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Written by Angelstar3999

22 December 2007 | 3337 words

Title: The Note
Author: Angelstar3999
Beta: SisterSue1
Pairing: Faramir/Elrond, Legolas/Faramir/Legolas, and mentioning of others
Rating: Pg 13
Feedback: Use the form below or at llarsenangel@juno.com or angelstar3999@yahoo.com
Disclaimer: The Characters in this story do not belong to me, I gain no profit from this story, and I own nothing! Except from Mirion1 he is mine (cuddles male elf possessively) and a few minor characters
Summary: Faramir receives a note that leads to a whole new experience.
Category: Challenge-Challenge issued to writer, M/M homosexual relationship (Slash), M/M/M


  • It is after the War of the Ring and Aragorn (Elessar) is now King of Gondor.
  • Typography used in the text:
    • ‘Thoughts’
    • “Talking”
    • ‘Elrond speaking through a mind link with Legolas’
    • ‘Legolas speaking through a mind link with Elrond’

Written for the 2007 Midwinter Swap.

Request by Sivan Shemesh: Faramir/Legolas/Elrond, Elrond/Faramir; Legolas tells Elrond that he needs more, and Elrond tried to find the right man that might be a pleasure to Legolas, but in the meanwhile Faramir is fall in love in Legolas and Elrond.

The shadows dance across the walls, and the lights flickered, causing more shadows to appear dancing across Faramir’s path. At the moment Faramir was hurrying along to meet two important people who resided in Gondor. This morning he had received an invitation asking him attend a private get together, with two well known family members of the King. He had been so preoccupied with all his work and thought of the invitation that he completely missed the evening meal. Faramir pulled out the letter and he looked it over again, making sure he did not miss anything.

Dear Faramir,

We would be honored if you would give us the most esteemed pleasure of joining us for the evening in Elrond’s rooms after the evening meal. We hope to see you later.


Prince Legolas of Mirkwood, Son of Thranduil, One of the nine of the Fellowship of the Ring
Lord Elrond of Imladris the Last Homely House, Herald of Gil-Galad, Wielder of Great Ring Vilya

Shaking his head, Faramir folded the letter back up and gently slid it into his pocket so as not to crumple it. To Faramir this letter was confusing as the last one, for he did not know why such noble elves would want to mingle with some such as him. He felt very humbled, but at the same time knew that he did not deserve such an honor. After all, he was only the second born of the belated steward of Gondor. Taking in a deep breath to calm his nerves, Faramir slowly made his way to Elrond’s room. He lifted his hand to knock, pausing for just a few seconds, before bringing his hand down upon the wooden door.

It seemed like hours had flown by as he waited at the door, wondering what would happen tonight. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, the door open to reveal a smiling Legolas, who looked even more brilliant than he had when Faramir had seem him this morn.

“Come in, come in Faramir. I was worried that you didn’t get our message this morn when you did not show up for the evening meal. Where were you by the way!?!? I missed your presence Lirimaer,”2 Legolas stated in his usual cheerful manner.

Smiling Legolas grabbed a hold of Faramir’s arm as he escorted him into the room, while Elrond closed the door behind them as he led Faramir to the table. Lately things had been quiet and dull for Elrond and himself. The feeling that something was missing from their relationship followed them like an annoying shadow that would not go away. It had finally stopped when he had met Faramir that fateful day.

He remembered like it was yesterday. He had been on his way to speak with Elrond who was helping out in the halls of healing when, out of nowhere, he ran smack into someone sending the person and himself to the ground. Getting up, he was about to give the careless person a piece of his mind when he felt as if all his breath left his body, leaving him breathless. There in front of him was a beauty that he did not believe existed until today. He had been so memorized by the red-haired-beauty that he had almost missed the quiet apology that the red head stated. Legolas later found out that the redhead beauty was Faramir, the new Steward of Gondor from Elrond, who had been treating the beauty for his burns and shoulder wound.

Smiling at the memory of the first time he met Faramir, Legolas gently shoved Faramir into one of the chairs. While he sat down in the chair to Faramir’s right he pulled off the covers over the trays of food. Earlier he had gone by the kitchen asking for some food and he almost did not get any until he mentioned Faramir’s name. Then he was given enough to feed three armies from Eleanor,3 the head of the kitchens. Coming out of his thoughts, Legolas watched as Elrond snuck up behind and place his hands on Faramir’s shoulders, while he leaned over close to Faramir’s right ear.

“I suggest you eat everything on this plate Lirimaer. It would be in your best interest to do so, and trust me if you do not you will most definitely not like the consequences. As your healer, Mir-nin,4 I will state this bluntly so you understand. From what I have seen, you do not take care of yourself very will and missing a meal is not a wise choice at the moment,” Elrond firmly stated as he purposely kissed Faramir on the brow before sitting down in the only chair left open.

“Come on, Lirimaer. Eat. You’re already too thin and I know for a fact that the assortments of food are all your favorites, or least that is what Lady Eleanor said.” Legolas suppressed his laughter when Faramir ducked his head and started to eat, with a clear sign of a blush spreading across his cheeks. Sharing a smile with Elrond, he watched the object of his affection eat the food in front of him, as he subconsciously sipped at his wine.

“Faramir do you know why we invited you here tonight?” asked Elrond.

“No, Elrond I do not,” Faramir calmly replied as he placed his silverware down after finishing the last of the food on his plate. He had been so lost in thought that he completely missed the silent communication that went on between Elrond and Legolas.

Shaking his head Elrond frowned at the formal tone. He already knew that Faramir had a low opinion of himself. He just did not know how low it actually was.

‘This actually might be harder then we thought meleth.’

‘I know meleth, but I believe that it will work out in the end.’

“First Faramir, please no formalities; we are all friends here.” Legolas put his hand on Faramir’s arm causing the red headed beauty to snap his head in Legolas’ direction.

“Secondly, Faramir we wish you to feel welcomed here. So if Legolas or I overstep our bounds, please do tell us. We do not want you to feel uncomfortable in our presence,” Elrond stated. He covered the empty plates feeling quiet pleased that Faramir had eaten all the food upon his plate. He had been quite concerned about the young one, especially when it came to Faramir’s food intake or lack therefore.

“Come, Faramir let us retire next to the fireplace where it is nice and warm. Estel has generously given us a bottle of good wine for tonight,” Elrond replied as he tried to suppress his smile when Legolas enthusiastically directed a dazed Faramir over to the fireplace. Grabbing the wine glasses, he sauntered over, handing one to Faramir and one to Legolas before taking his and taking a seat across from the two. Sipping his wine Elrond watched with amusement as Legolas flirted shamelessly with Faramir who seemed oblivious to the whole thing.

As Faramir turned his attention away from Legolas he looked straight at Elrond, wondering if he should as the question that been burning his tongue the whole night.

“Lord… I mean Elrond as much as I am enjoying spending time with you and Legolas I would like to know… to know… Why…….” Faramir drifted off as he could not for the life himself figure out how to finish the question. He could feel Legolas hand grazed his skin giving it a light squeeze which oddly enough brought great comfort.

“What Lirimaer, do you not enjoy spending time with us?” whispered Legolas as he grazed lips on the shell of Faramir’s ear smiling when he heard the light intake of breath.

‘Legolas take it easy we do not want to scare him away too soon.’

‘I know, but he is just too irresistible.’

“Of course I enjoy spending time with both of you…Legolas.” Faramir replied nervously as he felt the heat rose in his skin. At the moment he was hoping against hope that his intuition was not wrong, because if it was he did not believe would survive another strike to his already battered heart.

“Mmmm…Lirimaer come here.” Elrond beckoned the young red-headed-beauty5 forward. Leaning back Elrond became comfortable as he sipped on his wine and watched Faramir cautiously stepped forward until he was standing in front of him.

“Yes Elrond…” Faramir managed to say in his nervous state as he dug deeper into his thoughts. Snapping out of his daze Faramir squeaked as he was pulled forward towards Elrond, landing on his lap in a sitting position as he felt the air being knocked out of his body. Blushing, he did the first thing that came to his mind, which just happened to be hiding his face in the crook of Elrond’s neck. From his position he could hear twin chuckles from his companions, as he felt himself blush deeper.

“Do not be embarrassed Lirimaer, I quite enjoy this position that we are in right now,” Elrond purred into his ear. He smiled as he felt Faramir tried to hide himself deeper.

“My Lord, surely I am too heavy to be in such a position that we are in at the moment,” Faramir muttered missing the identical frowns.

‘He thinks that he is heavy?!?.’

‘Hmm we well have to get rid of that notion from his mind. It feels as if I am holding Estel again like when he was a child.’

‘Yes, but I believe that you are getting a lot of pleasure in holding our jewel.’

‘Yes but that is not the point. Grrr… If he does not stop that delicious squirming we can just throw out the idea of a slow and proper seduction. Sweet Eru must he do that.’

‘I see someone is happy…Snickers…Do not worry Meleth-nin soon he shall be ours and we can do wicked and delicious things to him.’

“Faramir you most certainly are not heavy and as Elrond stated, he quite enjoys that position” teased Legolas as he nibbled on Faramir’s ear causing the sweetest sounds to come from those tempting lips.

“Mmm you taste like chocolate,” Mumbled Legolas as he reluctantly let go of the tempting flesh of an now bewildered Faramir. They better get over with this conversation soon or something just might happen, before it is suppose to happen. Hopeful they would be able to get the red-head-vixen into there bed and steel away in his heart.

“Well Faramir as you might know elves are able to detect their other half with in a matter of seconds of meeting them no matter what the age, and as such we can become very possessive over our other half. Now sometimes, but not always, an elf shall have two mates. Mind you it doesn’t happen all the time, but it is seen as a blessing. Take my sons and their mate Mirion. They are in what we call a trinity-bond and they are one of the happiest couple I have ever seen. Or you can look at my guard and chief advisor and their little mate. You see the trinity bond is not looked down upon, for we believe that it should be treated just the same as a bond between two, and that is with respect.” Elrond pulled Faramir closer, taking in the unique smell of his youngest mate.

‘Hopefully we will be able to get through this part soon, for all I want to do is claim and cuddle our little Jewel.’

‘Yes that does sound lovely.’

“I have heard of such bond from Gandalf when he visited Gondor. I believe he called it the Trio Bond or Trinity Bond as you called it Elrond. Two of my friends are also part of the Trio-Bond and they seem blissfully happy most of the time.” Faramir was thankful to his friends and mentor Gandalf for the information on the Trio-bond. It felt good knowing what Elrond was talking about, but at the same time he wondered why he was speaking about that bond to begin with.

“And who would these friends be, Lirimaer?…Anyone I might know?…” Legolas voice cut through the fog that clouded Faramir’s mind.

“Oh I am sure you know them. Orophin and Rúmil are bonded with Lindir I believe; and Haldir who I usually spend time with when Lindir accompanies Orophin and Rúmil. But that is only when they are visiting.” Faramir replied automatically, completely missing the jealous look that cross over Legolas’ features.

‘Legolas pull it back meleth, he said friends. I believe that Celeborn would know and would have told me if his March Warden was in a relationship ship with Faramir.’

‘Fine, but there better not be having anything happening, or I am going to reintroduce him to my blades.’

“How did you meet the Lothlórien brothers, Lirimaer?” Legolas ran his hand in smoothing circles on Faramir’s lower back, slowly creeping his hand under the infernal cloth and came upon Faramir’s glorious skin.

‘Mmmm Meleth you must feel him, he feel absolutely glorious.’

‘Maybe later, first we must finish this conversation.’

‘Yes, as always you are correct.’

‘And do not forget it.’

“My lord I understand the meaning of the bond, but what I do not understand is why you are explaining it. What has it to do with you and Legolas inviting me hear?” asked Faramir as he straightened a little and looked up at Elrond, before sighing and leaning back in as he rested his head on Elrond’s shoulder.

“Faramir, can you not tell our lovely one, you are the missing piece to our soul, the last and most precious piece in our life that has been missing. We wish you to join us Lirimaer. We wish to be able to love and cherish you like they way deserved to be.” Legolas cupped Faramir’s chin with his hand so that he knew that he had Faramir’s undivided attention. “Please Lirimaer allow us into your heart and let us hold onto it. We shall always cherish it and take care of it tell the end of time.” Legolas finished

Faramir stared down in shock as he looked at Legolas, almost jumping when he felt warm lips attach to his neck.

“What, but how is this so I am not surely anything special.” Faramir stuttered as he worried about this being a joke.

Legolas’ head snapped up as he looked at ‘The little Jewel’ in shock.

‘How can he think that he’s not something special? He is very special.’

‘Legolas, calm yourself; you know that our ‘Little Jewel’ has a low opinion of himself. We shall just have to fix it.’

For not the first time Legolas cursed Denethor for what he did to his youngest. Looking up he cradled Faramir’s face with in his hands as he pressed his lips tenderly to Faramir’s lips. Sighing he smiled into the kiss as he probed for entrance which he received much to his surprise. Finally pulling back after a few minute which felt like an eternity Legolas leaned in so that his and Faramir’s foreheads where touching.

“Beloved I speak for both Elrond and I when I say this you are the most important person in our life and that shall not change. Ever.” Legolas whispered as he chuckled at the dazed expression on his Little-Jewel’s face.

“That is right Mir-nin, believe us when we say that we love you very much and that we wish you join us. Not just for a one-night stand, but for much longer than that.” Elrond whispered as he pulled Faramir into a searing kiss.

“Huh?” Faramir stated after Elrond released his lips.

‘I think that we have overwhelmed him Meleth.’

‘I believe you are right. Let up. Move this over to the bed so we can relax and talk.’

Elrond lifted their Little Jewel and swept over to the four poster bed where he gently laid Faramir down as he crawled in next to him so he was facing his ‘Little Jewel.’

“You want me, because you love me.” Faramir whispered in a small voice as he looked in Elrond’s warm grey eyes. He could feel Legolas snuggling into his back as he finally started to relax.

“Mmm yes we want you our Little Jewel, because we love you.” Legolas purred into Faramir’s ear as he nibbled on it.

“And exactly what is going to happen in the next couple weeks if I say yes and gives this relationship chance.” Faramir asked as he watched with amusement as what he said clicked with both elves. He was pulled into a joyous kiss as he felt himself being squished in-between to very exuberant elves who seemed to try cover every inch of skin.

“Well Meleth let us relax here for a while; I believe that we have all had a long day and that you my ‘Little Jewel’ need to have a good night’s rest. I do not see any better place than between Legolas and me.” Elrond purred as he tucked some of the hair behind Faramir’s ear, sighing blissfully as he felt the softness of his ‘Little Jewel’s’ hair as he continue to run his hands through the soft hair.

They laid there and talked until the long hours, speaking of their life, things they like and things they didn’t enjoy. Soon though the time left their grip and Faramir with out noticing slowly lured into a deep sleep by the soothing voices of his new loves. Faramir completely missed the loving look that bestrode upon him by the two elves as he continued to sleep.

“I believe that the note was a brilliant idea Legolas,” Elrond replied softly, trying not to wake his ‘Little Jewel.’

“Yes, they were, weren’t they. Operation Note of Gondor was successful and now we have the hold the greatest gift in this city” mumbled Legolas as he lightly ran a hand through his sleeping mate and snuggled in, getting ready to enter the land of dreams.

“I do not know about you, but I am ready to join our ‘Little Jewel’ in the land of dreams.” Elrond stated as he rested his head above Faramir’s head.

‘Good eve meleth and sweet dreams.’

‘And a good eve to you meleth and I wish you the sweetest dreams as well.’

As Elrond and Legolas soon joined Faramir in slumber as they missed the smiling figure slowly close the door and walk down the halls.


1 Mirion — Elladan and Elrohir’s Mate (My character) auburn haired elf who is mentioned in passing by Elrond as his son’s mate.

2 Lirimaer — lovely one

3 Eleanor is a plump woman who plays the over-protective mother to Faramir and she has know Faramir his whole life. (Mine — also in the story called a Jewel of Gondor)

4 Elrond’s nick name for Faramir is Little Jewel, or Mir-nin (my Jewel)

5 Legolas prefers to call Faramir his red-head-beauty

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Thank you for the delicate story you create, it is a great story.

Thank you for writing!


Sivan Shemesh

— Sivan Shemesh    Saturday 22 December 2007, 17:37    #

This was really great, I just love a shy, cute Faramir—especially when being snuggled.
But who’s the smiling person closing the door at the end?

— Anna    Tuesday 13 April 2010, 23:05    #

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