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Twilights Lovers (NC-17) Print

Written by Angelstar3999

19 December 2010 | 1489 words

Title: Twilights Lovers
Author: Angelstar3999
Beta: Jessica A. Lupin
Pairing: Faramir/Aragorn, Elladan/OMC-(Durel)/Elrohir, Boromir/Éowyn
Rating: R-NC-17
Disclaimer: The Characters in this story do not belong to me, I gain no profit from this story, and I own nothing!
Summary: Faramir and Legolas spend some time away from Gondor as they speak about the changes that has happened in their lives.
Category: Challenge-Challenge issued to writer, H/C Hurt/comfort, M/M homosexual relationship (Slash) Established relationship

Written for the 2010 Midwinter Swap.

Request by Mira Took: Faramir and Legolas: they’re both good with a bow, they both have famous, lordly, and rather difficult fathers, they’re both super loyal to Aragorn (Faramir declares his fealty at first sight, Legolas settles in Gondor). Faramir has lost his brother and his father, and Legolas is far from home, so they’re both in need of someone. Get these two together after the war in Minas Tirith or Ithilien. Please also include some or all of following: Aragorn, hurt/comfort, drinking tea, an unexpected or anonymous gift, the word “overwhelmed”. Please don’t include any: Éowyn (or other outside romantic entanglements), non-con, getting drunk, an embarrassing or public scene, and the word “blonde”.

Faramir tided the documents as he placed them on King Elessar’s desk. He had finally finished them yesterday and all they needed was the King’s signature. They had come a long way since the war and he could see that Gondor was on its way back to its former glory.

Straightening up he went over his list again making sure that he had everything done before he went out with Legolas. Even thinking about the elf caused his hear to speed up and his skin flush slightly.

He and Legolas had hit it off almost instantly after their first meeting after the fall of Mordor. Although he was still recovering from the wound he had received he was able to show Legolas around as they learned what they had in common. They both seemed to have a great talent with the bow and he found himself enjoying the friendly competition with the elf Prince.

With the passing of time they had grown closer until that fateful night where they had been in his quarter playing chess, and sharing a glass of wine. Unexpectedly Legolas leaned over shocking Faramir with a warm kiss. Still in a state of shock it took the young Steward a few seconds to react but the rest of the night was spent exchanging kisses and gentle touches.

“Are you ready to go Meleth-nin”

Looking up, Faramir grinned as he embraced Legolas with a hug and a kiss before releasing his lover.

“I see that you are done with your reports, I was starting to worry with how stressed you have been lately.”

“I will admit that some of the work has been overwhelming, but you will be pleased to know that I have caught up with all this work.”

Faramir took the liberty to stretch before taking Legolas’ hand and exiting the library. The couple discussed work and other political things as they made their way to the kitchen to retrieve their picnic. Elessar had been kind enough to give both the rest of the afternoon off to spend a few hours alone.

“Are you looking forward to our next adventure?”

“With you I’m all looking forward to another adventure.”

Sliding off the horse he looked around it was just as he remembered and Faramir was excited to share his sanctuary with Legolas.

“This place is amazing Faramir.” Legolas took in the place as he held onto the picnic.

“Yes, isn’t it my brother and I use to come here all the time, but after Boromir joined the army I use to come here to get away from father. It brought me the littlest joy as this place holds some of my fondest memories, and hopefully we can make some memories.”

Faramir smiled as he leaned against Legolas as he tried to withhold his tears as the pain of his recent losses reared its ugly head again. He missed Boromir, and his father. He was thankful for how much Legolas put up with his sudden outburst of emotion.

“Thank you.”

“Meleth-nin… I will always be there for you… I wish to comfort you when you are hurting.”

Legolas led Faramir over to the blanket as he set up the picnic pulling out two cups, plates and the food; he had to admit Eleanor was one of the best cooks he had ever met. While he was setting up Faramir started a fire to boil the water to make tea, Eleanor had slipped some of the new tea spices into his pocket while he had not been looking and now he was thankful for it as it would defiantly warm their weary bones.

“What are you doing?” Legolas crouched over next to Faramir.

“Making tea..”

“That does sound nice.”

“Yes, doesn’t it.”

Finishing, Faramir poured Legolas a cup of tea, before pouring one for himself as he snuggled up to Legolas enjoying the peacefulness of the scenery.

As they started eating, he and Legolas spoke of new settlement in Ithilien that they were to start. The plans had started after Elessar had named Faramir Prince of Ithilien asking him to create a safe heaven for elves and men a like.

“I must say that I am excited to hear what Ada thinks of the settlement, but I’m a little apprehensive.” Legolas leaned into the embrace enjoying his lover’s company.

“I am sure he will love it, Ithilien is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.” Faramir reassured Legolas in an attempt to calm him, and push away his fears.

Legolas nodded as he leaned forward and captured Faramir’s lips with his own tumbling over him as he pressed down so he was on top of Faramir. He did not want to think of anything other than enjoying his time with Faramir. As he leaned back he smiled before he once again claimed Faramir’s lips in a tender kiss as he relaxed against Faramir stealing a kiss every now and then.

“I think that this happens to be my new favorite places…” Legolas’s eyes sparked as he teased Faramir.

“And why is that?” Faramir grinned as he engaged Legolas in another kiss.

“Mostly because you are here and you are the most important person to me. I love you Mir-nin.”

Legolas stopped using his words as he trailed kisses down Faramir’s neck as he slowly removed Faramir’s shirt. As he made his way down his kissing his shoulder, nipping every once in while as he teased Faramir in his most sensitive part of his stomach.

“Mmm Legolas….”

“Enjoying yourself Meleth-nin.” Legolas hummed as he single handily rid his lover of his pants. He was absolutely beautiful with his face flushed, and his eyes glazed.

Faramir could feel the heat pool down his neither regions as his skin became flushed. His auburn hair sticking to his forehead as he watched his beloved tease him and made him burn for more.

“Please stop the torment.”

Legolas looked upwards and he smiled, Faramir was squirming and panting. Becoming very flustered by his actions alone and it made him feel empowered that he caused this reaction in his beloved.

As he pulled out some lotion he dipped his fingers into it as he quickly prepared Faramir making sure that he would not cause too much harm or pain to him.

“Beloved look at me, Mir-nin.” Legolas aliened himself with Faramir’s opening as he took a hold of Faramir’s lips, while he entered Faramir slowly inch, by inch. Until he was fully in before pausing enjoying the feeling of Faramir surrounding him like a velvet glove.

“Meleth-nin…” Legolas whispered against Faramir’s lips as he made sure his lover was ready before he started moving. Small thrusts at first as he aimed for the pleasure spot all the while kissing Faramir whispering words of love into Faramir’s ears.

It was mind-blowing as they continued on, Faramir did not even trying to contain his gasp and moans as Legolas hit that special gland that caused stars to explode behind his eyelids


Legolas did as command as he aimed for the sweet spot to make sure his beloved received inconceivable pleasure. Grabbing a hold of Faramir’s shaft, he squeezed as his ran up and down matching the rhythm of his own thrusts.

As they reached their peak they came together, with Legolas slumping over Faramir panting hard as he ran his hands lazily over Faramir’s stomach make small designs.

“I love you.”

“As I love you, my heart.” Legolas snuggled up to Faramir. He knew he should be cleaning, but he was too relaxed and this place was a private place where no one could stumble upon them. As Legolas pulled his cloak over them he snuggled into Faramir’s body allowing their surrounding lull him to sleep.

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2 Comment(s)

Thanks for writing the story for my request! You got in everything I asked for. I really like the established, comfortable atmosphere you’ve created between Faramir and Legolas — sometimes domestic is also romantic. I can definitely imagine them discussing the settlement of Ithilien over a cup of tea.

— Mira Took    Sunday 19 December 2010, 21:02    #

I am so happy that you enjoyed your story. I had a wonderful time writing it. :D I hope you have a good day.

— Angelstar3999    Friday 31 December 2010, 8:46    #

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