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Flight from the Shadows (PG-13) Print

Written by Angelstar3999

23 December 2012 | 3372 words

Title: Flight from the Shadows
Author: Angelstar3999
Beta read by someone who has since decided to leave the archive. Thank you so much for all the help
Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: Faramir/Haldir, Dark Aragorn, Denethor, Boromir
Warning: Slash, slight-stalking
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Tolkiens universe, except for the oc’s which are mine. Otherwise I own nothing.
Summary: Faramir finds himself on the end of some unwanted affection of a secret admirer turned stalker, will love conquer over obsession?

Written for the 2012 Midwinter Swap.

Request by Bell Witch: I prefer human pairings, and unusual ones. Perhaps a stalker, but nothing (or little?) physical happens. Psychological stalking? On the lighter side, an admirer on the fluffy side as opposed to the dark side. An Evil!Aragorn story. An Evil!Éowyn story—not that she’s a bitch, but she’s nasty to her husband. This could be over the top evil or a genuine spousal abuse story. Faramir has a crush and acts… or not. Surprise me. No happy incest.

The Third Age

It was the small moments that came to be the most precious to Faramir who stood packing his few items that he could not part with. This would be the last time he would be in Gondor’s glorious shelter, and yet he could not help be feeling light hearted.

Shifting, Faramir stared at the door as he heard the familiar knock. As he shoved his shirt into his pack he went to his door to check who awaited him. Yet when he opened it there was no one there except for another unnerving package with the same unsigned letter.

“Well let us see what we have tonight…” Faramir opened it to find a letter opener on a chain. It was designed after his blade that he had used for the last five years.

‘To the Jeweled Warrior of Ithilien,

I leave this small blade letter opener for your use only. As it points down towards your heart may it lead your heart in the right direction.

Your Secret Admirer

Crumbling the letter up he threw it into the fire feeling unnerved by the whole gift itself. He wondered if he should try to give it to someone else so that he would not have to worry about it. Yet the last time he had done that it had caused an interesting reaction.


Faramir had been filling out the papers for the Rangers of Ithilien to give to the Steward of Gondor when there was a sharp knock at the door.

“The door it open…”

“Greeting, Sire… I was told to give this to you…”

Calvin6 shifted as he looked to Faramir as he handed the package to him. He didn’t like the feeling of it and he really had not wanted to be a messenger.

“Where did you get this..?” Faramir felt slightly sick as he looked into the box at what was once an innocent gift now tainted from his memories. It had been of many of the first gifts he had received. Closing the box he walked over to the fire and threw the gift in.

“Calvin, if anyone else asks you to give me a gift such as the one you got today tell them that you decline.” Faramir rubbed his face already feeling weary not only in body but much deeper.

“Sir if I might ask you a question…?”

“You just did soldier, but do continue….” Faramir’s irritation quickly turned to amusement and the nervousness that rolled off sent the young soldier fidgeting.

“Why did you throw that box in the fire? Were you not worried about it having something dangerous in it.?” Calvin looked to the fire suddenly worried about his commanding officer health.

“Of course I am, but all that was inside was a note…” And other things Faramir would not subject Calvin to.

“ Faramir, sorry to interrupt, but Lord Denethor requests your paper work.” Lady Eleanor7 entered startling the two young men.

“Of course, Eleanor… Could I ask for a favour?” Faramir folded the letter stained with blood in a cloth to conceal it from view.

“Yes of course dear…” Eleanor smile never wavered over her favorite youngling.

“Could you give this to my father as well?” Faramir handed Eleanor the cloth as he gave her a signal for urgent, and danger.

“Of course… right away dear… I will be back with lunch for the two of you after I deliver these papers.” Eleanor left before either Faramir or Calvin could speak up.

“Is she always this way, or was I just in good luck to see her on a good day.” Calvin watched the door way.

“No, that is usually how she is. Eleanor is the mother figure to most people here, do not worry you will get used to it. Now sit down we have much to talk about in your first assignment as a Ranger.” Faramir laughter rang through the hallways as he took in the young ranger’s expression.

~End of Flashback~

The letters got worse over the time, as did the gifts that he received and he was thankful that he would be away from the unwanted gifts, cards, and most importantly disturbing replies, even though he not answered any of the letters. He been receiving more disturbing than he had in the last couple months.

“I hope I am not interrupting….” Thorongil8 smiled at Faramir who was currently packing for his trip. He could see the changes in the young Ranger, and he approved. He hoped that soon he would be able to see things from his point of view.

“Aye… and how are you Leader Thorongil?” Faramir nodded to one of his closest confidants. Thorongil had showed him that not everything that Denethor preached was the right way.

“I am well, although it looks as if you are in a slight bind?” Thorongil scoffed at the new gift, although it looked to be good craftsmanship he had seen better. “Would you like me to dispose of this…?”

Faramir looked up as he watched Thorongil dangle the new gift as if it was something diseased, as he nodded his head in agreement. It would be one less problem for him to worry about when he was away on his mission.

“Of course… I really have no use for it, but do be careful, these nuisances seem to reappear in a… let us say very disturbing manner…” Faramir pulled extra hard on his bag strings as he tied the top close.

“I will mellon-nin1… as for you I hope you can pass on my greeting to Haldir, and his brother. “ Thorongil poured two drinks as and instead of as he passed one to Faramir. Yes, Faramir would help make big changes in Gondor

“Oh… I am sure I will mention you in passing.” Faramir sipped his drink enjoying the slight burn down his throat.

“Oh and one more thing, I was hoping to ask for a favor, from one fellow brother to another.” Thorongil pulled out his gift as well as a letter of importance.

“Of course I will try to help you any way I can, as long as it has nothing to do with killing the Steward… that you will have to go to Boromir for…” Faramir kept his face completely straight as he saw the amusement flash in Thorongil’s eyes.

“No… No… Nothing of the sorts. I was hoping that since you were visiting Lothlórien9 you could pass on this letter to Lord Celeborn, and Lady Galadriel.” Thorongil smile widened as Faramir took the letter and placed it in his travel pack.

“And is there a message that I should add to it while I am at it.”

“Aye, if you can remember… tell them it is from Estel Elrondion2 who sends his greetings.”

“Of all the people you could be hoarding letters from, Elrond’s son was not one of the people I assumed it would be.” Faramir watched Thorongil laugh heartily with his whole body and soul.

“I do not hoard, Brother-Faramir… I simply keep it safe until I can return it to its proper owner.”

“Sure, and the Ocean is just a little wet…. Thorongil… no really how did you come by this…” Faramir had his suspicions but held his tongue as he did trust his brother, and friend.

“Aye… let me tell you when we depart…” Thorongil did not trust the walls to keep his secrets to themselves.

“Of course… I assume you are on another mission of great importance.” Faramir ribbed Thorongil for his secrets.

“Nay… I just need some time at home to prepare for the most important mission of them all, that and I wish to spend my ride with pleasant company.” Thorongil calm answer spoke volumes of how relaxed he was at the moment recalling a moment that did not seem that long ago.


“Pen-neth… Is this your first trip out of Gondor?”

Faramir looked to the Golden-haired warrior, known as Glorfindel of Imladris. His group had met the travelling group of Elves on it’s way for the cultural exchange program set by his many great grandfather and stewards ancestors to keep the alliance living no matter how much his father detested it. Why he did not approve of the exchange program was a mystery to Faramir as he saw the reason behind the point.

“Actually, yes. Father thought it best to send me.” Faramir finished lamely not wanting to say that his father had sent him because he did not want Boromir to be influenced like his other son had been.

“Do not let him fool you Lord Glorfindel, young Faramir here has a great talent speaking the Elven languages, which is why I thought that he would be the best choice for the cultural exchange.” Thorongil caught up with his younger charge.

“Really, how interesting! What else can you tell us that this young man ?” Glorfindel was caught off as he gave Estel a sharp glare.

“Thorongil… my apologies I do not believe I have given you my name…” Thorongil knew he would be in trouble with Glorfindel and his family later on when he met up with them in Lothlórien, but he did not wish to put Faramir in danger because he knew of his true inheritance.

“Of course Thorongil… It is nice to have a name for a face. I am sure we will get along very well…” Lord Elrond intervened as he squeezed Thorongil’s shoulder a little harder than necessary. He would be having a long discussion with Estel or should he say Thorongil later on tonight in his parent-in-laws talen.

“So Faramir what are your weapons of choice…?” Elladan decided to stir the conversation away from Estel’s new found name.

“The bow and arrow, as well as the long blades. I also have some training with the sword thanks to my brother Boromir, most of the teachers seem less than patient with me.” Faramir winced as he recalled all the times he had been compared to his brother, not that he had ever blamed Boromir for it.

“Ah I see we have a modest one …” Elrohir nudged the young Ranger in amusement. “I am certain that you fit in well with the people of Lothlórien, especially some of the Marchwardens.”

“Thank you… I think…” Faramir eyed the Elven twins warily as he thought of the upcoming meeting of the Lord and Lady of Lothlórien. As well as learning about a new culture and how the people of Lothlórien was led, and what he could bring back to help Gondor grow.

“I am sure that this cultural exchange will be life changing….” Thorongil patted Faramir on his shoulder as he as they continued on their way in much brighter spirits.

~End of Flashback~

Faramir was sitting under a tree as he thought of Thorongil’s and his conversation a couple nights previous He looked to his friend who was resting against the tree deep in thought as they enjoyed the quietness that was quite rare with the current shadow looming around the corner.

What are you most looking forward to Faramir? Seeing Haldir or being away from the stone structure that is known as Gondor…?” Thorongil watched in amusement his friend’s reddening cheeks as Faramir searched for words. “It is nothing to be ashamed of brother-Faramir. Love is just that, love. It really does not matter who they are.”

“Yes…I will admit I am very happy to see Haldir again. As well being away from Gondor, although I will miss our talks, Thorongil.” Faramir leaned against the tree trunk. Tomorrow they would reach Lothlórien and he would be able to rest once again. He rested his eyes while he decided to get a few hours of sleep before it was his turn to keep watch.

He was finally here as he walked alongside Haldir who was telling him about the latest improvements that they had added to their borders, as well as around their community.

“It sounds you have been far more busy than you have been letting on.” Faramir smile widened as he heard Haldir laugh.

As the talan came into view, Haldir made haste to get up the stairs and to the door through the door where they could have some privacy.

“Aye, if only to keep my mind off of you meleth-nin3. I miss you during our time apart. It has been harder than I could ever imagine.” Haldir pulled Faramir into his talan as and is better than as he kissed him thoroughly trying to rememorize every part of Faramir every part of him.

They had started out as friends when he arrived during his first trip, but that had led to much more before it had ended.

~Flash Back~

Faramir was sitting in Haldir’s talan as Haldir made his way back to him with two drinks. Soon he would be returning to Gondor and with a heavy heart. It was not something he wanted to do, especially with his new found feelings for Haldir that had been growing since the day they had met.

“I think I truly wish you were staying here a couple more years and not weeks. “ Haldir placed Faramir’s drink in his hands and his fingers lingered on the soft skin more than necessary.

“Aye I wish the same… yet there has been something I have been wanting to speak to discuss with you for the last couple of months.” Faramir could feel his heat beat quicken with each word. He did not wish to harm the friendship that he had made with Haldir, but he needed to do this or regret it for the rest of the time of his time.

“What is it… Mellon-nin?” Haldir scooted closer to Faramir so as not to miss a word. He hoped it was the same thing that he had been thinking of for the last several months.

“I hope that I won’t offend you… as you were my first friend here.”

“Never, Faramir… A few words would never change how much I care for you…” Haldir was so tempted by Faramir’s smile, and all he wanted to do was kiss him senseless.

“I wanted to tell you that my feelings have changed over the last couple of months into something more. I guess this is harder than I thought it would be.”

Haldir seeing the dilemma looked into Faramir’s eyes. He weighed his options and looked on both sides.

“I would ask you if it mirrors my own feeling, than I wish to try to see if anything might happen between us. Haldir finally spoke knowing that he was taking a big leap of faith in doing so.

Faramir looked up and that was really all it took for him to realize that he was worried over nothing especially
when it became clear that Haldir felt the same way. He was barely able to get an ‘Aye‘ out when Haldir pulled him closer to him as they both laughed at their foolishness of not taking a chance. As the laughter died down both Faramir and Haldir’s eyes connected and their lips slowly closed the gap between them.

~End of Flash Back~

“Meleth-nin?” Haldir looked to Faramir in concern as he woke his sleeping mate.

“Did I fall asleep on you, Haldir? I am sorry I guess I have been more tired than I thought.” Faramir stretched out as he enjoyed Haldir’s warmth.

“It is okay, Faramir there is nothing to apologize for. After all I have had times where I too fell asleep on that same couch.” Haldir shared a kiss with Faramir. “Now let us enjoy a nice meal and enjoy each other’s company until someone needs one of us.”

Deep in the forest, Thorongil was directing was telling the twins, Elladan and Elrohir as well as Rúmil and Orophin what to do with their captive. After all this was the elven way to deal their prisoners, or harassed. They already knew some interesting way to deal with prisoners, but he did not wish to recall all of his training that he received

“Do you know what Elves do to people who murder, and harass other people?” Orophin was enjoying himself as he saw the same fear this man instilled in Faramir flash through those disgusting eyes.

“But Faramir is not an Elf, and he is not married…”

“How would you know what Faramir is…” Thorongil smile darkened across his face. “Faramir might as well be counted by elven law for who he is.”

“You will not get away with this…” the fear dripped out of every pore on the man’s weary body.

“You would be surprised what my brother can and cannot get away with”

“You threatened another’s mate… and now your life is forfeit… an eye for an eye…” Thorongil watched the tired man stumble away.

He would not make it, but just make sure he knew a couple warden’s of Lothlórien trail him. Thorongil was sure a couple days without water would finish the man off, but if that didn’t then the roaming orcs would.

“Do you not think anyone will come searching for that man… if you can call him that.?” Rúmil sniffed and looked away. This kind of people were not worth the air his brothers breathed.

“No, and if they do there will be nothing left to find… so it will be a waste of time.” Thorongil joined his brothers as he took aim and fired silencing the predator forever. “Besides, Ada5 taught me well on how to pass judgment.”

Thorongil looked to his father who nodded his head. They had both looked into the man’s history and he had done many despicable things in his life. Murder being the latest on his long list of crimes against Gondor and her people.

“I fear that Gondor is in for a rude awakening when you become King, ion-nin4…” Elrond stepped out as he watched his children with his father-in-law. “It is time to call it a night, Estel. Besides I wish to spend my time with you doing more pleasant things then standing in the middle of the forest watching the man wander off to meet his end.”

“Indeed, Ada…” Thorongil did not even spare a second glance as he joined his family, after all he too deserved a break from the shadows to enjoy the love and peace that he felt when with his family.

1 Mellon-nin: My friend

2 Elrondion: Son of Elrond

3 Meleth-nin: My love

4 Ada: Dad

5 Ion: Son

6 Calvin: A young Ranger of Ithilien who is works with Faramir. He is still new to the whole Ranger business, but he takes his duty very seriously, sometimes too seriously in Faramir’s opinion.

7 Eleanor: Eleanor is the head of the cleaning crew, as well as the kitchens. She has a soft spot for Faramir.

8 Thorongil: He a current leader of the Rangers and a good friend of Faramir, although his way of dealing with people and things can be considered dark. Also goes by the names of Strider, Estel, and Aragorn

9 Lothlórien: One of the Elven communities

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3 Comment(s)

Liked this much^^

— Suryallee    Sunday 23 December 2012, 18:26    #

An interesting choice, to leave the identity of the stalker a mystery (unless I missed something.) Very dangerous to annoy the Elves and a rather different and intriguing sort of Aragorn. I do wonder what Gondor will be like with this version of Aragorn as king.
Am very amused at the detail of the letter opener being a mini of Faramir’s own sword.
All in all, interesting—thank you.

— Bell Witch    Sunday 23 December 2012, 20:18    #

I am happy that you liked it. I decided to keep the identity of the stalker nameless so you could choose who it was. And It was interesting to write Aragorn slightly darker than I usually do.

— Angelstar3999    Monday 24 December 2012, 2:03    #

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