbing his head with a nice size bruise and the other picking up books. He had never seen these two before so he just waited for them to notice him.

“Excuse me, but what are you two doing in my library…” Lord Celeborn spoke to the two ellons who at least had the dignity to look embarrassed.

“Sorry, Dear-Ada we were just looking for a book…”
“When Elladan decided to start a fight with the books and get hit by a few of them.”

So that was at least one of them was called Elladan, wasn’t that Lord Elrond’s son. Yes he remember Gandalf speaking of them foudly at one point or another, so the other one must be Elrohir. From what he remember Gandalf telling him he would have to look out for those two they were as worse as Orophin, and Rúmil.

“You should not be apologizing to me, but to Faramir these are his libraries I know your Ada taught you better manners…” Celeborn gave them a stern look as his lips twitched oh so slightly, yes he had been irritated, but he was also worried. It seemed that where ever his Dear-ions went they caused themselves injury or prank someone unaware.

“We apologize Librarian Faramir” Elladan and Elrohir replied at the same time.

Faramir felt all eyes on him as he raised his eyebrow ‘Librarian Faramir’ how did he get such a title as he looked at the two he thought they suffered enough.

“Its okay, but I expect that you will clean up your mess, like everyone else around here, and if you are looking for something to do there is also the archery field, along with a new section of the library about war tactics, weapons, when and how they are to be used and such that you might be interested in.” By the time Faramir finished they had already picked up the books and had run out the rooms shouting a thanks.

“I am sorry for them, Faramir they might be many times your senior, but inside they still act like elflings.” Celeborn laughed as he helped put the books away.

“Its okay, L… Celeborn… I understand that not everyone is meant to be a scribe or scholar. It is just how life is meant to be.”

“I am happy to here that, and I am sure Elrond well also be happy to here such a thing. Although the twins love reading they are more hands on. My young Dear-ion is very different from his Gwadors and you might meet him during his stay.” Celeborn thought of Estel who was visiting his Ada and Gwador and had join them on their travel to visit them here in Lórien, although he was quiet certain his wife would of lectured him until he caved and had traveled to join his family.

“Thank you for the update, Celeborn at least if I see someone I have never met before lurking in the corners I won’t be concerned that Rúmil dragged home another stray.”

Celeborn barked laughter at Faramir’s remark; Rúmil and Orophin did like bringing home stray injured elfs that somehow ended up in Faramir workspace scaring him out of his mind.

“Yes indeed. By the way I heard the most wonderful news.”

“Yes and what would that be?”

“I heard that my Marchwarden Haldir has invited you stay with him on Yule eve so you can celebrate with him and his Gwadors.” Celeborn smiled lightly at the nervous stance that his charge took on.

“Yes… I hope you do not mind, but Haldir had asked if I can come over after the party on the eve of Yule. If that is not too much trouble…” Faramir felt quiet unsure what to say or how to take what Celeborn was trying to say.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea, after all it will just be the morning and then there will be an evening party that we will all be invited to.” Celeborn tried to encourage Faramir to step out of his shell whenever he could and he thought this was a great time to encourage him to do so, after all Faramir deserved to be happy.

“Hannon le, Celeborn.” Faramir released a deep sigh of relief as he felt all the pressure disintegrate away as a lightness took its place.

“There is no need to thank me, it is Galadriel’s and my duty to make sure you are well cared for while under our charge and that includes your happiness. You have become almost like a son to me, and as such I want to see you happy, so you do not need to thank me for asking such a simple question. Now let us get to work before it turns into lunch.”

Both of them laughed as they both went to work so they could finish early today after all Yule’s day was just around the corner and he wanted to finish all his wrapping before that happened, Faramir sighed as he looked at his pile of work and wanted to slam his head into the desk. This would be a very long day for him and it wasn’t looking like he would get any wrapping down until tonight.

It was now the eve of Yule as he made his way through the woods to where Haldir and most likely his brothers were waiting for him. Their gifts were tucked away safely wrapped in his change of clothes, he had made sure to keep Haldir’s watch safe and in no danger of breaking.

Stepping up to the door he knocked on the door, waiting for one of the ellons inside to answer the door. Celeborn had reminded him to invite Haldir to the gift opening after Yule’s dinner.

“Faramir come in….” Haldir had been waiting pretty much at the door and when he had heard the thump he had checked in his eagerness to see who it was at his door. Even though he had wanted to yank the door open and drag him into the room he had waited, he didn’t want to scare Faramir away.

“Mae Govannen, Haldir…Sorry I am late it took a while to get here….” Faramir smiled as Haldir lifted the bag off his shoulder and placed it next to the tree which was in the corner it was in a pot and was not that big, but it was beautiful.

“I am just happy that you are here…” Haldir pulled Faramir over to the couch as he went got some cocoa for them two drink.

“Your place is beautiful, but where are Gwadors?” Faramir suddenly realized that Orophin and Rúmil were nowhere to be found.

“Oh well Orophin had last minute patrol and just got home, while Rúmil is with his love who is visiting with the Imladris group.” Haldir sat down next Faramir who was nodding his head.

“I am happy for Rúmil he deserves to happy he really is a great guy.” Faramir fell into silence he could understand Orophin behind exhausted and needed to get some sleep before the morning.

“Yes so am I, but until tomorrow it will just be us is that okay?” Haldir became worried about all the silence.

“Oh of course it is okay it will give more time alone…” Faramir smiled as he flushed lightly. “So what should we talk about?”

“I actually wanted to ask you something, it is kind of personal, and I hope that this doesn’t upset you.” Haldir looked into Faramir eyes as he took in his entire features in.

“What is it?”

“We have known each other for many months and have become I suppose somewhat good friends. I am not really good at this, because I have never really been in a relationship before so I would ask if you give me a chance to prove that I can be a good companion.” Haldir felt his heart racing, head pounding and he felt exhilarated, but scared out of his mind at the same time.

Faramir sat there shell shocked he could not believe that Haldir would return the feeling that he had been harboring for the last month or so. He could feel his palms become sweaty, and his heart beat increase he really did not want screw this over and ruin what seem to be this one chance to be happy.

“Haldir…” Faramir voiced cracked as he tried to get the words out.

“Faramir.. I just wish for a chance…”

Faramir was not sure how he was able to say anything as his throat seemed to be closed off, but somehow the next thing he found was Haldir’s lips over his in a slow kiss. It was in simple words, hot and slow as they slowly parted Faramir could help but smile.

“That was better then I ever envisioned it would be…” Haldir breathed heavily. He leaned his forehead against Faramir just as he enjoyed the moment. It was Yule’s eve and they were all alone, with no one to bother them. They had all night to talk about what they wanted, but was that what he wanted to do with their time alone.

“So what do we do now? I have never been in a relationship it was literally impossible for me to do so without worrying about the other’s motivations.” Faramir enjoyed the light kisses Haldir was peppering him with; they made his skin tingle and his heart speed up.

“We can do what ever we want to do, but I promise I won’t push you into anything you do not want to do.” Haldir smiled down at Faramir as he kissed him once more.

“We are both adults and I believe that we will know our limits.” Faramir spoke between kisses as the room seemed to heat up.

The lights were dimmed as they moved against each other to the point they didn’t know where one started and the other ended. Kisses were shared as they tried to closer and share as much as possible. Hands ran down his leg as he pulled closer, causing more pleasure.

Gasping he looked up as kisses were placed all the way down his abdomen as he was engulfed in a deep heat and he couldn’t help but gasp at the suction as he felt like he was being sucked dry. The pressure was gaining in the back of his head.

Pleading for more as he felt sweat slide down his skin, hot hands running up and down his stomach as he reach down and ran his hands through his hair to encourage him, anything to ensure the blinding pleasure wouldn’t end.

Feeling the building pressure, his panting he couldn’t warn his partner as he felt his release trigger and breaking into a silent cry.

Waking up, Faramir blinked as he remembered what happened the night before it had been as empowering as he grinned at his sleeping companion. No Haldir had not pressured him at all instead he had down it all on his own. Stretching he felt truly pleased as he relaxed against Haldir, it was so peaceful and quiet.

“Mmmm this is a wonderful way to wake up…” Haldir stretched out as he hugged Faramir close. “I wouldn’t mind waking up like this more often.”

“Neither would I…” Faramir enjoyed the warmth and love that came from Haldir’s embrace.

“As much as I would love to stay this way I can hear my Gwadors outside of the door and they do not do patience.” Haldir’s grimaced as he reluctantly got out of his warm bed pulling up some pants that laid on the ground and a shirt that somehow ended up on his dresser. “I will be waiting, do not keep me waiting too long.”

Faramir watched Haldir leave the room as he heard him greet his Gwadors, before he got out and snagged his clothes as he made quick work of dressing. He wondered what would happen today and could feel the excitement rising inside him as he tied his hair back before he left the room.

Entering the room Faramir smiled at the scene as the three gwadors were joking around, as he looked around the tree was shimmering as the gifts lay innocently under the tree ready to be torn into.

“Mae Govannen, Faramir….”
“So good to see you…”

Orophin and Rúmil appeared on either side of Faramir as they lead him to the breakfast table while Haldir went to get something from the bedroom.

“So are you excited”
“Your first Yule’s day here…”
“In our Grand community…”

“Orophin, Rúmil stop pestering Faramir…” Haldir joined them as he was hiding something behind his back with boyish smile spread across his face.

Faramir was looking at him with curiosity and confusion wondering what Haldir could possibly be hiding.

“Since it is your first Yule’s day in Lórien, we decided that you should be able to receive the first gift.” Rúmil started as he bit into a big sticky bun.

“So we decided that since Haldir’s gift might be more exciting it should be the first gift you should open so to speak…” Orophin teased his gwador Haldir who was glowering at him.

“Are you sure I really do not mind either way…” Faramir smiled at Haldir’s gwadors they were very much amusing. They both returned to a standing position, reaching out Faramir remained silent as two sets of hands covered his eyes, blinding to him to the room.

“What are you two up to?”

“Now, now… Faramir its Yule day and you’re not allowed to question us about your gift from Haldir you know you will love it.

As Orophin and Rúmil took their hands away from Faramir’s eyes as he saw the huge box with a little kitten in the middle.

Faramir could not believe what he was seeing it was a kitten, just like the first one he had that he had received from his mother. Stepping forward, Faramir carefully picked up the little kitten and held it up close as it became cross eyed and licked him on the nose. Looking to Haldir he didn’t know what to say this was the most thoughtful gift he had ever received.

“I do not know what to say…” Faramir cuddled up to the kitten as he enjoyed the feeling of its purring.

“You do not have to say anything, I am just happy that you like you gift…” Haldir closed the gasp between them claiming Faramir’s lips with his.

“No, I love you gift, but not as much as I do you….” Faramir smiled as he was pulled onto the couch still holding his gift to his chest as laughter surrounded him he had to admit that his joy had come; during the winter season his joy had come.

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5 Comment(s)

Lovely story; so warm and sweet! I liked how easily Faramir settled in and how friendly everyone was towards him, which I’m sure is a far cry from how it is in Minas Tirith. Though I’m curious about the underlying sub-plot that was hinted at; will you write any more on that aspect? Still a very good read. Cheers!

— LN Tora    Wednesday 21 December 2011, 3:54    #

Thank you so much for this very joyful and heart-warming story! I love how Faramir gets to know that there is a different way to things and how happy everyone’s goodness towards him makes him.

I apologize for not commenting sooner but I’ve been traveling and having some RL problems that kept me away.

Once again, thank you very much and have a very happy New Year!

Kissa    Sunday 25 December 2011, 14:32    #

I am so happy they you both loved the story I am not sure if I will write a sequel to this story but if I do I will have it sent here. Anyways thanks again I am happy that you enjoyed the story.

— Angelstar3999    Monday 2 January 2012, 6:10    #

Yes I am sure it is I am happy that you liked the story. Adding the underline plot was to add some mystery to the plot. I am not sure if I will add anymore, but if I do this is where I will be putting it. I hope you have a good day thanks for the review.

— Angelstar3999    Monday 2 January 2012, 6:14    #

Oh this was a lovely story! Like LN Tora said, it was a very good read! Thank you so much for sharing and lending your talents, Angelstar, you are a great author. :)

— Morwen    Thursday 5 January 2012, 5:07    #

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